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Number 2 Year 2018

10 articles in this issue 

S. V. Kolisnyk,O. M. Svechnikova,O. F. Vinnyk,O. V. Kolisnyk,O. O. Altukhov

The studies in a series of 2-(benzoylamino)(1-R-2-oxoindoline-3-ylidene) acetic acids and their derivatives have shown that compounds of the isostructural series exhibit the nootropic, antihypoxic, anabolic activity.Aim. To study the reactivity of esters ... see more

Pags. 3 - 7  

D. Yu. Yusifova,T. A. Suleymanov

Aim. To determine a number of parameters of a new medicine – 5 % “Venocoryl” ointment with the dense extract from common hazel leaves.Materials and methods. The object of our study was 7 batches of “Venocoryl” ointment developed in the laboratory conditio... see more

Pags. 8 - 11  

I. V. Kovalevska,O. A. Ruban,V. O. Grud’ko

Type II diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous and multifactorial disease, which develops in the metabolic syndrome and significantly increases the risk of developing complications, such as angiopathy, neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy. Therefore, creati... see more

Pags. 12 - 18  

Yu. B. Kerimov,D. I. Isaev,E. G. Kerimli,E. Yu. Akhmedov

Aim. To study the coumarin composition of salted Prangos ferulacea herb collected at the stage of vegetation and compare it with the coumarin composition of the freshly collected raw material.Materials and methods. The analysis was performed using Agilent... see more

Pags. 19 - 23  

R. G. Redkin,K. V. Hlebova

Aim. To synthesize the series of new spiro[indole-3,1’-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole]-2,4’,6’-trione derivatives, study their physicochemical characteristics, antibacterial activity and precision of the molecular docking on the model of staphylococcal dehydrosqua... see more

Pags. 24 - 35  

N. V. Sydora,A. M. Kovalyova,V. K. Iakovenko

Considering the shortage of the plant raw material the issue of its complex processing is relevant, and it contributes to its rational use.Aim. To develop the technology for complex processing of hawthorn fruits.Materials and methods. The lipophilic compl... see more

Pags. 36 - 40  

A. I. Kriukova,I. M. Vladymyrova

The main tasks of the treatment of rheumatologic diseases include minimizing pain and inflammation in the joints, as well as restoring their functions. Duration of the treatment and the chronic course of the disease make it difficult to carry out the anti... see more

Pags. 41 - 47  

A. S. Nemchenko,Yu. Ye. Kurylenko

Aim. To analyze the approaches to pharmacotherapy of patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) indicated in the State Formulary of Medicines of Ukraine (SFMU) and the British National Formulary (BNF), as well as the reimbursement systems of drug cost in... see more

Pags. 48 - 51  

M. M. Kobets,O. V. Filiptsova,Yu. M. Kobets

The study of the pharmacogenetic testing in Ukraine on the example of the gene CYP2B6 participating in the nicotine metabolism is currently topical and socially significant problem.Aim. To determine the potential sample among the residents of Ukraine, for... see more

Pags. 52 - 56  

Ye. I. Syumka,T. P. Osolodchenko,V. P. Chernykh,L. A. Shemchuk

Aim. To find compounds with the antimicrobial activity in the series of N,N’-bis(spiroindole-3,3’-pyrrolo[3,4-c] pyrrol-2a’,5a’-dihydro-2,2’,6’(1H,1’H,5’H)-trione) derivatives.Materials and methods. The antimicrobial activity was studied by the agar diffu... see more

Pags. 57 - 62