XJOURNALS is created in a computer environment that allows you to navigate and access to services, preferences and content in a fluid way, on all your computing devices, from phones, computers and tablets. Instead of residing as a static software program on the device, the key components of XJOURNALS are based on the cloud of the Internet storage network, and the cloud and the local elements of XJOURNALS are regularly updated. This with the aim of providing the user the improvements and functions more recents.

1- To offer this computing experience, we collect information about your device and how your use this platform

At XJOURNALS we obtain the personal data that you provide us through the interaction you carry out on our website and in the access and subscription to our products and services. Therefore, everything you detail in your subscription will remain in our database, along with the details of movements you make on the Website.

For the purposes of this document, it is understood as "Website" in all the interfaces, domains and subdomains that appear on the screen, both statically and dynamically, as well as all the elements integrated in the navigation tree (hereinafter, "Contents") and all those online services or memories that, where appropriate, are offered to users (hereinafter" Services ").

Regarding the data we acquire in observing their movements in XJOURNALS, your experience, choices, and features you use in interacting with our content and services are included.

XJOURNALS gives you the freedom to decide whether or not to provide your personal data. However, we require certain personal data in order to provide you with an improvement in the experience of your interaction with our services. If you choose not to deliver your personal data requested through subscription, you will not be able to access a personalized search. Likewise, you can only enter our free services, without being able to enter into a contract or use our products that require the requested personal information.

2- What we do with your personal data

XJOURNALS makes use of the personal data requested to provide a personalized service, which improves the user experience with greater provisions. Specifically, we use your data to:

  • Provide our services, which incorporates updating, personalization and precision in the search for the content you request. It also implies sharing data when required, with the aim of having the service or executing the required transactions.
  • Improve our products and services.
  • Adjust our services to the use of user.
  • Notify and sell. This incorporates the issuance and delivery of promotions and the exhibition on updates to services and contents.

Also, we use this data to prepare an improvement of our services, because it allows us to perform a metric analysis on the productivity of the website and it allows us to complete our legal processes and regulations.

Our technique of selecting your personal data for the defined purposes is done through automated systems as well as manual techniques, that is human treatment. The automatic selection process is based on programs that use artificial intelligence that analyze metrics. To refine the analysis efficiency offered by this automatic selection process, we look at the results and produce manual conclusions.

3.- In case of share your personal data

We only share your personal data and based on your consent, if we are asked to complete a transaction or to supply any product you have ordered or consented to.

Furthermore, we share data with the subsidiaries and affiliates supervised by XJOURNALS, with suppliers that operate with our company.

Finally, the personal data of the user will be shared, if the Law requires it, to defend their protection, their lives and the security of the content, services and / or property of XJOURNALS.

4- How to access your personal data

About your personal data that XJOURNALS has collected, you have the possibility to manage them and exercise your rights in data protection terms, by contacting XJOURNALS through the mail or through the channels that we offer within our Site Web. Regarding certain particular data, the visualization and modification of these will be limited, as a required or authorized by applicable legislation. The way to enter your personal data or to manipulate it, will depend on the services you use. You have the possibility to:

  • Decide if you agree to receive emails, phone calls, SMS messages and others that have a promotional meaning that XJOURNALS can establish.
  • Enter some of your personal data and when you want, be able to remove them by accessing your personal data in the XJOURNALS registry of the Website

You cannot access or control all the personal data processed by XJOURNALS using the tools mentioned above. If you want to access or manage the personal data processed by XJOURNALS, which are not available through the above tools or directly across the XJOURNALS products and services you use, you can always contact XJOURNALS by the email

5- Cookies and associated technologies

Among the technologies we use, we have the cookies, this are micro files located in your browser, which allow us information about the navigation that is carried out on the web. XJOURNALS uses cookies and other technologies to store and track your interests and preferences, offering you the opportunity to log into our Website.

Also, to include advertising based on your interests, protect you from fraud, analyze the operation of our services and comply with the provisions of the legal norm. In addition, XJOURNALS applications use other identifiers that will be essential for the optimal functioning of the Website.

Another technology that we also use at XJOURNALS, are "web beacons" to complement the recognition of cookies and collect data on use and performance. Our Website may incorporate web beacons, cookies or technologies from the same line of third-party service providers.

6- Services provided by your organization: announcement to the end user

By using a XJOURNALS service provided by an organization to which it’s a follower, such as an employer or educational facility, and using your registration as a professional or educational provider to enter the XJOURNALS service, the organization has the ability to:

  • Have authority over your service in XJOURNALS and the registration of this service, along with the administration of the privacy settings of the service or registration.
  • Enter and manage your data. These consider the data of their interaction, as well as the analysis data and the content of their communications and documents of the XJOURNALS service and the registration of the services.

If you register in XJOURNALS with your own name and on behalf of an organization to which you are affiliated, in the event of cessation of work with said organization or change of heading, for example, you may lose access to services and content that you had on our Website, if you were using an organizational account.

However, if the organization of which it was a part authorizes your entry into the contracted services of XJOURNALS, you must be aware that the use of the services of our Website are determined by the organization and their management. Therefore, if you want to inquire about the privacy of your services or request the protection of your data and the fulfillment of your right about your privacy, you must first contact your organization.

When you use social categories in XJOURNALS services, other users of our Website may see a certain part of your content. XJOURNALS is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of these types of users, who may disagree with those established in this privacy policy document.

When you use an XJOURNALS service provided by your organization, XJOURNALS will manage your personal data in coherence with the service, which works from the contract between XJOURNALS and your organization.

XJOURNALS manages your data in order to give the service to you and your organization. Also, to carry out commercial operations governed by legal regulations that are related to the service it provides. However, if you still have doubts about the use of your personal data or the legal rule that governs our privacy policy or others, you can contact XJOURNALS by email

7- Your registration in XJOURNALS

With your registration in XJOURNALS, you can log in to the services that XJOURNALS offers you and also to those of certain XJOURNALS partners. Personal data related to your registration with XJOURNALS includes credentials, name and contact details, payment details, devices and data usage, your contacts, information about your activities and your interests and favourite’s.

Logging into XJOURNALS enables you to get a personalized and compliant experience between services and devices. In addition, you can exercise payments through payment tools saved in your XJOURNALS registry and also grant other functions.

In XJOURNALS there are two types of registration:

  • By registering at XJOURNALS, attached to your email account, the account will be understood as a personal XJOURNALS record.
  • When you or your organization (for example, your employer or the person who directs your organization) register in XJOURNALS attached to your email address of that organization, we understand that account as a Company or Organizational Registry.

If there is a disagreement between this XJOURNALS privacy notice and the terms of another statement and agreement between a user and XJOURNALS for services for organizations and companies, the terms of that statement and agreement will prevail.

To learn more about XJOURNALS services for companies and organizations and regarding its privacy policy and that of end users, please Contact us at

8- General definitions

XJOURNALS collects your data and through analysis and treatment, provides you with a personalized and effective service. The next details are an example of what our company does with your data:

  • When a user contacts an XJOURNALS sales representative, we store their name and contact details, as well as the user's organization reference, to support communication with the contact.
  • When a user complains about problems, errors or doubts about our services, when communicating it to a XJOURNALS professional, we save this data, both for use and errors, to analyze the problems and provide solutions.
  • When a user contracts a service at XJOURNALS, we obtain their contact information and the payment made for the service.
  • When XJOURNALS communicates with a customer, we use the data to send them personalized content.
  • When a user contacts XJOURNALS to request a Company or Organizational registration, we collect the name and data of their registration, specifically their email, and view the information provided by the user to provide the services they request.

There is a possibility that in certain cases we will not collect this data and information. Xjournals reserves this right. For more information write to