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Number 4 Year 2017

12 articles in this issue 

V. Yu. Anisimov,V. O. Gelmboldt,S. M. Gubar,A. V. Myhal,N. Yu. Bevz,V. A. Georgiyants

Cetylpyridinium hexafluorosilicate has been proposed as a caries preventive and antibacterial agent for use as a gel for oral application, which requires development of quality control methods.

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D. O. Alferova,I. S. Gritsenko,A. O. Rebryk,N. P. Kobzar,O. O. Altukhov,O. V. Shapovalova,O. S. Kaliuzhnaia,M. M. Suleiman

Antitubercular drugs are used for a number of decades. In each country where research is conducted strains of mycobacteria that are resistant to one or more drugs have been registered, and it causes tuberculosis with multi-drug resistance (MDR-TB). These ... see more

Pags. 20 - 24  

A. M. Lyapunova,O. P. Bezugla,O. M. Lyapunov

The study of o/w emulsions using the rotating viscometer method and the method of spin probesThe rheological properties of o/w emulsions used as vehicles for semi-solid preparations (SSP) depend on the composition of o/w and w/o emulsifiers to a large ext... see more

Pags. 29 - 34  

O. Y. Strus,N. P. Polovko,A. M. Filipska,O. V. Rekhletska

Hygienic treatment of hands is an effective means of reducing the spread of transient microflora and is considered as one of the most important procedures for preventing the infection transmission by the contact-household way. Hygienic treatment of hands ... see more

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I. I. Baranova,L. S. Petrovska,Yu. O. Bespalaya,S. V. Zaika

As the results of the analysis of the modern Ukrainian market for personal care products show, there is a clear tendency of the increased consumer interest, in particular to detergent-based liquid hygiene products.

Pags. 41 - 44  

O. V. Stadnichenko,Yu. M. Krasnopolsky,T. G. Yarnykh

The creation of the liposomal irinotecan is one of the main ways to reduce toxicity and increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Lyophilization makes it possible to obtain a product with a guaranteed stability of the size and encapsulation efficiency.A... see more

Pags. 45 - 49  

L. V. Savchenkova,M. N. Saidova,N. S. Sanginova

Community-acquired pneumonia is one of the most common diseases and is still the leading cause of death among infectious diseases. Such drugs as ß-lactam antibiotics, new macrolides (azithromycin, clarithromycin) and respiratory fluoroquinolones are of th... see more

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