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Number 3 Year 2017

9 articles in this issue 

P. V. Tkachenko,O. V. Tkachenko,K. Yu. Netosova,O. V. Borisov,I. O. Zhuravel,V. V. Kazmirchuk

This article is continuation of the development of methods for the synthesis of small molecules based on the structure of 5-aminopyrazole. The synthesis and the antimicrobial activity for a series of new N1-subsituted 5-amino-4-arylsulfonyl-3-N-phenylamin... see more

Pags. 3 - 9  

M. Yu. Golik,O. S. Kryskiv,A. M. Komissarenko,O. V. Kolisnyk

The concept of “drug likeness” is used when developing drugs for a potential biologically active substance, which must meet some specific criteria, in particular it should be bioavailable. The traditional method of “drug likeness” assessment is verificati... see more

Pags. 10 - 15  

G. F. Navruzova,V. S. Kyslychenko,L. V. Lenchyk

Aim. To study the qualitative composition and the content of biologically active substances (BAS) in the extract obtained from peach leaves grown in Tajikistan, its numerical parameters and choose the parameters for standardization of the extract.Material... see more

Pags. 16 - 20  

A. P. Osmachko,A. M. Kovaleva,T. V. Ilyina,O. M. Koshovyi

Aim. To compare and study low molecular aliphatic, fatty and aromatic acids of phenolic complexes (PhC) obtained from V. teucrium L. flowers, leaves and rhizomes using chromatography-mass spectrometry.Materials and methods. Phenolic complexes from flowers... see more

Pags. 21 - 27  

O. M. Litvinova,Yu. V. Levachkova,V. M. Chushenko

The range of pessaries at the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market is represented by medicines containing substances of the synthetic origin for the treatment of genital herpes (GH). However, combined drugs with a wide range of pharmacological action and minim... see more

Pags. 28 - 33  

L. S. Petrovska,Yu. O. Bezpala,I. I. Baranova

A balanced modern foam system involves the use of various condensation mechanisms that provide a stable structure and satisfactory consumer properties.Aim. To substantiate the rational concentrations of viscosity modifiers when developing foam agents at p... see more

Pags. 34 - 38  

V. M. Nazarkina,Zh. M. Polova

Aim. To analyze the modern approaches to cost accounting and calculation of the cost price of veterinary preparations (VP) in order to increase their economic availability.Materials and methods. The regulatory and legal framework and methodological approa... see more

Pags. 39 - 44  

M. V. Zarichkova

Aim. To study the directions for creation of employee benefits for pharmacy professionals and calculation of the possible cost of the individual components (options) in a pharmacy institution.Materials and methods. The methodological basis of this study i... see more

Pags. 45 - 60  

V. A. Volkovoy,O. V. Sevrukov,S. V. Kolisnyk,N. V. Derkach,S. I. Kryzhna,M. O. Ostapets

Aim. To study the antihypoxic and antioxidant activity of 5,7-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo-[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives on the models of the experimental pathology.Materials and methods. The study of the antihypoxic activity of 5,7-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo-[2,3-d]pyrimi... see more

Pags. 61 - 65