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Number 1 Year 2014

16 articles in this issue 

N. S. Bogdan,O. I. Tikhonov

According to the literature data and experimental studies the optimal composition of the drug with the anti-ulcer action developed on the basis of standardized biologically active substances of bee products and products of the plant origin, which have spe... see more

Pags. 7 - 11  

I. I. Baranova,O. V. Zhuk,Yu. V. Kovtun

The stability of the antimicrobial foam cleanser for children developed in a polyethylene terephthalate container has been experimentally proven according to the following criteria: appearance, colour, odour, foam number, foam stability, pH value, the mas... see more

Pags. 12 - 16  

O. S. Kran,O. G. Bashura

With the purpose of complex research of soft medicinal product – gel for treatment of wounds in the II phase of the wound process the assessment of the indicators, which are specified in the corresponding normative documents and allow to control comprehen... see more

Pags. 17 - 20  

Yu. V. Sokolov

Nanoemulsions are promising for pharmaceutical industry due to a high bioavailability and increased shelf life of the pharmaceuticals. Nanoemulsions are transparent, thermodynamically stable, isotropic liquid mixtures of oil, water, surfactant and co-surf... see more

Pags. 21 - 25  

O. M. Bezchasnyuk,T. V. Zborovska,S. M. Kovalenko

Treatment of metabolic disorders in children and adults of all ages is the current serious problem. Nowadays much attention is paid to the treatment with drugs based on L-carnitine. The drug for children in the form of a syrup containing L-carnitine has b... see more

Pags. 26 - 30  

A. V. Glushchenko,V. A. Georgiyants,N. Yu. Bevz

The problem of allergic diseases growth is quite urgent in the world: up to 40% of the adult population and 10-12% of children suffer from this disease. According to the data of epidemiologic studies, the most widespread diseases are bronchial asthma, all... see more

Pags. 31 - 35  

O. Tsurkan,O. Yushchishena,I. Nizhenkovska,O. Korablova

Six macro- and thirteen microelements have been qualitatively and quantitatively determined by the emission spectroscopy method in leaves, stems and inflorescences of Vitex agnus-castus L. and Vitex cannabifolia Sieb. It has been found that silicon, iron,... see more

Pags. 36 - 39  

O. V. Grechana

The article presents the data of the pharmacognostic research of the plant raw material from the overground parts of Medicago falcata L. subsp. romanica (Prodan) O. Schwarz & Klink. The aim of our work was to determine the composition and the quantitative... see more

Pags. 40 - 43  

O. Yevtifieieva,K. Proskurina,K. Dynnyk

The study of validation parameters of the quantitative determination method of riboflavin by specific absorbance and their assessment have been conducted in order to standardize procedures for analysis by the specific absorbance and the stage-by-stage con... see more

Pags. 44 - 48  

O. O. Vislous,N. Yu. Bevz,V. A. Georgiyants,N. V. Zhivora

Bisoprolol is a lipophilic cardioselective ß-blocker, which leads to its rapid and almost complete (90%) absorption out of the gastrointestinal tract and high bioavailability. For determination bioavailability of solid dosage forms for oral administration... see more

Pags. 49 - 53  

K. L. Kosyachenko,A. S. Nemchenko

On the basis of scientific processing and compilation of the literary sources data reflecting the methodology of creating the guidelines for the system of health technology assessment the main stages of the informative components of the National guideline... see more

Pags. 54 - 57  

O. P. Shmatenko,A. M. Solomenny,O. V. Pleshkova

During the research the comparative analysis of protocols of medical care for patients with brain injuries and information of scientific literature and evidence-based medicine has been conducted. It has demonstrated that for the treatment of affected mili... see more

Pags. 58 - 62  

O. S. Shpychak,O. I. Tikhonov

The aim of this work is to carry out the marketing analysis of the assortment of medicines used topically for diseases of the locomotor apparatus presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for the subsequent substantiation of the composition and th... see more

Pags. 63 - 68  

T. V. Trunova

According to the contemporary statistics, epilepsy is one of the most serious and widespread diseases of the nervous system. According to the WHO data epilepsy affects about 50 million people worldwide, in particular in Ukraine there are 500 000 patients ... see more

Pags. 69 - 72  

O. A. Rukhmakova,T. G. Yarnykh,T. P. Osolodchenko

While developing, preparing, packing, storing and using medicines the measures should be taken to ensure their microbiological purity taking into account the requirements of the general pharmacopoeial article “Microbiological purity of medicines”. In orde... see more

Pags. 73 - 76  

L. V. Glushko,A. H. Nasrallah,S. V. Fedorov

The metabolic syndrome is a common condition that predisposes individuals to the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Menopause is known to be associated with a fall in the estrogen levels accompanied with many health changes. C... see more

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