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Volume 7 Number 10 Year 2017

30 articles in this issue 

Igor L Popovych,Andriy B Kul’chyns’kyi,Tetyana A Korolyshyn,Walery Zukow

Background. Previously we have shown within the immunological homunculus conception that take place causal relationships between induced by balneotherapy changes in parameters of EEG and HRV, on the one hand, and the parameters of humoral immunity, on the... see more

Pags. 11 - 23  

Agnieszka Pawlowska,Wojciech Garczynski

INTRODUCTION. Pain in the lower spine is an issue that should be considered on many levels - not only from the medical but also social and professional. Disease They limit the physical and consequently contribute to the deterioration of the quality of lif... see more

Pags. 24 - 39  

Jacek Tylkowski

This papers presents the temporal and spatial variation in the occurrence of extreme weather events in Poland which are not recorded by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management at its meteorological stations. On the grounds of the European Severe... see more

Pags. 40 - 51  

Edyta Suliga,Elzbieta Ciesla,Joanna Zemlik,Magdalena Joanna Pietraszkiewicz

Introduction. Overweight and obesity resulting in preschool are difficult to reverse, and are associated with many serious health complications and increased risk of premature illness and death in adulthood. Few of the existing publication evaluates daily... see more

Pags. 52 - 58  

Lyubomyr M Zajats,?lona S Polovynko,Walery Zukow,Roman I Yanchiy,Oleksiy G Mysakovets,Oksana I Mel’nyk,Yaroslav L Hrytsak

Background. Previously, in line with the concept of the neuroendocrine-immune complex, we analyzed the relationships between the parameters of the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems, on the one hand, and the parameters of immunity, on the other hand,... see more

Pags. 59 - 78  

Danuta Burdzy,Dorota Ozga,Justyna Kosydar-Bochenek,Malgorzata Migut,Kamil Burdzy,Bogumil Lewandowski

Foreword. The paper presents new solutions in approach to telemedicine related to the development and implementation of advanced technologies. In the coming years, it is expected that technologies such as 3D imaging, telemedicine, etc., will contribute to... see more

Pags. 79 - 95  

Kinga Dorota Kulczycka,Bozena Szczuchniak,Ewa Stychno,Bogumila Kosicka

Admission. Operating time is determinant of a healthy lifestyle. Shift work carries with it many negative health effects. Difficulties in adjusting to changing biological clock functioning day and night are the cause of stress and lack of tolerance by the... see more

Pags. 96 - 107  

Izabela Lewandowska-Andruszuk,Olga Adamczyk-Gruszka,Grazyna Czerwiak,Jakub Gruszka,Karolina Komar-Gruszka

Non-immune hydrops fetalis (NIHF) occurs with an average frequency of 1/3,000 cases diagnosed pre- and postnatally. Edema of the fetus is associated with accumulation of fluids in several fetal compartments and soft tissues. NIHF may result from diseases ... see more

Pags. 108 - 115  

Lubomir Skladany,Jana Badinkova,Svetlana Adamcova-Selcanova

BACKGROUND AND AIMSApart from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) as the sole etiology behind liver transplantation (LTx), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)/NASH can play an important role in all the remaining etiologies of LTx. To gauge suc... see more

Pags. 116 - 133  

Adam Chizynski,Piotr Osica,Rafal Stelmach,Anna Janas-Naze

The article describes a case of pleomorphic adenoma in a 61-year-old patient, its diagnostic methods and treatment.

Pags. 134 - 141  

Klaudia Olga Jakubowska,Mariusz Wysokinski,Wieslaw Fidecki,Ewelina Snopek

AbstractIntroduction. Life satisfaction is a concept closely related to a feeling of happiness, well-being and comfort. It is felt by every man individually and is related to general evaluation of life. The subject of interest in this study is the level o... see more

Pags. 142 - 153  

R. V. Savchuk,F. I. Kostyev,Y. M. Dekhtiar,D. A. Zhukovsky,B. A. Nasibulin,D. A. Kuznietsov

Aim. The evaluation of the urine cytological profile in the dynamics of adaptation of the orthotopic bladder to the functional properties of the urinary reservoir and determination of the connection between the cellular composition of the urine with the f... see more

Pags. 154 - 161  

E. N. Nosenko,E. P. Golovatyuk,V. E. Doroshenko,A. V. Rutinskaya,O. I. Parnitskaya

Non-atypical endometrial hyperplasia (EH) most often occurs against a background of relative or absolute hyperestrogenism, responds to abnormal hormonal effects. In the reproductive age, the presence of EH can be a factor in the development of fertility d... see more

Pags. 162 - 169  

T. A. Pyndus

Introduction. Given the increasing prevalence of metabolic syndrome among the population, the search for ways to treat and prevent major dental diseases in this somatic pathology is of great importance.Purpose of the study. The purpose of this work was to... see more

Pags. 170 - 176  

V. P. Prysyazhnyuk

The influence of treatment with quercetin inclusion on the clinical and biochemical course and the cytokine profile of chronic nonviral hepatitis patients have been studied. In addition to the basic therapeutic treatment quercetin intake led to the decrea... see more

Pags. 177 - 185  

N. A. Petritsa,N. S. Lukyanenko,K. A. Kens,B. I. Tretyak

Introduction. Taking into consideration annual increase in the number of patients, the problem of congenital malformations of urinary organs, especially in infants diagnosed with vesicoureteral reflux, is becoming increasingly relevant.One of the main und... see more

Pags. 186 - 197  

G. F. Biloklytska,O. V. Kopchak,V. A. Dieiev,N. I. Rozdobudko

A step-by-step algorithm of a dentist’s actions directed to platelet autoplasma obtaining for the further therapy of periodontal diseases with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been developed on the basis of laboratory and clinical data. The method consists ... see more

Pags. 198 - 206  

T. P. Chuieva-Pavlovska,I. Z. Gladchuk,O. M. Nosenko

Endometrioid disease occurs in every tenth woman of reproductive age and often leads not only to physical discomfort, but also frustrates them psychosocially, reduces professional, psychosocial and reproductive adaptation in general. The aim: to reveal th... see more

Pags. 207 - 213  

A. V. Kaminsky

Infertility refers to those states that significantly affect the psycho-emotional status of a person, causing the state of chronic stress. In turn, chronic stress can lead to the development of stress-induced infertility. The aim of the study was to ident... see more

Pags. 214 - 221  

M. I. Grytsiuk

The article presents data on the activity of some enzymes of rats’ renal tissue in experimental diabetes mellitus in the early period of its formation. It was found that at 31 days of the experiment, the administration of NADP significantly increases the ... see more

Pags. 222 - 229  

I. Yu. Karpenko,Mohamed Hanafi

The purpose of the study was to assess the experience of implementing local protocols for the standardization of interventional medical technologies at the regional clinical hospital. There was demonstrated that the implementation of local clinical protoc... see more

Pags. 230 - 234  

M. Gynznu,K. Nikolaienko,N. Telpis,D. Morozova,A. Viroliubova

The interaction of thiamine and folic acid in the organism of white rats were carried out under intramuscular injections of thiamine. The research was conducted on 120 white Wistar rats weighing 150-200 g, which were divided into two groups, one was injec... see more

Pags. 235 - 238  

N. A. Matsegora,N. Yu. Ilikchiieva

On the background of hemodynamic overload of the heart, coronary insufficiency and arterial hypertension, the hypoxic phenomena are formed, which modify metabolic processes in the direction of activation of endogenous intoxication, which are reflected in ... see more

Pags. 239 - 252  

Mykhailo Stepanovych Reheda,Marta Yevhenivna Kovalska,Mariana Ljubomurivna Baida

We have analyzed the results of investigation of alterations in indices of pro-oxidant (conjugated diene and malondialdehyde) and antioxidant (superoxide dismutase, ceruloplasmin, catalase) systems in guinea pigs’ lungs in experimental allergic alveolitis... see more

Pags. 253 - 260  

Izabela Gaska,Katarzyna Sygit,Elzbieta Cipora,Walery Zukow,Irena Dorota Karwat

Introduction. Hospital infections are one of the most serious threats to the hospitalised patient and their monitoring is recognised as one of the most important criteria of care quality for modern hospitals.The aim of the work was to present the problem ... see more

Pags. 261 - 269  

V. V. Kravchenko

Introduction The transition of the Ukrainian health care system to progressive development models that ensure its structural efficiency is an actual problem.Purpose: to design the functional-organizational model of the Consultative and Diagnostic Center (... see more

Pags. 270 - 276  

A. A. Shapovalova,K. D. Babov,N. S. Badiuk

Urgency. High rates of oncological diseases (11.5-12.0 per 10.000 of children's population) dictate the need for comprehensive approaches to the organization of the rehabilitation process. The objective: to justify the advisability of using mineral natura... see more

Pags. 277 - 282  

V. L. Vasiuk,A. P. Levitsky,E. M. Levchenko

Modeling of experimental metabolic syndrome in Wistar male rats was accompanied by a sharp increase in neutrophils/lymphocytes ratio and decrease in the numbers of monocytes in the blood, as well as almost 5-fold increase in the urease activity, a 3-fold ... see more

Pags. 290 - 297  

Elzbieta Cipora

Introduction. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women in the world. Symptoms, the extent and severity of the disease process, as well as the consequences of treatment, cause unpleasant symptoms and limitations resulting from the disease.The a... see more

Pags. 298 - 309  

S. G. Chernievskaya,T. Ya. Moskalenko,N. M. Rozhkovskaya,A. Volianskaya

The immunological and biochemical changes caused by pregnancy may uncover new aspects of immune tolerance, applicable in physiological and pathological contexts, and show up new therapeutic strategies for improving pregnancy outcomes. Isoimmune conflict i... see more

Pags. 310 - 314