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Volume 9 Number 10 Year 2019

34 articles in this issue 

S. Gushcha,B. Nasibullin,W. Zukow,I. Savitskyi,V. Volyanska

In white rats in the setting of development of metabolic syndrome inhibition of the urinary and excretory functions of the kidney, with impaired water-ion balance (the kidneys excrete slightly hyperosmotic urine in a small amount) on the background of s... see more

Pags. 11 - 21  

Ihor Mysula,Valentyna Bondarchuk,Gustaw Wójcik,Walery Zukow,Nataliya Sydliaruk,Yuriy Mysula,Marianna Mysula

Introduction. There is noconsensus opinion regarding the connection of morphometric and biochemical changes in oral mucous membrane of animals with gastroduodenitis depending on the type of inflammatory response. For this reason, it remains important to s... see more

Pags. 22 - 35  

Sri Nuraini,Aan Wasan,Heni Widyaningsih

The culture of Indonesia considers that women is synonymous with tenderness, beauty, and elegance. However, the position of women wants to be equal with men continue to fight for, so they are often declared himself already equal to men. This research is t... see more

Pags. 36 - 45  

Gani Ibrahimi,Florian Miftari

This topic is relevant due to the lack of systematic research and knowledge about leadership, management and the organizational culture in sport organizations in Kosovo after their integration in international sport organizations.The interest in studying ... see more

Pags. 46 - 72  

Joanna Starzak,Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski,Katarzyna Pajerska

Introduction and purpose. Taking into account that endurance athletes might be at an increased risk for exercise dependence there is a need for monitoring the prevalence and correlates of this phenomenon in them. The aim of the study was assessing the pre... see more

Pags. 73 - 83  

Barbara Zofia Klatka,Anna Katarzyna Orzel,Dominika Janeczko,Magdalena Holowczuk,Michal Jerzy Terpilowski,Michal Tchórz

Introduction and purpose: Designer drugs also known as legal highs, research chemicals or herbal highs become more and more popular not only in Poland but also in other countries around the world. That might have many reasons but the most crucial is their... see more

Pags. 84 - 90  

Magdalena Holowczuk,Dominika Janeczko,Anna Orzel,Barbara Klatka,Michal Terpilowski

Cerebral palsy is a wide group of diseases whose common feature are motor disorders. Patients affected by this condition show abnormalities of movement and posture. Various possible causes of damage were identified. Hypoxia, ischemia, infection, injury an... see more

Pags. 90 - 93  

H. K. Palii,A. O. Dudar,S. V. Pavliuk,O. A. Nazarchuk,D. V. Palii,A. V. Kulyk

The study of Staphylococcus resistance to the antibacterial drugs Decamethoxin, Decasan, Horosten remains an important medical problem.The aim of this study was to investigate the antistaphylococcal properties of Decamethoxin, Decasan, Horosten. It has be... see more

Pags. 94 - 102  

Bayu Dwi Santoso,Agus Kristiyanto,Sapta Kunta Purnama

This research was aimed to know the tools and infrastructures in PB Djarum Kudus. The type of the research used qualitative research method with case study research type. The subject of the research were athletes, coaches, and management of PB Djarum Kudu... see more

Pags. 103 - 108  

S. Gushcha,B. Nasibullin,W. Zukow,I. Savitskyi,V. Volyanska

       Much attention has been paid to the study of the numerous effects of chronic stress and the methods of their correction, but some questions remain unanswered. Goal. To investigate the effect of highly mineralized ... see more

Pags. 109 - 120  

Muhammad Iqbal,Moch Asmawi,James Tangkudung,Firmansyah Dlis,Surya Adi Saputra

The purpose of this research is to develop some basic techniques and makeup products in the form of variations of exercises and training videos so that they can Easily be learned by the general public. In this study using the Research and Development Adop... see more

Pags. 121 - 131  

M. V. Danukalo,O. V. Melnikova

The components of the dorsal vagal complex: the nucleus of the solitary tract (NST) and the dorsal motor nucleus (DMN) are key structures in BP regulation. The maintenance of BP normal level depends on functional state of these structures. it is possible ... see more

Pags. 132 - 142  

V. Skybchyk,O. Peleshko

Background. The prevalence of all types of cognitive impairment, including dementia, is increasing but knowledge of aetiological factors is still evolving. This study aimed to analyze the state of cognitive functions in hypertensive patients and evaluate ... see more

Pags. 143 - 152  

Joanna Monika Borek,Teresa Matthews-Brzozowska

Introduction: One of the most common complications occurring during or after tooth extraction is paralysis of the lower alveolar nerve. The nerve may be damaged or affected during removal of the retained lower third molars. Nerve damage may occur in the f... see more

Pags. 153 - 159  

Magdalena Mielcarek,Katarzyna Zlotnicka,Katarzyna Jaranowska,Joanna Monika Borek,Roksana Ewa Malak,Wlodzimierz Samborski

Introduction:Occlusion defects, temporomandibular joints disorders, and postural defects often occur in pediatric patients. The temporomandibular joint disorder is a term that includes a range of clinical complaints of masticatory muscles, temporomandibul... see more

Pags. 160 - 165  

Olexandra Chubrei

The article describes the essence of the concept and defines the requirements for the author's model of future geography teachers preparation for professional activity on the basis of competence approach, which will ensure its validity and effectiveness. ... see more

Pags. 166 - 171  

Pawel Piepiora,Wojciech Sikorski,Jan Supinski

Football competition due to the largest number of violations of public order and order. They force the need to send significant police units to ensure their proper conduct. These violations occur both during the match and during the transport of supporter... see more

Pags. 172 - 188  

Veronika Dudnyk,Vasyl Zhmurchuk

Asthma is the most common chronic respiratory disease in children, the urgency of which is increasing with increasing incidence. The aim of the study. Conduct comparisons of ferrokinetics, hematopoiesis and interleukin - 6 in children with asthma. Materia... see more

Pags. 189 - 196  

Ewa Guz

Chronic disease is a source of repetitive experiences that may permanently affect the structure and personality traits of a young patient. The whole family environment is undergoing a series of changes, which requires the support of many specialists. Dand... see more

Pags. 197 - 209  

Ewa Guz,Magdalena Brodowicz-Król

Hymenoptera stings are one of the main causes of anaphylaxis in Europe [1] . Clinical observation shows that the most dangerous effects are those that develop immediately after the sting[2] . Most often, allergic symptoms occur within 5 to 20 minutes. The... see more

Pags. 210 - 220  

V. V. Dats,V. V. Chugunov

The state of psychological well-being, and moreover, the state of mental health of the child has a significant impact on compliance with recommendations to ensure the optimal health of the oral cavity.The study of the effect of children's mental health on... see more

Pags. 221 - 229  

S. Zubchenko,G. Potemkina,V. Chopyak,K. Lishchuk-Yakymovych

Analysis of correlation between miR-146a and miR-155 levels and concentration of antiviral cytokines in patients with allergopathy in active and latent phases of chronic persistence of Epstein-Barr virus infection (EBV) has been conducted. Thus, 38 patien... see more

Pags. 230 - 245  

Azari Mehrdad Mohammad Ali

Background. Determine periodontal condition in rats with experimental diabetes mellitus after orthodontic surgery.Methods. In rats, type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1) was reproduced with aloxane (100 mg / kg, intraperitoneally) once. Orthodontic surgery was p... see more

Pags. 246 - 252  

A. I. Gozhenko,Yu. M. Hryshko,T. V. Gorbach

It is known that existing systems of regulation of energy homeostasis provide adequate needs of the body, depending on both the receipt and use of energy. Moreover, the organization of energy supply has its own characteristics in insulin-dependent and ins... see more

Pags. 253 - 261  

Ivanna Hrytsan,Anatoliy Gozhenko,Nataliya Badyuk,Walery Zukow

Background. It is known that electrolyte exchange parameters are subject to the regulatory effects of a wide range of nerve, hormonal and humoral factors. The dispersion of electrolyte levels in plasma, erythrocytes and diurnal urine, first, is different,... see more

Pags. 262 - 279  

Grazyna Maksimczyk–Wrona,Maciej Ornat,Wojciech Tokarski,Eleonora Anna Mess

Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) is a chronic disorder of the musculoskeletal system, which significantly reduces the efficiency of movement and daily functioning difficult. The last twenty years is a huge progress in the diagnosis and treatmen... see more

Pags. 280 - 290  

K. O. Talalayev,R. S. Vastyanov

The era of global transformation brings significant changes in public views and opinions – issues of socially dangerous diseases, as well as problems of education in this area, lose their “taboo character” over time. The participation in these processes o... see more

Pags. 291 - 298  

S. M. Potapov,D. I. Halata,O. M. Pliten,A. I. Halata

Despite the relatively low incidence of testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT), which amount only 1% of all cancers in men worldwide in the epidemiological aspect, unlike tumors of other localizations, it does not become more frequent with age, but reaches it... see more

Pags. 299 - 310  

Jolanta Elzbieta Kowalska

The idea of fair play can act an important role in the education process, especially among students of adolescence (middle school) age. Therefore it was important to undertake such educational activities (implementation of an educational project), so the ... see more

Pags. 311 - 321  

M. M. Regeda-Furdychko

The work demonstrated, that polymorho-nuclear leucocytes take an active part in formation of experimental contact dermatitis and experimental pneumonia before and after administration of the antioxidant thiotriazoline and also testify to metabolic proces... see more

Pags. 322 - 327  

T. I. Bevz,D. F. Kyrychenko,G. A. Martynyuk

As a rule, chronic hepatitis C is manifested by the development of successive stages of liver fibrosis with the formation of eventually cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, in some patients the fibrosis progresses slowly, while in others there is a rapid ... see more

Pags. 328 - 336  

D. Semenov

Relevance. Psychological distress in persons with maxillofacial area fractures are not sufficiently developed in key of their influence on postoperative pain intensity, patients interpersonal sensitivity and emotional reactions. In the context of maxillof... see more

Pags. 337 - 345  

S. A. Antonenko

One of the most frequent and formidable consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE), which is the main identified cause of symptomatic epilepsy at a young age.The work highlights the "trigger" mechanisms of brain damage, ... see more

Pags. 346 - 357  

V. D. Chopchik

Introduction. International experience accumulated over the past 25-30 years suggests that PPP is one of the main mechanisms for expanding the resource base and mobilizing reserves for economic development and improve the effectiveness of public health ca... see more

Pags. 358 - 362