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Volume 7 Number 3 Year 2017

77 articles in this issue 

Victor R. Flyunt,Igor-Severyn S. Flyunt,Vitalii M. Fil’,Marta M. Kovbasnyuk,Rostyslav F. Hryvnak,Svitlana L. Popel,Walery Zukow

Objective. Spa Truskavets' (Ukraine) considered to be indicated for the treatment and metaphylaxis renal stone disease. However, data on the effect of balneotherapy on the parameters of urine Lithogenicity ambiguous. This is due, perhaps, ambiguous influe... see more

Pags. 11 - 30  

Marzena Furtak-Niczyporuk,Marek Kos,Anna Jurek,Michal Albiniak

Introduction:The evaluation of received medical service is seen by the patient as the final stage in the comparison between expectations and reality. Especially when a hospitalised patient has the opportunity to pay closer attention to such elements assoc... see more

Pags. 31 - 43  

Izabela Kamila Wojarska,Ewelina Nowak,Dominika Materek

Hypertension remains the most important risk factor for premature death, not only in Poland but worldwide. The Natpol research conducted in 2011 shows that 32% of adult Poles suffers from hypertension. About 9% of the hypertensive patients doesn’t start t... see more

Pags. 44 - 52  

Andriy B Kul’chyns’kyi,Anatoliy I Gozhenko,Walery Zukow,Igor L Popovych

Background. The immunological homunculus conception considers somatotopic organization to ?NS regulation of immune system. We set a goal to analyze the causal relationships between parameters of EEG and HRV, on the one hand, and the parameters of immunity... see more

Pags. 53 - 71  

Anna Mirczak

Introduction. Creating heatlh literacy is a new concept in the field of health promotion, which implies that a person will be managed to control own health. Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and unders... see more

Pags. 72 - 85  

Halina Kalandyk,Elzbieta Krajewska-Kulak,Edyta Guty

Introduction: The profession of nursing requires mental toughness, stress resistance and ability to cope with difficult situations.Target:  Evaluation of the ability to control emotions by nurses, according to their plac... see more

Pags. 86 - 96  

Lyubomyr M Zajats,?lona S Polovynko,Walery Zukow

Background. In the previous report, we showed that the immune response to chronic stress in male rats are characterized by diversity.We assume that a variety of immune responses to chronic stress caused by a variety of reactions neuroendocrine factors.The... see more

Pags. 97 - 105  

Lukasz Wolowiec,Joanna Banach,Daniel Rogowicz,Magdalena Weglarz,Walery Zukow,Wladyslaw Sinkiewicz

For several decades the vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants were the only outpatient therapy that existed to reduce the risk of stroke and thromboembolism until non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOACs). Direct thrombin inhibitor: dabigatran and fact... see more

Pags. 106 - 116  

Urszula Kazmierczak,Szymon Kwiatkowski,Agnieszka Radziminska,Katarzyna Strojek,Magdalena Weber-Rajek,Walery Zukow

Due to complicated structure of ankle, it is exceptionally susceptible to injuries, of which one of the most common is a sprain. The sprain involves soft-tissue injuries that, depending on their level of seriousness, are categorized as first-, second- or ... see more

Pags. 117 - 142  

Zuzanna Piekorz,Andrzej Lewandowski,Krzysztof Szarski,Agnieszka Radziminska,Katarzyna Strojek,Hanna Styczynska,Walery Zukow

Introduction: Running is a fundamental and universal form of movement is manifested by man. Now it is increasingly carried out in the framework of the recreation movement or health training, becoming an increasingly popular form of physical activity. Desp... see more

Pags. 143 - 152  

Ewa Sygit–Kowalkowska,Magdalena Weber-Rajek,Justyna Szrajda,Krzysztof Kraszkiewicz

BackgroundThe aim of the study was to assess the state of mental and physical health and the expressed strategies for coping with stress of prison officers which are a group that is relatively unknown and seldom subjected to the tests. Among the coping st... see more

Pags. 153 - 165  

Katarzyna Strojek,Malgorzata Maslanka,Hanna Styczynska,Walery Zukow

Introduction Breast cancer is one of the most often diagnosed malignant cancers in polish women. The most important role in reducing the mortality rate is early disease detection  and elimination of factors that increase the risk of developing breast... see more

Pags. 166 - 176  

Pawel Rychter,Michal Jerzy Paprocki,Igor Wilczynski,Katarzyna Wilczynska,Jacek Wilczynski

Summarizing the result of x-rays and Diers Formetric III 4 D, it can be concluded that the girl received improved on as a result of the treatment method of F.E.D.. The angle of the original curvature was 56 ° in the thoracic region and 50 ° in the lumbar ... see more

Pags. 177 - 191  

Irena Puszkarz,Jadwiga Bednarek,Ewa Dziarmaga

Ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure can lead to serious consequences to a person(s) health. Consequences include skin pigmentation and can also lead to cancer. Not everyone however is aware of the risks involved with exposure to these rays. Lack of protection a... see more

Pags. 192 - 202  

Justyna Przybyszewska,Anna Sinkiewicz,Piotr Winiarski

IntroductionTumor development in head and neck area leads to the occurrence of severe pain and disorders of vital signs, such as breathing and eating. In addition, head and neck cancer often result in: loss of appetite, malabsorption and metabolic disorde... see more

Pags. 203 - 220  

Michal Górski,Monika Piatkowska,Anna Pastuszak,Bartlomiej Michalak

Introduction: In order to prevent adverse changes in lifestyle, leading to the deterioration of health, it is important to continuously monitor the level of physical activity, particularly among young peopleAim of study: Evaluation and  comparative a... see more

Pags. 221 - 230  

O. Radchenko,L. Pylypiv,W. Zukow

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) belongs to urgent medical and social problems of our time. Prognosis of COPD is often determined by a comorbidity, in particular obesity. The key chain, which unites COPD and obesity, is systemic inflammation, ... see more

Pags. 231 - 238  

V M Sirman,B A Nasibullin,L M Shafran,W Zukow,A I Gozhenko

In experiments on rats it was found that the administration of phenylhydrazine in doses of 10 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg / kg of body weight accompanied by a dose-dependent morphological damage of the kidneys. By comparing the morphological disorders in kidneys... see more

Pags. 239 - 257  

Anna Boguslawa Pilewska-Kozak,Beata Dobrowolska,Celina Lepecka–Klusek,Agnieszka Balanda–Baldyga,Agnieszka Konstancja Pawlowska-Muc,Grazyna Stadnicka,Klaudia Palucka,Karolina Depa

Technological advances in the 20th c. and development of neonatology have created a chance to survive for the infants born before term, underdeveloped and unable to survive outside the  mother’s womb. The triumph of reason over nature has given newbo... see more

Pags. 258 - 272  

Yuliia Kolenko

Background: The five-year survival rate of early stage (I and II) oral squamous cell carcinoma might be about 80%, but of advanced stage (III and IV) oral squamous cell carcinoma is only approximately 20%. Because most cases of oral squamous cell carcinom... see more

Pags. 273 - 279  

Monika Anna Ameryk,Piotr Sikorski,Maciej Swiatkowski,Agnieszka Augustyniak,Malgorzata Szamocka

Nutrition habits of children should be adapted to their physiological needs, reflecting their demand for the appropriate nutrients. Nutrition of children and adolescents practicing sports is a particular challenge, much more complex than in their peers an... see more

Pags. 280 - 289  

I. L. Kukovska,Ya. G. Ivanushko,L. V. Romaniv,G. N. Pylyp,O. V. Pishak,L. G. Logush

The aim of the present study was to investigate the university students’ views of possible situations and the reasons for the use of substances that can be addictive by their peers. So-called psychoactive substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, energy drinks... see more

Pags. 290 - 299  

Patryk Rzonca,Maja Chrzanowska-Wasik,Mariusz Goniewicz,Kamil Bednarz,Grzegorz Nowicki

Since the beginning of time the human being could not accept the inevitability of death, yet religious dogma and tradition undermined the possibility to fight it. Instructions for how resuscitation should be practiced has significantly changed over decade... see more

Pags. 300 - 308  

Monika Bieniak,Malgorzata Michalowska,Anna Mycek,Marcin Stanislaw Rzaca,Agnieszka Bartoszek,Marianna Charzynska-Gula

Introduction: Habits learned in youth translate into behaviours in later stages of life. Systematically since 1995 percentage of smoking Poles has decreased. The most smokers decreased in group of pupils and students-almost half of them. Actually in Polan... see more

Pags. 309 - 321  

Martyna Warchol

Vocational rehabilitation of disabled persons aims to prepare and help in finding work. Thanks to her,people with disabilities can meet professionally,&nbs... see more

Pags. 322 - 331  

Jakub Litak,Aneta Szudy-Szczyrek,Cezary Grochowski,Witold Janusz,Piotr Kamieniak,Katarzyna Kot-Bakiera,Dariusz Szczepanek

Multiple myeloma(MM) is a severe proliferative disease characterised with clonal, atypical plamocytic ploriferation in a bone marrow and abnormal monoclonal immunoglobulins in blood. MM leads to multiple organ dysfunction , patological bone fractures and ... see more

Pags. 332 - 340  

Marta Wardenska,Agnieszka Perzynska,Magdalena Kochanowicz,Lukasz Pabianek,Ewa Trela,Walery Zukow

The aim of this study was to assess the impact of the spa treatment on the quality of life of the older people. The study included 18 women and 22 men over 60 years of age. Method used was diagnostic survey - a questionnaire containing closed and open que... see more

Pags. 341 - 360  

Grazyna Stadnicka,Celina Lepecka-KLusek,Anna Boguslawa Pilewska-Kozak,Agnieszka Pawlowska-Muc,Agnieszka Balanda-Baldyga

            The MRKH syndrome has a negative impact on the psychosocial status of a patient and her family. The treatment of aplasia/hypoplasia of the vagina requires an interdisciplinary approach. The choice of treatment and... see more

Pags. 361 - 370  

Wioletta Lubkowska,Bozena Mroczek

Introduction. The problem of growing incidence of bad posture in children and adolescents is so significant that it has become an important social problem. One of reasons behind higher incidence of abnormal posture may be underweight, overweight or obesit... see more

Pags. 371 - 380  

Agnieszka Maria Bien,Agnieszka Pieczykolan

Introduction. Nutrition is one of the fundamental human needs, which allows for the proper functioning of the body. Nowadays, people are increasingly turning attention to the type and quantity of food intake, in order to preserve health and slim. Rigorous... see more

Pags. 381 - 391  

Agnieszka Chrzan-Rodak,Jadwiga Bak,Michal Machul,Monika Bieniak,Justyna Chaldas-Majdanska,Beata Dobrowolska

Introduction. The progressing globalisation process creates new challenges for healthcare in Poland, which are related mainly providing cultural security for patients from different culture circles.Aim. The objective of the study is to analyse chosen aspe... see more

Pags. 391 - 399  

Wilczynski Wilczynski,Michal Jerzy Paprocki,Katarzyna Wilczynska,Igor Wilczynski

Introduction. The aim of the research was to analyze selected deviations of the centre of feet pressure (COP) in girls with scoliosis and scoliotic posture. Material and methods. 28 girls aged 7-18 years old were involved in the study. Spine research was ... see more

Pags. 400 - 413  

Marta Estera Kowalska,Pawel Kalinowski,Urszula Jolanta Bojakowska,Marlena Krauze

IntroductionHepatitis B virus (HBV) is a liver disease caused by hepatitis B - hepatitis B virus (HBV). This virus has an affinity to liver cells, cause both acute and chronic viral infections of varying severity.AimThe aim of this study was to analysis o... see more

Pags. 414 - 426  

Anna Grabowska,Justyna Zgórzynska,Monika Wesolowska,Marcin Wójcicki,Klara Nicpon-Nozewska,Marta Podhorecka,Walery Zukow

Introduction: The locked-in syndrome is a neurological condition which occurs most often as a result of brainstem stroke, characterized by the presence of sustained eye opening, aphonia or severe hypophonia, quadriplegia or quadriparesis, preserved cognit... see more

Pags. 427 - 437  

Alicja Kostencka,Szymon Slawinski,Inga Dziembowska

Nowadays, we observe an increase of stress and unhealthy behaviours in the youth. Health behaviours are the basic components of life style and may affect not only physical health but also other dimensions of health, including mental health, which is a gro... see more

Pags. 438 - 448  

I. A. Kryvoruchko,M. S. Antonova,O. A. Tonkoglas,S.-K. T. Goni

Investigations were carried out in 53 patients who were operated on in 2015 about abdominal sepsis (AS). All patients were assigned according the severity of the condition, which was determined depending on the severity of the systemic inflammatory respon... see more

Pags. 449 - 456  

N. I. Maryenko,O. Yu. Stepanenko

Introduction. Morphological changes of the cerebellar lobules are found in many congenital and acquired diseases of the cerebellum, but the information on the normal structure of the cerebellar lobules do not take into account the peculiarities of individ... see more

Pags. 457 - 465  

T. L. Lebedeva,A. I. Gozhenko

The influence of chloride, ammonium sulfate and ammonium carbonate solutions on the osmotic control of the kidneys at intragastric administration to rats under water loading was assessed. It is established that the degree and nature of their effect is det... see more

Pags. 466 - 474  

M. I. Sheremet,L. P. Sydorchuk,V. O. Shidlovskyi,A. D. Bedenyuk,N. V. Pashkovska,M. O. Leonova,O. O. Chorna,N. I. Stankova,O. V. Rybak

Background: Based on the results of a histological study of removed TG tissue NGAIT was found in 10,4% of the patients [1, 2]. At the same time, we observe processes of both thyroid epithelium metaplasia and lymphoid tissue hyperplasia that, undoubtedly, ... see more

Pags. 475 - 482  

I. Savitskiy,A. Magdenko,K. Orel,Y. Mizevich,R. Dvoretsky

The work analyzes the scientific works of foreign and domestic scientists over the past 10 years, devoted to the study of buccal epithelium in various pathological conditions. It has been established that the BE study is becoming more popular because it i... see more

Pags. 483 - 489  

O. Y. Kosilova,O. O. Vovk,P. V. Ovetchyn

The mice were divided into 9 groups for the experimental part. We have been studying clinical parameters of haemogram: the number of red blood cells, the value of ESR, hemoglobin, leukocyte formula. The data obtained in the study of these indicators in ea... see more

Pags. 490 - 499  

A. P. Levitsky,A. V. Bocharov,A. I. Furdychko,V. T. Stepan,V. L. Vasyuk

Aim: To develop of antidysbiotic and antiphlogistic actions of quertulin on rat tissues at he toxic hepatitis.Materials and methods: The hepatitis was made with hydrazine sulfate. Antidysbiotic action was estimated by the correlation of urease and lysozym... see more

Pags. 500 - 511  

L. V. Kolyubakina,V. S. Khilchevska,O. G. Grygola

Cluster analysis of a comprehensive clinical-anamnestic and paraclinical examination with the phenotype of exercise-induced bronchial asthma in schoolchildren depending on the type of acetylation. Heterogeneity of this cohort of patients has been found wh... see more

Pags. 512 - 518  

O. Yablon,N. Zaichko,I. Reminna

The main focus of the article is the problem of neonatal pneumonia diagnosis. Its aim is to examine the state of inborn immunity among mature newborns with pneumonia in terms of TLR2, interleukins 1 ß and 10. In the course of the research we have examined... see more

Pags. 519 - 530  

V. I. Velichko,V. I. Nikitina,E. V. Said,A. Yu. Amirova

In the work, we studied the parameters of the psychological and emotional state of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus on the background of excessive body weight. Psychological and emotional state studies were conducted using the Patient Health Questio... see more

Pags. 531 - 539  

V. O. Korobchanskiy,E. V. Grygorian

The principal aim of the paper is to make a physiological and hygienic assessmentof the criterion “volume of operative memory” of the nervous system in vocationalaptitude of workers involved in hazardous activities. Memory functions defined by generally a... see more

Pags. 540 - 550  

I. A. Kryvoruchko,N. M. Goncharova,V. F. Gontar

The results of surgery in 70 patients with acute complicated pancreatic pseudocysts in age from 21 to 79 years were analyzed. For patients using an individualized medical – diagnostic campaign, which primarily was aimed at the elimination of complications... see more

Pags. 551 - 558  

N. S. Khopta,I. S. Bazalytska,A. M. Ersteniuk

The work investigates peculiarities of metabolic processes, bioelemental composition and structural changes in white rats’ bone tissue in the presence of cadmium ions (1/10 LD50 CdCl2) damage both singly and in combination. Administration of cadmium ions ... see more

Pags. 559 - 569  

O. A. Glazunov,O. A. Chebotar

An informative-evidence-based method for rapid assessment of periodontal tissue in miners is proposed. The efficiency of treatment-and-prophylactic complex with inclusion of “Biotrit C”, “Litcitin D3”, Vitamin Complex “Alphabet”is indicated. The complex m... see more

Pags. 570 - 575  

S. V. Bobruk

The article highlights the results of immunological studies of oropharyngeal secretions in 110 children with infectious mononucleosis, aged 1 to 17years who were treated in theVinnytsiaRegionalClinicalInfectiousDiseasesHospitalfrom September to November 2... see more

Pags. 576 - 585  

N. A. Matsegora,E. A. Shkurenko

We mate based on the literature review, it is shown the questions epidemiology and pathogenesis paralels in patients with asthma in combination with coronary heart disease. Stresses the leading role of the asthma risk factors contributing to the developme... see more

Pags. 586 - 599  

S. A. Levytska,A. I. Gozhenko

The rates of the PFAPA-syndrome as well as the rate of the Epstein-Barr viral infection were estimated in children undergoing the tonsillectomy because of frequent episodes of tonsillopharyngitis. The streptococci origin of the disease was indicated 36% o... see more

Pags. 600 - 605  

R. A. Fedorchenko,V. L. Mykhaylenko,V. V. Taranov,N. S. Badiuk

The health of children and youth is an integral indicator of the well-being of society and an indicator of social and environmental problems. The aim of the study is to study the prevalence of mental illnesses and disorders of the nervous system in childr... see more

Pags. 606 - 613  

N. A. Rykalo,O. M. Mordvinova,Y. O. Vasilets

Thyroid hormones are necessary for normal development, growth and functioning of organs. The experiment investigated the changing phases of the cell cycle of liver cells in rats under simulatedhypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The experiment was conduct... see more

Pags. 614 - 622  

A. S. ?inuhin,N. N. ??n?n?nk?

The experience of studying the levels of dehydrotestosterone in the blood of young men with pathospermia is given. It was established that its levels were significantly lowered in men with oligoasthenozoospermia in the background of androgen?deficiency. I... see more

Pags. 623 - 629  

Miroslaw Mrozkowiak,Tomasz Szurmik,Roland Hadlich

Introduction. With the multitude of procedures used for assessment of body posture and the lack of a reliable method without any drawbacks, the choice should depend on the aim of examinations. Contemporary diagnostics allows for determination of the most ... see more

Pags. 630 - 678  

N. A. Mamedaliev,V. A. Divocha

Under the influence of polarized light, the reproduction of the influenza A virus in the mice has been slowed. The survival rate of mice infected with a lethal dose of influenza A virus was 50%, compared to the control group.

Pags. 679 - 689  

O. I. Romak,Yu. Sadovska,I. Goryuk

Liver cirrhosis is one of the acute problems of modern hepatology that develops in case of long-term chronic hepatitis. It is known that cytokines play an important role in controlling an adaptive response to chronic toxic damage.After the morphological e... see more

Pags. 690 - 699  

V. I. ??schuk,V. V. ??schuk

Predecessors choline contribute to the regeneration of membranes and are considered promising medication in the treatment of stroke. The most studied compounds in this class are Difosfotsyn, which is synthesized phosphatidylcholine - an important componen... see more

Pags. 700 - 710  

Oleg Rezunenko,Hanna Kozhyna,Marianna Markova

The objective: to formulate, test and endorse psychoeducational activities in the system of bipolar affective disorder (BAD) patients rehabilitation. 158 BAD patients had complex clinical-psychopathological, clinical anamnesis and psychodiagnostic examina... see more

Pags. 711 - 715  

I. V. ?evko

The article analyzes the scientific and pedagogical literature of the problem of professional competence of the modern technology teacher and defines the foundations for the formation of professional pedagogical activity in the vocational training of tech... see more

Pags. 716 - 725  

Daria Palucka

The purpose of this article is to outline the problem of employing athletes by sports clubs in Poland. For the conditions of employment of athletes, the legal form under which the work is performed is very important. In addition, the internal organization... see more

Pags. 726 - 735  

O. V. Tkachenko

Aim – to analyze the peculiarities of asthenic manifestations in patients with type 2nd diabetes mellitus (DM) in clinical and psychological perspective. Materials and methods. We examined in 543 patients with type 2nd DM. The first clinical group (CG-1) ... see more

Pags. 736 - 744  

R. S. Vastyanov,A. N. Stoyanov,A. F. Dzygal,i. V. Savytskyi,V. M. Demidov,Ye. M. Levchenko,O. V. Onufrienko,I. O. Ostapenko

The article discusses the problem of medical students theoretical knowledge improvement that will significantly improve their clinical knowledge. The main factors that determine medical students’ positive motivation to study are considered. The authors pr... see more

Pags. 745 - 758  

Agnieszka Hamerlinska,Izabela Gniezdzia – Buc

Tounge removals are most likely to occur as a result of cancer. Consequence of organ loss is many. After the resection changes the ability to eat food. This article deals with the description of the swallowing process and its disorders. The content is can... see more

Pags. 759 - 766  

Aldona Molesztak,Aleksandra Blachnio

Introduction. As the growing group of 60+ citizens offers more opportunities for research. Researchers have focused on specifying conditions for high quality of life. The following conclusions are can be used for the benefit of individual elderly people a... see more

Pags. 767 - 781  

I. P. Khomenk?,S. V. Tertyshny,O. S. Gerasimenko,R. V. Yenin

According to the military operations in the east ofUkraine, the treatment of gunshot wounds became an extremely important problem. The wounded persons need comprehensive treatment using modern approaches one of which is vacuum wound therapy combined with ... see more

Pags. 782 - 802  

S.?. Futorniy,N.L. Nosova,T. Kolomiets,N.G. Byshevets

???????? ????????? ????????? ?? ?????????? ?????? ????? 5-6 ????? ? ?????????? ???????. ???????????, ?? ?????? ????? ??????? ?????? ?????????????? ? ?????????? ?? ???????? ??????? ? ?????. ?????? ?????????? ??????????? ?? ?????????? ? ?????????? ??????'? ... see more

Pags. 803 - 818  

Mariana Ljubomurivna Baida

We have investigated the results of alterations in indices of pro-oxidant (conjugated diene and malondialdehyde ) and antioxidant (ceruloplasmin) systems in guinea pigs’ trachea in experimental allergic alveolitis development.The results of our experiment... see more

Pags. 819 - 823  

Vitaliy Kashuba,Olena Maslova

Prerequisites for the development of the concept of health-forming technologies in the process of adaptive physical education of school-age children with hearing impairment Prerequisites for the development of the concept of health-forming technologies in... see more

Pags. 824 - 834  

Vitaliy Kashuba,Bozhena Bukhovets

Despite the existence of traditional and diverse ranges of author approaches for physical rehabilitation, there is still a problem of choosing and applying the most effective methods.The physical development as a complex characteristic is one of the leadi... see more

Pags. 835 - 849  

I. V. Savitsky,Yu. V. Mizevich,I. V. Miastkivska,V. I. Savitsky

Erectile dysfunction is part of the endothelial dysfunction, which in turn is a key risk factor for vascular accidents. ErD is detected in 50% of patients with diabetes mellitus, i.e. three times more often and 10-15 years earlier than in healthy men. A r... see more

Pags. 850 - 863  

M. I. Maistruk

A special place among respiratory pathologies belongs to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which remains one of the largest medical, social and economic health problems for today. COPD is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality world... see more

Pags. 864 - 881  

A. V. Goryachiy,A. I. Gozhenko,E. M. Levchenko,V. V. Goriachyi,M. A. Kuznetsova,M. I. Arapu

Method: C-terminal telopeptide procollagen type –I (CTTP-I) was used as a marker for collagen synthesis. The study group comprised 69 people and the control group 23.Results: Patients with persistent and chronic AF had an elevated level of CTTP-I in compa... see more

Pags. 882 - 891  

T. P. ??r?shin?,T. I. Dimcheva,P. V. ??ksimenko,O. V. ??r?ch?k

The aim consisted in assessment of clinical performance of carrying out professional hygiene of an oral cavity at the children of puberty age suffering from a chronic hypertrophic ulitis in combination with the adapted complex of preventive actions.To chi... see more

Pags. 892 - 898  

Vitaliy Kashuba,Sergiy Lopatsky,Yulia Rudenko

Actuality. The spatial organization of the bodies biolanceres is the most important concept consequent with the orientation of the body and its motor action in space. The monitoring of spatial organization of the human body is of much importance while imp... see more

Pags. 899 - 910  

T. G. Bakalyuk,G. O. Stelmach

The article studies the clinical efficacy of the use of methods of physical rehabilitation in patients with osteoarthrosis of the knee joints. The rehabilitation program included post-isometric relaxation exercises and the volume pneumopressing technique ... see more

Pags. 911 - 919