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Volume 19 Number 6 Part June Year 2017

30 articles in this issue 

Edgar Parker

An alternative derivation of the yield curve based on entropy or the loss of information as it is communicated through time is introduced. Given this focus on entropy growth in communication the Shannon entropy will be utilized. Additionally, Shannon entr... see more


Shihuai Zhou, Carl Tackes and Ralph Napolitano

The liquid-phase enthalpy of mixing for Al–Tb alloys is measured for 3, 5, 8, 10, and 20 at% Tb at selected temperatures in the range from 1364 to 1439 K. Methods include isothermal solution calorimetry and isoperibolic electromagnetic levitation drop cal... see more


Reiner Lenz

Many signals can be described as functions on the unit disk (ball). In the framework of group representations it is well-known how to construct Hilbert-spaces containing these functions that have the groups SU(1,N) as their symmetry groups. One illustrati... see more


Loïc Devilliers, Stéphanie Allassonnière, Alain Trouvé and Xavier Pennec

We tackle the problem of template estimation when data have been randomly deformed under a group action in the presence of noise. In order to estimate the template, one often minimizes the variance when the influence of the transformations have been remov... see more


Qin Wang, Guangping Zeng and Xuyan Tu

In traditional information technology project portfolio management (ITPPM), managers often pay more attention to the optimization of portfolio selection in the initial stage. In fact, during the portfolio implementation process, there are still issues to ... see more


Kenric P. Nelson

An approach to the assessment of probabilistic inference is described which quantifies the performance on the probability scale. From both information and Bayesian theory, the central tendency of an inference is proven to be the geometric mean of the prob... see more


Lei Chen, Cheng Sun, Guobo Wang, Hui Xie and Zhenyao Shen

Event-based runoff–pollutant relationships have been the key for water quality management, but the scarcity of measured data results in poor model performance, especially for multiple rainfall events. In this study, a new framework was proposed for event-... see more


George Livadiotis

Space plasmas are frequently described by kappa distributions. Non-extensive statistical mechanics involves the maximization of the Tsallis entropic form under the constraints of canonical ensemble, considering also a dyadic formalism between the ordinary... see more


Donghuo Zeng, Chengjie Sun, Lei Lin and Bingquan Liu

Drug-Named Entity Recognition (DNER) for biomedical literature is a fundamental facilitator of Information Extraction. For this reason, the DDIExtraction2011 (DDI2011) and DDIExtraction2013 (DDI2013) challenge introduced one task aiming at recognition of ... see more


Ainara Garde, Parastoo Dehkordi, John Mark Ansermino and Guy A. Dumont

Pulse rate variability (PRV), an alternative measure of heart rate variability (HRV), is altered during obstructive sleep apnea. Correntropy spectral density (CSD) is a novel spectral analysis that includes nonlinear information. We recruited 160 children... see more


Zhan Jin, Yingsong Li and Yanyan Wang

In this paper, a sparse set-membership proportionate normalized least mean square (SM-PNLMS) algorithm integrated with a correntropy induced metric (CIM) penalty is proposed for acoustic channel estimation and echo cancellation. The CIM is used for constr... see more


LaVar King Isaacson

The results of the computation of entropy generation rates through the dissipation of ordered regions within selected helium boundary layer flows are presented. Entropy generation rates in helium boundary layer flows for five cases of increasing temperatu... see more


Zhijian Wang, Junyuan Wang, Yanfei Kou, Jiping Zhang, Shaohui Ning and Zhifang Zhao

In view of the problem that the fault signal of the rolling bearing is weak and the fault feature is difficult to extract in the strong noise environment, a method based on minimum entropy deconvolution (MED) and local mean deconvolution (LMD) is proposed... see more


Shujun Liu, Ting Yang and Kui Zhang

In this paper, the noise-enhanced detection problem is investigated for the binary hypothesis-testing. The optimal additive noise is determined according to a criterion proposed by DeGroot and Schervish (2011), which aims to minimize the weighted sum of t... see more


Christian Bentz, Dimitrios Alikaniotis, Michael Cysouw and Ramon Ferrer-i-Cancho

The choice associated with words is a fundamental property of natural languages. It lies at the heart of quantitative linguistics, computational linguistics and language sciences more generally. Information theory gives us tools at hand to measure precise... see more


Hea-Jung Kim

This paper develops Bayesian inference in reliability of a class of scale mixtures of log-normal failure time (SMLNFT) models with stochastic (or uncertain) constraint in their reliability measures. The class is comprehensive and includes existing failure... see more


Benjamin Allen, Blake C. Stacey and Yaneer Bar-Yam

Complex systems display behavior at a range of scales. Large-scale behaviors can emerge from the correlated or dependent behavior of individual small-scale components. To capture this observation in a rigorous and general way, we introduce a formalism for... see more


Yi Tang, Jing Ling, Cheng Wu, Ning Chen, Xiaofeng Liu and Bingtuan Gao

Bilateral contract transaction among generation companies and large consumers is attracting much attention in the electricity market. A large consumer can purchase energy from generation companies directly under a bilateral contract, which can guarantee t... see more


Lei Lin, Xiao Ma, Chulong Liang, Xiujie Huang and Baoming Bai

In this paper, a general formula for the capacity region of a general interference channel with two pairs of users is derived, which reveals that the capacity region is the union of a family of rectangles. In the region, each rectangle is determined by a ... see more


Shuai Liu, Mengye Lu, Gaocheng Liu and Zheng Pan

Information entropy and its extension, which are important generalizations of entropy, are currently applied to many research domains. In this paper, a novel generalized relative entropy is constructed to avoid some defects of traditional relative entropy... see more


Frank Hansen, Jin Liang and Guanghua Shi

We study the convexity or concavity of certain trace functions for the deformed logarithmic and exponential functions, and in this way obtain new trace inequalities for deformed exponentials that may be considered as generalizations of Peierls–Bogolyubov’... see more


Rainer Hollerbach and Eun-jin Kim

A probabilistic description is essential for understanding the dynamics of stochastic systems far from equilibrium, given uncertainty inherent in the systems. To compare different Probability Density Functions (PDFs), it is extremely useful to quantify th... see more


Dagmar Markechová and Beloslav Riecan

The purpose of the paper is to introduce, using the known results concerning the entropy in product MV algebras, the concepts of mutual information and Kullback–Leibler divergence for the case of product MV algebras and examine algebraic properties of the... see more


Giovanni Pezzulo, Francesco Donnarumma, Pierpaolo Iodice, Domenico Maisto and Ivilin Stoianov

There is an on-going debate in cognitive (neuro) science and philosophy between classical cognitive theory and embodied, embedded, extended, and enactive (“4-Es”) views of cognition—a family of theories that emphasize the role of the body in cognition and... see more


Sylvia Porras, Viatcheslav Bykov, Vladimir Gol’dshtein and Ulrich Maas

The reduction of chemical kinetics describing combustion processes remains one of the major topics in the combustion theory and its applications. Problems concerning the estimation of reaction mechanisms real dimension remain unsolved, this being a critic... see more


Kazuho Watanabe

The explicit form of the rate-distortion function has rarely been obtained, except for few cases where the Shannon lower bound coincides with the rate-distortion function for the entire range of the positive rate. From an information geometrical point of ... see more