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Volume 20 Number 9 Part September Year 2018

30 articles in this issue 

Jesús Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, Marta Zárraga-Rodríguez, Pedro M. Crespo and Xabier Insausti

In this paper, we obtain an integral formula for the rate distortion function (RDF) of any Gaussian asymptotically wide sense stationary (AWSS) vector process. Applying this result, we also obtain an integral formula for the RDF of Gaussian moving average... see more


Maël Dugast, Guillaume Bouleux and Eric Marcon

We proposed in this work the introduction of a new vision of stochastic processes through geometry induced by dilation. The dilation matrices of a given process are obtained by a composition of rotation matrices built in with respect to partial correlatio... see more


Shuqin Zhu, Congxu Zhu and Wenhong Wang

In order to overcome the difficulty of key management in “one time pad” encryption schemes and also resist the attack of chosen plaintext, a new image encryption algorithm based on chaos and SHA-256 is proposed in this paper. The architecture ... see more


Emanuel Guariglia

The aim of this paper is to investigate the generalization of the Sierpinski gasket through the harmonic metric. In particular, this work presents an antenna based on such a generalization. In fact, the harmonic Sierpinski gasket is used as a geometric co... see more


Edward Bormashenko

The notion of three-phase (line) tension remains one of the most disputable notions in surface science. A very broad range of its values has been reported. Experts even do not agree on the sign of line tension. The polymer-chain-like model of three-phase ... see more


Yuze Su, Xiangru Meng, Qiaoyan Kang and Xiaoyang Han

Network virtualization can offer more flexibility and better manageability for next generation Internet. With the increasing deployments of virtual networks in military and commercial networks, a major challenge is to ensure virtual network survivability ... see more


Anton M. Unakafov and Karsten Keller

This paper is devoted to change-point detection using only the ordinal structure of a time series. A statistic based on the conditional entropy of ordinal patterns characterizing the local up and down in a time series is introduced and investigated. The s... see more


Jonatan Zischg, Wolfgang Rauch and Robert Sitzenfrei

Cities and their infrastructure networks are always in motion and permanently changing in structure and function. This paper presents a methodology for automatically creating future water distribution networks (WDNs) that are stressed step-by-step by disc... see more


Matthew E. Quenneville and David A. Sivak

A stochastic system under the influence of a stochastic environment is correlated with both present and future states of the environment. Such a system can be seen as implicitly implementing a predictive model of future environmental states. The non-predi... see more


Khalid Sayood

We examine how information theory has been used to study cognition over the last seven decades. After an initial burst of activity in the 1950s, the backlash that followed stopped most work in this area. The last couple of decades has seen both a revival ... see more


Juan López-Sauceda, Jorge López-Ortega, Gerardo Abel Laguna Sánchez, Jacobo Sandoval Gutiérrez, Ana Paola Rojas Meza and José Luis Aragón

A basic pattern in the body plan architecture of many animals, plants and some molecular and cellular systems is five-part units. This pattern has been understood as a result of genetic blueprints in development and as a widely conserved evolutionary char... see more


Jürn W. P. Schmelzer and Timur V. Tropin

A response is given to a comment of Zanotto and Mauro on our paper published in Entropy 20, 103 (2018). Our arguments presented in this paper are widely ignored by them, and no new considerations are outlined in the comment, which would require a revision... see more


Binghan Liu, Zhongguang Fu, Pengkai Wang, Lu Liu, Manda Gao and Ji Liu

The energy use analysis of coal-fired power plant units is of significance for energy conservation and consumption reduction. One of the most serious problems attributed to Chinese coal-fired power plants is coal waste. Several units in one plant may expe... see more


Beige Ye, Taorong Qiu, Xiaoming Bai and Ping Liu

In view of the nonlinear characteristics of electroencephalography (EEG) signals collected in the driving fatigue state recognition research and the issue that the recognition accuracy of the driving fatigue state recognition method based on EEG is still ... see more


Michail Vlysidis and Yiannis N. Kaznessis

The time evolution of stochastic reaction networks can be modeled with the chemical master equation of the probability distribution. Alternatively, the numerical problem can be reformulated in terms of probability moment equations. Herein we present a new... see more


Guolong Chen

The Koch curve exciting coil eddy current sensor is a kind of novel flexible planar eddy current probe. In this study, an intersection angle spectrum entropy index and a radial direction energy spectrum entropy were proposed to evaluate the eddy current d... see more


Alberto Muñoz, Nicolás Hernández, Javier M. Moguerza and Gabriel Martos

The combination of different sources of information is a problem that arises in several situations, for instance, when data are analysed using different similarity measures. Often, each source of information is given as a similarity, distance, or a kernel... see more


Jiri Petrzela

This paper brings analysis of the multiple-valued memory system (MVMS) composed by a pair of the resonant tunneling diodes (RTD). Ampere-voltage characteristic (AVC) of both diodes is approximated in operational voltage range as common in practice: by pol... see more


Sergio Davis, Diego González and Gonzalo Gutiérrez

A general framework for inference in dynamical systems is described, based on the language of Bayesian probability theory and making use of the maximum entropy principle. Taking the concept of a path as fundamental, the continuity equation and Cauchy&rsqu... see more


Teresa C. M. Dias, Marcio A. Diniz, Carlos A. de B. Pereira and Adriano Polpo

The 37th edition of MaxEnt was held in Brazil, hosting several distinguished researchers and students. The workshop offered four tutorials, nine invited talks, twenty four oral presentations and twenty seven poster presentations. All submissions received ... see more


Irina Popova, Alexandr Rozhnoi, Maria Solovieva, Danila Chebrov and Masashi Hayakawa

The neural network approach is proposed for studying very-low- and low-frequency (VLF and LF) subionospheric radio wave variations in the time vicinities of magnetic storms and earthquakes, with the purpose of recognizing anomalies of different types. We ... see more


Ali H. Alkhaldi, Mohd. Aquib, Aliya Naaz Siddiqui and Mohammad Hasan Shahid

In this paper, we obtain the upper bounds for the normalized δ -Casorati curvatures and generalized normalized δ -Casorati curvatures for statistical submanifolds in Sasaki-like statistical manifolds with constant curvature. Further,... see more