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Volume 19 Number 12 Part December Year 2017

30 articles in this issue 

Jing Wang, Huafei Sun and Didong Li

In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm to solve the averaging problem on the Lorentz group O ( n , k ) . Firstly, we introduce the geometric structures of O ( n , k ) endowed with a Riemannian metric where geodesic could be writte... see more


Adrian Bingham, Sridhar P. Arjunan, Beth Jelfs and Dinesh K. Kumar

This study has developed a technique for identifying the presence of muscle fatigue based on the spatial changes of the normalised mutual information (NMI) between multiple high density surface electromyography (HD-sEMG) channels. Muscle fatigue in the ti... see more


Baohui Men, Rishang Long, Yangsong Li, Huanlong Liu, Wei Tian and Zhijian Wu

Rainfall is an essential index to measure drought, and it is dependent upon various parameters including geographical environment, air temperature and pressure. The nonlinear nature of climatic variables leads to problems such as poor accuracy and instabi... see more


José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar, María Guadalupe López-López, Victor Manuel Alvarado-Martínez, Dumitru Baleanu and Hasib Khan

In this paper, a three-dimensional cancer model was considered using the Caputo-Fabrizio-Caputo and the new fractional derivative with Mittag-Leffler kernel in Liouville-Caputo sense. Special solutions using an iterative scheme via Laplace transform, Sumu... see more


Tanmay Rajpurohit and Wassim M. Haddad

In this paper, we develop an energy-based, large-scale dynamical system model driven by Markov diffusion processes to present a unified framework for statistical thermodynamics predicated on a stochastic dynamical systems formalism. Specifically, using a ... see more


Sebastian Berger, Gerhard Schneider, Eberhard F. Kochs and Denis Jordan

Permutation entropy (PeEn) is a complexity measure that originated from dynamical systems theory. Specifically engineered to be robustly applicable to real-world data, the quantity has since been utilised for a multitude of time series analysis tasks. In ... see more


Bogeun Gwak and Daeho Ro

We investigate herein the spin interaction during collisions between Kerr-(anti-)de Sitter black holes. The spin interaction potential depends on the relative rotation directions of the black holes, and this potential can be released as gravitational radi... see more


Hyunjin Yang, Mehrdad Massoudi and A. D. Kirwan, Jr.

Flowing media in both industrial and natural processes are often characterized as assemblages of densely packed granular materials. Typically, the constitutive relations for the stress tensor and heat flux vector are fundamentally nonlinear. Moreover, the... see more


João Monteiro-Santos, Hernâni Gonçalves, João Bernardes, Luís Antunes, Mohammad Nozari and Cristina Costa-Santos

Entropy and compression have been used to distinguish fetuses at risk of hypoxia from their healthy counterparts through the analysis of Fetal Heart Rate (FHR). Low correlation that was observed between these two approaches suggests that they capture diff... see more


Lotfi Khribi, Brenda MacGibbon and Marc Fredette

In the Bayesian framework, the usual choice of prior in the prediction of homogeneous Poisson processes with random effects is the gamma one. Here, we propose the use of higher order maximum entropy priors. Their advantage is illustrated in a simulation s... see more


Tingzeng Wu, Huazhong Lü and Xuexin Zhang

Polyomino graphs is one of the research objectives in statistical physics and in modeling problems of surface chemistry. A random polyomino chain is a subgraph of a polyomino graph. The matching energy is defined as the sum of the absolute values of the z... see more


Fredrik Erlandsson, Piotr Bródka, Martin Boldt and Henric Johnson

[-15]With the growing use of popular social media services like Facebook and Twitter it is challenging to collect all content from the networks without access to the core infrastructure or paying for it. Thus, if all content cannot be collected one must c... see more


Ke Tang and Hong Xiao

The numerical study of continuum-rarefied gas flows is of considerable interest because it can provide fundamental knowledge regarding flow physics. Recently, the nonlinear coupled constitutive method (NCCM) has been derived from the Boltzmann equation an... see more


Tatsuaki Tsuruyama

The field of information science has greatly developed, and applications in various fields have emerged. In this paper, we evaluated the coding system in the theory of Tsallis entropy for transmission of messages and aimed to formulate the channel capacit... see more


Intan Low, Po-Chih Kuo, Yu-Hsiang Liu, Cheng-Lin Tsai, Hsiang-Tai Chao, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, Li-Fen Chen and Yong-Sheng Chen

How chronic pain affects brain functions remains unclear. As a potential indicator, brain complexity estimated by entropy-based methods may be helpful for revealing the underlying neurophysiological mechanism of chronic pain. In this study, complexity fea... see more


Yan Jin

Second-law analysis (SLA) is an important concept in thermodynamics, which basically assesses energy by its value in terms of its convertibility from one form to another.[...]


Qian Zeng and Jin Wang

We explored the dynamics of two interacting information systems. We show that for the Markovian marginal systems, the driving force for information dynamics is determined by both the information landscape and information flux. While the information landsc... see more


Camelia Stanciu, Dorin Stanciu, Adina-Teodora Gheorghian, Elena-Beatrice Tanase, Catalina Dobre and Marius Spiroiu

A solar driven cooling system consisting of a single effect H2O-LiBr absorbtion cooling module (ACS), a parabolic trough collector (PTC), and a storage tank (ST) module is analyzed during one full day operation. The pressurized water is used to transfer h... see more


Inga Stolz and Karsten Keller

It is popular to study a time-dependent nonlinear system by encoding outcomes of measurements into sequences of symbols following certain symbolization schemes. Mostly, symbolizations by threshold crossings or variants of it are applied, but also, the rel... see more


Michael G. Bowler and Colleen K. Kelly

Many species of plants are found in regions to which they are alien. Their global distributions are characterised by a family of exponential functions of the kind that arise in elementary statistical mechanics (an example in ecology is MacArthur’s broken ... see more


Pinar Deniz Tosun, Daniel Abásolo, Gillian Stenson and Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer

Specific patterns of brain activity during sleep and waking are recorded in the electroencephalogram (EEG). Time-frequency analysis methods have been widely used to analyse the EEG and identified characteristic oscillations for each vigilance state (VS), ... see more


Arpan Bhattacharyya, Ling-Yan Hung, Pak Hang Chris Lau and Si-Nong Liu

In this paper, we would like to systematically explore the implications of non-perturbative effects on entanglement in a many body system. Instead of pursuing the usual path-integral method in a singular space, we attempt to study the wavefunctions in det... see more


Grzegorz Wilk and Zbigniew Wlodarczyk

We discuss two examples of oscillations apparently hidden in some experimental results for high-energy multiparticle production processes: (i) the log-periodic oscillatory pattern decorating the power-like Tsallis distributions of transverse momenta; (ii)... see more