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Volume 20 Number 5 Part May Year 2018

30 articles in this issue 

Luis Herrera

The fact that real dissipative (entropy producing) processes may be detected by non-comoving observers (tilted), in systems that appear to be isentropic for comoving observers, in general relativity, is explained in terms of the information theory, analog... see more


Hong Tang, Yuanlin Jiang, Ting Li and Xinpei Wang

This study introduced entropy measures to analyze the heart sound signals of people with and without pulmonary hypertension (PH). The lead II Electrocardiography (ECG) signal and heart sound signal were simultaneously collected from 104 subjects aged betw... see more


Shuting Wan and Xiong Zhang

Kurtogram can adaptively select the resonant frequency band, and then the characteristic fault frequency can be obtained by analyzing the selected band. However, the kurtogram is easily affected by random impulses and noise. In recent years, improvements ... see more


Lin Zhang, Zhijian Wang and Long Quan

Compared with the strong background noise, the energy entropy of early fault signals of bearings are weak under actual working conditions. Therefore, extracting the bearings’ early fault features has always been a major difficulty in fault diagnosis... see more


Jesús Emmanuel Solís Pérez, José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar, Dumitru Baleanu and Fairouz Tchier

This paper deals with a numerical simulation of fractional conformable attractors of type Rabinovich–Fabrikant, Thomas’ cyclically symmetric attractor and Newton–Leipnik. Fractional conformable and β -conformable derivatives of ... see more


Mário S. Alvim, Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis, Yusuke Kawamoto and Catuscia Palamidessi

In the inference attacks studied in Quantitative Information Flow (QIF), the attacker typically tries to interfere with the system in the attempt to increase its leakage of secret information. The defender, on the other hand, typically tries to decrease l... see more


Dustin Lazarovici, Andrea Oldofredi and Michael Esfeld

The paper argues that far from challenging—or even refuting—Bohm’s quantum theory, the no-hidden-variables theorems in fact support the Bohmian ontology for quantum mechanics. The reason is that (i) all measurements come down to position... see more


Jeremy Liu, Federico M. Spedalieri, Ke-Thia Yao, Thomas E. Potok, Catherine Schuman, Steven Young, Robert Patton, Garrett S. Rose and Gangotree Chamka

Training deep learning networks is a difficult task due to computational complexity, and this is traditionally handled by simplifying network topology to enable parallel computation on graphical processing units (GPUs). However, the emergence of quantum d... see more


Daniel-Ioan Curiac, Ovidiu Banias, Constantin Volosencu and Christian-Daniel Curiac

Living organisms have developed and optimized ingenious defense strategies based on positional entropy. One of the most significant examples in this respect is known as protean behavior, where a prey animal under threat performs unpredictable zig-zag move... see more


Xiaofeng Han, Fei Li and Xinzhu Meng

This paper considers a stochastic susceptible exposed infectious recovered (SEIR) epidemic model with varying population size and vaccination. We aim to study the global dynamics of the reduced nonlinear stochastic proportional differential system. We fir... see more


Akshat Mathur, Mehdi Seddighi and Shuisheng He

Large-eddy simulations of turbulent channel flow subjected to a step-like acceleration have been performed to investigate the effect of high Reynolds number ratios on the transient behaviour of turbulence. It is shown that the response of the flow exhibit... see more


Aida Toma and Cristinca Fulga

For portfolios with a large number of assets, the single index model allows for expressing the large number of covariances between individual asset returns through a significantly smaller number of parameters. This avoids the constraint of having very lar... see more


Can Eyupoglu, Muhammed Ali Aydin, Abdul Halim Zaim and Ahmet Sertbas

The topic of big data has attracted increasing interest in recent years. The emergence of big data leads to new difficulties in terms of protection models used for data privacy, which is of necessity for sharing and processing data. Protecting individuals... see more


Chen Chen, Michael Grabchak, Ann Stewart, Jialin Zhang and Zhiyi Zhang

This paper offers sufficient conditions for the Miller–Madow estimator and the jackknife estimator of entropy to have respective asymptotic normalities on countably infinite alphabets.


Xavier Bonaventura, Miquel Feixas, Mateu Sbert, Lewis Chuang and Christian Wallraven

Viewpoint selection has been an emerging area in computer graphics for some years, and it is now getting maturity with applications in fields such as scene navigation, scientific visualization, object recognition, mesh simplification, and camera placement... see more


Michael Stutzer

Agents in financial networks can simultaneously be both creditors and debtors, creating the possibility that a default may cause a subsequent default cascade. Resolution of unpayable debts in these situations will have a distributional impact. Using a rel... see more


J. Ricardo Arias-Gonzalez

Information is a physical entity amenable to be described by an abstract theory. The concepts associated with the creation and post-processing of the information have not, however, been mathematically established, despite being broadly used in many fields... see more


Robert Flack and Basil J. Hiley

There has been a recent revival of interest in the notion of a ‘trajectory’ of a quantum particle. In this paper, we detail the relationship between Dirac’s ideas, Feynman paths and the Bohm approach. The key to the relationship is the weak value of the m... see more


Manuel Álamo and Enrique Muñoz

We studied the non-equilibrium current, transport coefficients and thermoelectric performance of a nano-junction, composed by a quantum dot connected to a normal superconductor and a topological superconductor leads, respectively. We considered a one-dime... see more


Linyun Huang and Youngchul Bae

The aim of this study was to describe a novel extended dynamical love model with the external environments of the love story of Romeo and Juliet. We used the sinusoidal function as external environments as it could represent the positive and negative char... see more


Chunhong Dou, Xueye Wei and Jinshan Lin

Vibrations of defective gearboxes show great complexities. Therefore, dynamics and noise levels of vibrations of gearboxes vary with operation of gearboxes. As a result, nonlinearity and determinism of data can serve to describe running conditions of gear... see more