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Volume 19 Number 10 Part October Year 2017

30 articles in this issue 

Andrea Murari, Teddy Craciunescu, Emmanuele Peluso, Michela Gelfusa and JET Contributors

Abstract: Modern experiments in Magnetic Confinement Nuclear Fusion can produce Gigabytes of data, mainly in form of time series. The acquired signals, composing massive databases, are typically affected by significant levels of noise. The interpretation ... see more


Jose Luis Blázquez-Salcedo

In the large coupling regime of the 5-dimensional Einstein–Maxwell–Chern–Simons theory, charged and rotating cohomogeneity-1 black holes form sequences of extremal and non-extremal radially excited configurations. These asymptotically global Anti-de Sitte... see more


Kalyan Annamalai and Arnab Nanda

The energy for sustaining life is released through the oxidation of glucose, fats, and proteins. A part of the energy released within each cell is stored as chemical energy of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate molecules, which is essential for performing life-susta... see more


Ishay Wohl, Naomi Zurgil, Yaron Hakuk, Maria Sobolev and Mordechai Deutsch

A simple, label-free cytometry technique is introduced. It is based on the analysis of the fluctuation of image Gray Level Information Entropy (GLIE) which is shown to reflect intracellular biophysical properties like generalized entropy. In this study, t... see more


Michael Evans, Irwin Guttman and Peiying Li

Methods are developed for eliciting a Dirichlet prior based upon stating bounds on the individual probabilities that hold with high prior probability. This approach to selecting a prior is applied to a contingency table problem where it is demonstrated ho... see more


Robert L. Jack, Marcus Kaiser and Johannes Zimmer

We describe some general results that constrain the dynamical fluctuations that can occur in non-equilibrium steady states, with a focus on molecular dynamics. That is, we consider Hamiltonian systems, coupled to external heat baths, and driven out of equ... see more


Robert D. Skeel and Youhan Fang

Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling propagators, including numerical integrators for stochastic dynamics, are central to the calculation of thermodynamic quantities and determination of structure for molecular systems. Efficiency is paramount, and to a grea... see more


Kevin H. Knuth, Ben Placek, Daniel Angerhausen, Jennifer L. Carter, Bryan D’Angelo, Anthony D. Gai and Bertrand Carado

The fields of astronomy and astrophysics are currently engaged in an unprecedented era of discovery as recent missions have revealed thousands of exoplanets orbiting other stars. While the Kepler Space Telescope mission has enabled most of these exoplanet... see more


Yves Lecarpentier, Victor Claes, Xénophon Krokidis, Jean-Louis Hébert, Oumar Timbely, François-Xavier Blanc, Francine Michel and Alexandre Vallée

A. Huxley’s equations were used to determine the mechanical properties of muscle myosin II (MII) at the molecular level, as well as the probability of the occurrence of the different stages in the actin–myosin cycle. It was then possible to use the formal... see more


Dongyun Bai, Peng Huang, Hongxin Ma, Tao Wang and Guihua Zeng

We show that the successful use of a noiseless linear amplifier (NLA) can help increase the maximum transmission distance and tolerate more excess noise of the plug-and-play dual-phase-modulated continuous-variable quantum key distribution. In particular,... see more


Jian Yu, Junyi Cao, Wei-Hsin Liao, Yangquan Chen, Jing Lin and Rong Liu

The complexity quantification of human gait time series has received considerable interest for wearable healthcare. Symbolic entropy is one of the most prevalent algorithms used to measure the complexity of a time series, but it fails to account for the m... see more


Metod Saniga

It is demonstrated that the magic three-qubit Veldkamp line occurs naturally within the Veldkamp space of a combinatorial Grassmannian of type G 2 ( 7 ) , V ( G 2 ( 7 ) ) . The lines of the ambient symplectic polar space are those li... see more


Andrew Gelman, Daniel Simpson and Michael Betancourt

A key sticking point of Bayesian analysis is the choice of prior distribution, and there is a vast literature on potential defaults including uniform priors, Jeffreys’ priors, reference priors, maximum entropy priors, and weakly informative priors. These ... see more


Jesús Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, Marta Zárraga-Rodríguez and Xabier Insausti

In this paper, we present upper bounds for the rate distortion function (RDF) of finite-length data blocks of Gaussian wide sense stationary (WSS) sources and we propose coding strategies to achieve such bounds. In order to obtain those bounds, we previou... see more


Hui-Chung Yeh, Yen-Chang Chen, Che-Hao Chang, Cheng-Hsuan Ho and Chiang Wei

In this study, a method combining radar and entropy was proposed to design a rainfall network. Owing to the shortage of rain gauges in mountain areas, weather radars are used to measure rainfall over catchments. The major advantage of radar is that it is ... see more


Yi Tang, Han Cui and Qi Wang

Frequency prediction after a disturbance has received increasing research attention given its substantial value in providing a decision-making foundation in power system emergency control. With the advancing development of machine learning, analysis power... see more


Chang Francis Hsu, Sung-Yang Wei, Han-Ping Huang, Long Hsu, Sien Chi and Chung-Kang Peng

Healthy systems exhibit complex dynamics on the changing of information embedded in physiologic signals on multiple time scales that can be quantified by employing multiscale entropy (MSE) analysis. Here, we propose a measure of complexity, called entropy... see more


Yuanpu Xia, Ziming Xiong, Xin Dong and Hao Lu

The impact of uncertainty on risk assessment and decision-making is increasingly being prioritized, especially for large geotechnical projects such as tunnels, where uncertainty is often the main source of risk. Epistemic uncertainty, which can be reduced... see more


Nadia Mammone, Simona De Salvo, Cosimo Ieracitano, Silvia Marino, Angela Marra, Francesco Corallo and Francesco C. Morabito

In the study of neurological disorders, Electroencephalographic (EEG) signal processing can provide valuable information because abnormalities in the interaction between neuron circuits may reflect on macroscopic abnormalities in the electrical potentials... see more


Chung Chan

The multiterminal secret key agreement problem by public discussion is formulated with an additional source compression step where, prior to the public discussion phase, users independently compress their private sources to filter out strongly correlated ... see more


Alejandro Chinea

In recent years, the interpretation of our observations of animal behaviour, in particular that of cetaceans, has captured a substantial amount of attention in the scientific community. The traditional view that supports a special intellectual status for ... see more


Martin Gueuning, Renaud Lambiotte and Jean-Charles Delvenne

We consider the problem of diffusion on temporal networks, where the dynamics of each edge is modelled by an independent renewal process. Despite the apparent simplicity of the model, the trajectories of a random walker exhibit non-trivial properties. Her... see more


Nibaldo Rodriguez, Guillermo Cabrera, Carolina Lagos and Enrique Cabrera

The behavioural diagnostics of bearings play an essential role in the management of several rotation machine systems. However, current diagnostic methods do not deliver satisfactory results with respect to failures in variable speed rotational phenomena. ... see more


Juan M. Diaz, Diego M. Mateos and Carina Boyallian

In the clinical electrophysiological practice, reading and comparing electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings are sometimes insufficient and take too much time. Tools coming from the information theory or nonlinear systems theory such as entropy and compl... see more


Carlos A. Plata and Antonio Prados

We analyze the emergence of Kovacs-like memory effects in athermal systems within the linear response regime. This is done by starting from both the master equation for the probability distribution and the equations for the physically-relevant moments. Th... see more


Guoqiang Xu, Haochun Zhang, Xiu Zhang and Yan Jin

Active control of heat flux can be realized with transformation optics (TO) thermal metamaterials. Recently, a new class of metamaterial tunable cells has been proposed, aiming to significantly reduce the difficulty of fabrication and to flexibly switch f... see more