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Volume 19 Number 7 Part July Year 2017

30 articles in this issue 

Xiaoli Li and Chengwei Li

The noise of near-infrared spectra and spectral information redundancy can affect the accuracy of calibration and prediction models in near-infrared analytical technology. To address this problem, the improved Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decompositio... see more


Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi and Kay Schwieger

We present a stylized model of controlled equilibration of a small system in a fluctuating environment. We derive the optimal control equations steering in finite-time the system between two equilibrium states. The corresponding thermodynamic transition i... see more


Elgiz Baskaya, Guven Komurgoz and Ibrahim Ozkol

Dispersion of super-paramagnetic nanoparticles in nonmagnetic carrier fluids, known as ferrofluids, offers the advantages of tunable thermo-physical properties and eliminate the need for moving parts to induce flow. This study investigates ferrofluid flow... see more


John R. Fanchi

Jüttner used the conventional theory of relativistic statistical mechanics to calculate the energy of a relativistic ideal gas in 1911. An alternative derivation of the energy of a relativistic ideal gas was published by Horwitz, Schieve and Piron in 1981... see more


Dariusz Kacprzak

Fuzzy multiple criteria decision-making (FMCDM) methods are techniques of finding the trade-off option out of all feasible alternatives that are characterized by multiple criteria and where data cannot be measured precisely, but can be represented, for in... see more


Cees Diks and Hao Fang

The information-theoretical concept transfer entropy is an ideal measure for detecting conditional independence, or Granger causality in a time series setting. The recent literature indeed witnesses an increased interest in applications of entropy-based t... see more


Xiong Luo, Jing Deng, Weiping Wang, Jenq-Haur Wang and Wenbing Zhao

Recently, inspired by correntropy, kernel risk-sensitive loss (KRSL) has emerged as a novel nonlinear similarity measure defined in kernel space, which achieves a better computing performance. After applying the KRSL to adaptive filtering, the correspondi... see more


Yuyu Yin, Yueshen Xu, Wenting Xu, Min Gao, Lifeng Yu and Yujie Pei

Mobile Service selection is an important but challenging problem in service and mobile computing. Quality of service (QoS) predication is a critical step in service selection in 5G network environments. The traditional methods, such as collaborative filte... see more


Shujun Liu, Ting Yang and Hongqing Liu

This paper aims to find a suitable decision rule for a binary composite hypothesis-testing problem with a partial or coarse prior distribution. To alleviate the negative impact of the information uncertainty, a constraint is considered that the maximum co... see more


Michel Feidt

Finite Time Thermodynamics is generally associated with the Curzon–Ahlborn approach to the Carnot cycle. Recently, previous publications on the subject were discovered, which prove that the history of Finite Time Thermodynamics started more than sixty yea... see more


Wei Zhang and Christof Schütte

Many interesting rare events in molecular systems, like ligand association, protein folding or conformational changes, occur on timescales that often are not accessible by direct numerical simulation. Therefore, rare event approximation approaches like in... see more


Seyyed Mohammadreza Azimi, Osvaldo Simeone and Ravi Tandon

The storage of frequently requested multimedia content at small-cell base stations (BSs) can reduce the load of macro-BSs without relying on high-speed backhaul links. In this work, the optimal operation of a system consisting of a cache-aided small-cell ... see more


Weiqiang Yang, Lixin Xu, Hang Li, Yabo Wu and Jianbo Lu

The coupling between dark energy and dark matter provides a possible approach to mitigate the coincidence problem of the cosmological standard model. In this paper, we assumed the interacting term was related to the Hubble parameter, energy density of dar... see more


Andrey Garnaev and Wade Trappe

Sharing of radio spectrum between different types of wireless systems (e.g., different service providers) is the foundation for making more efficient usage of spectrum. Cognitive radio technologies have spurred the design of spectrum servers that coordina... see more


Jaber Kakar and Aydin Sezgin

Recent advances in the characterization of fundamental limits on interference management in wireless networks and the discovery of new communication schemes on how to handle interference led to a better understanding towards the capacity of such networks.... see more


Artemy Kolchinsky and Brendan D. Tracey

Mixture distributions arise in many parametric and non-parametric settings—for example, in Gaussian mixture models and in non-parametric estimation. It is often necessary to compute the entropy of a mixture, but, in most cases, this quantity has no closed... see more


Clémentine Hauret, Pierre Magain and Judith Biernaux

Time is a parameter playing a central role in our most fundamental modelling of natural laws. Relativity theory shows that the comparison of times measured by different clocks depends on their relative motion and on the strength of the gravitational field... see more


Andrea Puglisi and Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi

Many kinds of active particles, such as bacteria or active colloids, move in a thermostatted fluid by means of self-propulsion. Energy injected by such a non-equilibrium force is eventually dissipated as heat in the thermostat. Since thermal fluctuations ... see more


Marco Dalai

We review the use of binary hypothesis testing for the derivation of the sphere packing bound in channel coding, pointing out a key difference between the classical and the classical-quantum setting. In the first case, two ways of using the binary hypothe... see more


Zifei Lin, Wei Xu, Jiaorui Li, Wantao Jia and Shuang Li

Time delay of economic policy and memory property in a real economy system is omnipresent and inevitable. In this paper, a business cycle model with fractional-order time delay which describes the delay and memory property of economic control is investiga... see more


Mohammed Almakki, Sharadia Dey, Sabyasachi Mondal and Precious Sibanda

The entropy generation in unsteady three-dimensional axisymmetric magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) nanofluid flow over a non-linearly stretching sheet is investigated. The flow is subject to thermal radiation and a chemical reaction. The conservation equations ... see more


Baogui Xin, Li Liu, Guisheng Hou and Yuan Ma

By using a linear feedback control technique, we propose a chaos synchronization scheme for nonlinear fractional discrete dynamical systems. Then, we construct a novel 1-D fractional discrete income change system and a kind of novel 3-D fractional discret... see more