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Volume 10 Number 3 Part September Year 2018

30 articles in this issue 

Rolf G. Oberprieler, Christopher H. C. Lyal, Kimberi R. Pullen, Mario Elgueta, Richard A. B. Leschen and Samuel D. J. Brown

This tribute commemorates the life and work of Guillermo (Willy) Kuschel, who made substantial contributions to the understanding of weevil systematics, evolution and biology. Willy was born in Chile in 1918 and studied philosophy, theology and biology. H... see more


Oscar E. Murillo-García and Maria E. De la vega

Knowing how adaptation shapes morphological evolution is fundamental to understanding the processes that promote biological diversity. However, there is a lack of empirical evidence on the effects of adaptive radiations on phenotypic diversity, which is r... see more


Fabian Etienne Schrauth and Michael Wink

Global loss of biodiversity is occurring at an alarming rate and is a major issue in current times. Long-term studies offer the possibility to analyse changes in biodiversity and allow assessments of anthropogenic interventions in ecosystems. At present, ... see more


Augusto F. Batisteli, Marcel O. Tanaka and Andréa L.T. Souza

Monitoring wildlife responses is essential to assess restoration projects. Birds are widely used as bioindicators of ecosystem restoration, but most studies use only taxonomic descriptors to compare categories of reference and restoring sites. Here, we us... see more


David S. Jacobs and Anna Bastian

The phenotype of organisms is the net result of various evolutionary forces acting upon their lineages over time. When an innovative trait arises that confers a substantial advantage in terms of survival and reproduction, the evolution of adaptive complex... see more


Angelina Lo Giudice and Carmen Rizzo

The ecological function of bacteria-invertebrate interactions in Polar areas remains poorly understood, despite increasing evidence that microbial metabolites may play pivotal roles in host-associated chemical defense and in shaping the symbiotic communit... see more


Ariel-Leib-Leonid Friedman

Forty-one species in 20 genera of hygrophilous weevils belonging to Brentidae and Curculionidae, associated with inland aquatic habitats, have been recorded recently from Israel, eight of them for the first time. Thirty-four species are extant, while five... see more