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Volume 45 Number 1 Year 2018

12 articles in this issue 

Susan Ingram

"Anna La¯cis came to international attention as Asja, Walter Benjamin’s Latvian Bolshevik love interest, and her reputation has tended to rest on that relationship rather than on her influential work mediating between the Weimar German and early Soviet cu... see more


Janis Taurens

"Translating cities is a metaphor whose cognitive value consists of different aspects of translation and understanding included in that process. These aspects must reveal themselves when we are trying to describe the experience of the different languages ... see more


Ieva Kalnina

"Anna La¯cis, Theaterregisseurin, Verbreiterin der Ideen von Brechts Theater und Wegbereiterin der Konzeption für das proletarische Kindertheater, besaß die Gabe, durch ihre Gelehrsamkeit, Ausstrahlung und Anziehungskraft talentierte Ma¨nner- Schriftstell... see more


Liga Ulberte

"Anna (Asja) La¯cis (1891-1979) is often considered the first to have implemented true epic theatre in Latvian drama.... Bernhard Reich (1894-1972) one of the most important personalities of the German theatre of the 1920s.... This article demonstrat... see more


Krista Burane

"In this article, I will quote several letters of Ma¯ra K¸imele to Anna La¯cis ... and attempt to reveal the signs of the era embedded in them, proof of Anna La¯cis’s and Ma¯ra K¸imele’s professional quests, and to relate them to the tradition of politica... see more


Inga Perkone

"The creative work of the Latvian film director, producer, and scriptwriter Laila Pakalnin¸a (born 1962)...can be organically linked with the phenomenon of Anna La¯cis and her wider context.... Anna La¯cis led a life that was unconventional for a woman, a... see more


Inga Untiks

"The legacy of Anna La¯cis has been overdetermined by considerations of her personal life, with her historiography thoroughly enmeshed in the scholarly study of Walter Benjamin.... Extended artistic initiatives such as the Riga Dating Agency sought to mak... see more


Deanna Smid

“What did the music in Act 5, Scene 3 of The Winter’s Tale sound like?” The question is, of course, unanswerable with any certainty. Yet using the early modern theory of musical modes and their affective nature on mood, critics of the play can make educat... see more


Nancy M. Arenberg

"Monique Bosco was a prolific author of numerous novels, short stories, and poems, and was recognized as one of the key Jewish writers in Montreal, a small minority group of immigrant intellectuals who wrote in French.... In many of Bosco’s works, readers... see more


Robert J Butler

A comparative study of Ellison's novel Invisible Man with Everett's erasure. Everett's complex signifying on Ellison's novel reveals both important contrasts and comparisons.


R. Bruce Elder

Review article of Steven S. Lee, The Ethnic Avant-Garde: Minority Cultures and World Revolution (New York: Columbia UP, 2015).


Lingjie Ji, Alexis McQuigge, Melissa Gniadek, David Mastey, Carolyn Fick, Anna Guttman, Anna Marie Miraglia

Reviews of: Lawrence Wang-Chi Wong and Bernhard Fuehrer (eds.), Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries (Hong Kong: Chinese UP, 2015); Natalie M. Phillips, Distraction: Problems of Attention in Eighteenth- Century Literature ... see more