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Volume 8 Number Vol 8, No 2: July 2007 Year 2007

6 articles in this issue 

Tri Jatmiko Wahyu P.,Aprilia Diastini

The study is an empirical study that intends to examine the difference accounting performance measures between prospector and defender strategies. The study also has objective to examine market reaction for both organizational strategies. Variables that i... see more

Pags. 92 - 104  

David Sukardi Kodrat

The recent economic matters of Indonesia is sign of inflation. Inflation is a rise in the general level prices over time of a specific set of goods and services. In Indonesia, inflation rate is reported  based on  Consumer Price Index until 2007... see more

Pags. 105 - 127  

Anton Ryadi

This research aim to examine the relationship of society knowledge about APBD, participate effectiveness in compilation of budgetary and satisfaction of performance budgetary implementation. This research is motivated by performance budgeting system regul... see more

Pags. 128 - 136  

David Efendi

The different between the previous result of research about the influence of accounting information and task uncertainty of manager behavior provide an impulse to do the research with some modification. The research was done to cooperative because coopera... see more

Pags. 137 - 146  

Erni Suryandari

The role of external auditor opinion is vital in ensuring the proper production of financial report. However, cases of dysfunctional audit behavior has adversely affect the credibility of external auditors opinion. Among the contributing factors to such&n... see more

Pags. 147 - 166  

Muhammad Akbar,Lela Hindasah

This  research examines the effect of  financial decision (debt policy, dividend policy and investment)  and  ownership structure (insider ownership and institutional ownership) to  firm value. This study  used  96 firm-... see more

Pags. 167 - 180