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Volume 14 Number Vol 14, No 1: January-June 2013 Year 2013

5 articles in this issue 

Citra Rizki Amalia,Suryo Pratolo

The purpose of this research to proves whether there is the use of grant spending, social assistance spending and financial assistance spending by incumbent in Local General Election. This research is also to test effectiveness enhancement of grant spendi... see more

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Muhammad Akhyar Adnan,Didi Purwoko

Ths study is trying to identify the factors behind the low volume of mudharabah contracts agreed or signed by the Isamic banks generally as compared to Murabaha. Three BPRS (Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah – Rural Syariah Banks) in Yogyakarta have been cho... see more

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Nurul Qomariah

This study aims to identify and describe the management of the University of Muhammadiyah Jember performance as measured using the Balanced Scorecard approach from the perspective of customers, growth and learning. The population in this study consisted o... see more

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Daniel Pandapotan

One of company activies that relate directly to the environment is a mining activity. Tax can be instrument to control the environment, and also financing instrument to recover environment damage by mining activity. Therefore, Mining Companies are encoura... see more

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Ahmad Ubaidillah,Sri Mulyani,Dwi Erlin Effendi

This research’s goal is to understand the meaning of profit which is seen from cadger’s side. Cadger profession become focus because their relation directly  between cadger, money, and society. Cadger profession, society and "money" is an endless cir... see more

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