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Volume 2 Number Vol 2, No 1: January 2001 Year 2001

6 articles in this issue 

Lili Arnita

Writing is the idea originated from the limitations of conventional financial statements which have the nature of historical cost and simply describe the financial events of the past. With the development needs of users of financial information to predict... see more

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Sri Ningsih

Human resources or called employee as a company asset to be one determinant of the success of the company (organization). Issue growing is that labor (human resources) is not only the company's assets but also as owners and investors on its human capital ... see more

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Sri Murni

The purpose of this paper is to conduct a review of the recognition, measurement and reporting of social accounting, especially regarding externalities which includes social benefits and social cost. This article will discuss the introduction, objectives ... see more

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Barbara Gunawan

The requirement for the company to compete and exist in the global market is to produce quality products in accordance with established standards. If the product is not qualified to consumers it would appear that the claim is a sign of the emergence of qu... see more

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Antariksa Budileksmana

The role of taxation in financing the development of the country, as reflected in the State Budget (APBN) - today are becoming increasingly important. Under the self-assessment system, taxpayers are given full credence to calculate, pay and report tax obl... see more

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Endang Sri Wening

Wood stands and animals are still alive is the company's assets that are sometimes not rated by the company, as well as the value added created because of growth, are also not recognized by the company. Whereas information concerning the value of biologic... see more

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