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Volume 14 Number Vol 14, No 2: July 2013 Year 2013

7 articles in this issue 

Diska Arliena Hafni,Gina Harventy

This paper examines the concept of Good Coorporate Governance that can be applied in the Amal Usaha Muhammadiyah (AUM). As one of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, Muhammadiyah has thousand of Amal Usaha. Amal Usaha efforts serves a packaged for Pe... see more

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Farah Margaretha,Krishna Aditya

The purpose of this study is to acknowledge the relationship between conventional bank’s liquidity risk towards profitability, which companies are listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange between 2008-2011. The independent variables in this study are deposits,... see more

Pags. 96 - 105  

Ietje Nazaruddin

This study aims to investigate factors that influence earnings management behavior, namely: individual ethical ideology, professional commitment on earnings management policies and personal benefits. The samples used are 261 graduate students in Indonesia... see more

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Vivi Dwi Aryanti,Masiyah Kholmi,Endang Dwi Wahyuni

The aims of this study is to describe the accountability and transparency of PNPM Mandiri fund management in self supporting public agency (BKM) BETUL Malang by using indicators of accountability and transparency that have been determined by Indonesian go... see more

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Mega Indah Puspita Sari,Siti Zubaidah,Setu Setyawan

The purpose of this study is to analyze the arrangement of existing financial report in Bagus Agriseta Mandiri and to conduct the implementation of financial report arrangement that is suitable with SAK ETAP in UKM Bagus Agriseta Mandiri. In this study, t... see more

Pags. 129 - 142  

Andan Yunianto

The purpose of this study is to find out empirical evidence that the management turnover positively affects the earnings management and composition of independent board of director, managerial ownership, institutional ownership, and the quality of auditin... see more

Pags. 143 - 157  

Ratna Prasetyoningrum Evanauli,Ietje Nazaruddin

This study is aimed at finding out the relationship between personal characteristics and dysfunctional audit behavior. The inconsistency results of previous studies about factors that lead to dysfunctional audit behavior make it necessary to do another re... see more

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