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Volume 11 Number Vol 11, No 2: July 2010 Year 2010

6 articles in this issue 

R. Weddie Andriyanto,Mega Metalia

Performance measurement has been important thing for a company which can drive firm performance. In progress, performance measurement now has achieved an ideal model that is not only measure the financial aspect as an individual but also the customer aspe... see more

Pags. 97 - 114  

Wahyu Manuhara Putra

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of the event or events (insident) litigation against the policy determination of the profits. The sample was perushaaan listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) from 1993-2006. The results of this stud... see more

Pags. 115 - 136  

Maria Rio Rita,Rendhy Bramantha Wisudana

Some stock markets have employed a number of circuit breakers to avoid non-rational overreaction and price limit is one of them. While price limit is widely accepted benchmarks for the prevention of market crash, the question of weather price limit reduce... see more

Pags. 137 - 147  

Siti Hardanti,Barbara Gunawan

This research was carried out to test the influence of the size, liquidity, profitability, risks and sales growth towards the simultaneously and partially capital structure. The object of this research was all manufacture industries listed in Indonesian S... see more

Pags. 148 - 165  

Viky Hari Chandra Siregar,Lela Hindasah

This research conducted to know (1) what 1 day before and after National holiday have an effect on to return share compared to other commerce day. (2) What national holiday which carried over by a weekend have an effect on to return share compared to holi... see more

Pags. 166 - 178  

Putria Yusintha,Erni Suryandari

The purpose of this research is to find out the determinants of capital structure on manufacturing companies in Indonesia. The initial samples used in this research are 48 firm listed in Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) during the period 2004-2008. There are 5 ... see more

Pags. 179 - 188