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Volume 3 Number 2 Year 2011

4 articles in this issue 

Marie Strand Skånland

A crucial aspect of maintaining good mental health is to cope successfully with everyday stressors. This article explores the MP3 player as a technology of coping related to the stress of everyday life, in particular two common stressors in the urban envi... see more

Pags. 15 - 33  

Kate Bingley

If we knew more about “music” as a human capability and its potential as an intellectual and affective force in human communication, society, and culture, we could use it more generally to enhance general education and to build peaceful, egalitarian, and ... see more

Pags. 59 - 78  

Giorgos Tsiris, Marion Tasker, Virginia Lawson, Gerry Prince, Tamsin Dives, Mick Sands, Andrew Ridley

The reality of death and dying is rarely discussed openly in modern Western societies, while death sometimes is even considered to be a ‘failure’ in the context of traditional, medically-focused healthcare systems. Similarly, loss and transition are part ... see more

Pags. 95 - 119