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Volume 3 Number 3 Year 2011

5 articles in this issue 

Nina Glick Schiller, Ulrike Hanna Meinhof

The question posed by this article is how all of us - scholars, musicians, citizens of the world can step out of the migrant/native divide and still leave room to study and theorize creative processes that bring together the intertwining of cultural influ... see more

Pags. 21 - 39  

Jenny Fuhr

This paper argues for the importance of integrating musical practices into ethnomusicological research. Despite an ongoing debate about the need for a more performative approach (e.g., Baily, 2008), there are still only very few ethnomusicologists who inc... see more

Pags. 56 - 76  

Alain Mueller

This article examines, through several ethnographic examples taken from my empirical multi-sited fieldwork, the logics and the mechanisms of the global circulation of a specific music-based "youth subculture": hardcore punk. More broadly, it proposes a sh... see more

Pags. 136 - 147