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Volume 7 Number 1 Year 2019

4 articles in this issue 

Fiona Magowan, Hastings Donnan

The analysis of resistance and resilience in the articles in this special volume of Music and Arts in Action illustrates the complexity of the terms, their definitional ambiguities and situated tensions when they are used in conflict contexts. Rigorous de... see more

Pags. 1 - 10  

Katerina Hatzikidi

This article explores the evocative power of sonic and performative aspects of a set of actions taken by Catholic quilombolas (inhabitants of quilombos) in north-west Maranhão, Brazil, in the context of the religious celebration of their community’s patro... see more

Pags. 28 - 45  

Amin Hashemi

This article examines sonic performances that refer to traumatic events in post-revolutionary Iran. It is based on archival and historical research, as well as on interviews with experts and field observations. It compares the sounds of the 1980s with tho... see more

Pags. 64 - 79  

Fiona Magowan

This paper considers how complex emotional dynamics emerge in spaces of music-making between music facilitators, music producers and asylum seekers as they variously navigate experiences of dislocation and re-emplacement. I analyse these musical journeys ... see more

Pags. 98 - 112