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Volume 6 Number 2 Year 2018

4 articles in this issue 

Shoshana Gottesman

Dialogue used within music in peacebuilding includes social, musical, and educational processes of rehumanisation, while also disrupting oppressive knowledge that has been learned and preserved through structural violence, cultural violence (Galtung, 1990... see more

Pags. 16 - 28  

Gillian Howell

Harmony’s semantic links across music and the social domain mean that when evoked in the context of music in peacebuilding, harmony provides both a description of musical action, and an aspirational projection of the desired social outcome. However, in bo... see more

Pags. 45 - 58  

Ian Middleton

The task of increasing trust is central to restorative peacebuilding. Between confidence and faith, trust bridges actions, beliefs and feelings of the past, present and future. Musical interaction can help build trust between participants. This is one of ... see more

Pags. 73 - 90