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Volume 5 Number 1 Year 2016

4 articles in this issue 

Jesse Stewart

Guest Editorial for MAiA Vol 5(1): Flirting with Uncertainty: Improvisation in Performance

Pags. 1 - 4  

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen

This article presents some keywords and concepts concerning free improvised music and its recent developments drawing from ongoing bibliographical research. A radical pluralism stems from musicians' backgrounds and the mixtures and fusions of styles and i... see more

Pags. 11 - 18  

Jesse Stewart

Academic interest in musical improvisation has increased signifcantly in recent years. This is evidenced not only by the increasing number of publications focused on improvisation, but also by the growing number of improvisers to have received academic ap... see more

Pags. 38 - 44  

Simon Procter

In the United Kingdom (UK), improvisation seems to be regarded as central to, and even defnitional of, the practice of music therapy. This article considers reasons why improvisation might be professionally prized in this way but also turns to Tia DeNora'... see more

Pags. 52 - 69