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Number Aestimum73 Year 2018

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Veronica Alampi Sottini,Elena Barbierato,Iacopo Bernetti,Irene Capecchi,Maria Cipollaro,Sandro Sacchelli,Claudio Saragosa

The paper focuses on the evaluation of the visual quality of the cityscape of Livorno, in Italy. Using an algorithm based on Flickr’s Application Programming Interface, the coordinates of 7,453 shooting points of a shared photo were downloaded. A direct s... see more

Pags. 147 - 171  

Elena Fregonara,Sara Pattono

Aim of the paper is to present the results of a research experience focused on the setting of a sustainability indicator in presence of risk/uncertainty over time. Firstly, a literature review of the most widespread methodologies for the evaluation of pro... see more

Pags. 173 - 205  

Sandro Sacchelli,Sara Fabbrizzi,Maria Cipollaro

The work analyses adaptation strategies to cope with extreme events and climate change in viticultural sector. Tools for complex systems analysis are integrated with probabilistic methods and operational research to account for uncertainty and the subject... see more

Pags. 207 - 218  

Ruggiero Sardaro,Francesco Bozzo,Vincenzo Fucilli

High-voltage overhead transmission lines on farmland imply a permanent easement. System operators should compensate for expropriation of land and depreciation of the remaining farm area, but recognize only the former. Therefore, landowners often appeal to... see more

Pags. 219 - 237  

Nicola Lucifero

In this section is reported, edited by Nicola Lucifero the current Judicial Review.

Pags. 239 - 256