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Volume ume38 Number 1, Year 2022

25 articles in this issue 

Data Wardana,Nurman Nurman,Muhd Ar. Imam Riauan

This article discusses the home industry of blacksmith craftsmen which is a form of community business that can be empowered by the government. The aim is to find out and explain the role of the Kampar Regency Government in empowering blacksmith craftsmen... see more

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Nufian S Febriani,Fitria Avicenna,Sinta Swastikawara

One form of the environmentally friendly power plant is Micro Hydro Power (MHP). An area in East Java that uses MHP as a power source is Seloliman Village in Mojokerto. Although this village has the resources to produce electricity independently, not all ... see more

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Atie Rachmiatie,Firmansyah Firmansyah,Raditya Pratama,Ferra Martian

The evaluation of research and community service management in university is carried out institutionally. Indicators in national higher education standards need to be reviewed annually. The object of this research is the LPPM of the Universitas Islam Band... see more

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Chenny Seftarita,Ferayanti ferayanti,Suriani Suriani

The majority of recent research has looked at the effect of the crisis on capital flows. Using Indonesia as a case study, this study examines the efficacy of monetary policy and the impact of global economic shocks on the Net Financial Account, a componen... see more

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Weishaguna Weishaguna,Hilwati Hindersah,Verry Damayanti,Fachmy Sugih Pradifta

The sense of community is felt to be essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The social bonds have become a mechanism for community resilience from the pandemic impact. The residents of Pasanggrahan, Ujungberung have formed this bond with various socio-cu... see more

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Sutikno Sutikno,Wariyati Wariyati,Ramadi Ali

The ritual of rejecting reinforcements is a culture of the Serdang Bedagai Malay Community. Now the ritual of rejecting reinforcements has a new function, from a traditional function, to a commercialization activity. The method used in this research is de... see more

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Maria Matahari,Retno Kusumastuti

To encourage insurance purchases in Indonesia that has declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance companies start to popularize low cost microinsurance products. This study aims to analyze insurance literacy in microinsurance ownership among 106 Ins... see more

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Matheus Mika Gideon Rumbiak,Akhmad Fauzi,Dedi Budiman Hakim,Lala Kolopaking

The Republic of Indonesia (RI) - Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the national borders on the island of Papua and is located very strategically from a cultural, social, economic and political perspective. This region is an underdeveloped area with various... see more

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Edy Akhyary

As a positive response to the dynamics of economic recovery efforts in Indonesia which until now is still facing a crisis related to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, sea transportation policies also face very significant implementation problems. Indonesia... see more

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Rusman Frendika,Sri Suwarsi,Susilo Setiawan

Considering the social psychological, social cognitive, and economic factors, this paper aims to examine how gender equality can be bridged in the workplace through the empowerment of women workers’ ability to craft and narrate personal branding and self-... see more

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Lak Lak Nazhat El Hasanah,Jihad Lukis Panjawa,Prastowo Prastowo,Jalu Aji Prakoso

The aim of this paper is to highlights the importance of humand development towards poverty alleviation with compares the different region status. This research uses econometric methodology with dummy variable regression analysis tools. The results showed... see more

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Amin Farih,Endang Supriadi,Muhammad Nurkhanif

Technological developments in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 that affect religious practices do not automatically shift the entire religious values and principles of society. Religious disruption as an impact of that condition is actually re... see more

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Isnaeni Rokhayati,Ady Achadi,Sodik Dwi Purnomo

This study aims to examine the effect of profitability, dividend policy, firm size, and capital structure variables on enterprise value in Indonesia Stock Exchange- or IDX-listed companies for 2011-2015 period. The population in this study were 37 IDX-lis... see more

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Neni Sri Imaniyati,Ratna Januarita,Muhammad Faiz Mufidi,Panji Adam Agus Putra,Yoghi Arief Susanto

The Supreme Court as the highest judicial body has issued special regulations related to sharia economic disputes settlement. This study aimed at, first, analyzing the implementation of sharia economic disputes based on small claim court in terms of shari... see more

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Muhammad Ramaditya,Mohamad Syamsul Maarif,Joko Affandi,Anggraini Sukmawati

Private higher education has been struggling to survive in the era of change by employing various strategies. The present study takes an archival research approach to analyze how private universities respond, adapt, and adjust their strategies to survive ... see more

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Ismet Sulila

The research aims to discover: 1) the impact of bureaucratic transformational leadership on the performance of State Civil Apparatus, 2) the impact of organizational culture in public sector on the performance of State Civil Apparatus, and 3) the impact o... see more

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Nugraha Nugraha,Mochammad Rifky Pamungkas,Djamaludin Djamaludin

This study aims to examine the influence of variables of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Marketing Performance, and ICT Capabilities on Competitive Advantage and how to increase competitiveness at the Cibaduyut Shoe Industry Center. The research methods used... see more

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Ulul Hidayah,Suci Rahmawati Prima

Trenggalek Regency, as the area with the most developed BUMDes in East Java, should be Trenggalek Regency, as the area with the most developed BUMDes in East Java, should be used as a role model for BUMDes development by other regions. An in-depth study i... see more

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Heri Sudarsono,Retty Ikawati,Rindang Nuri Isnaini Nugrohowati

The government issued an emergency public activity restrictions policy to reduce Covid 19 cases. This policy causes people to tend to hoard food to anticipate food shortages. In addition, this policy creates empathy among the community to help others beca... see more

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Chepi Ali Firman,Dey Ravena,Dwidja Priyatno,Emaliawati Emaliawati,Aji Mulyana

Biological needs are primary needs for everyone. Likewise, he is an ordinary human being who has the right to biological needs, which requires more attention from the government in terms of regulations or policies that regulate the needs of a biologist.Th... see more

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Muhammad Rizqi Zati,Dhian Rosalina,Suri Amilia

Higher education is part of the national education system and has the responsibility to educate the nation's generation and to create a prosperous, independent, and highly competitive society. The respondents of this research are the stakeholders who use ... see more

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Werenfridus Taena,Marce Sherly Kase,Felisisima Afoan

This study aims to (1) analyze the externality of Cross Border Tourism on sustainable development in Wini Indonesia, (2) analyze priorities recommendations for sustainable cross border tourism development in Wini Indonesia. The study used survey methods a... see more

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Muhardi Muhardi

The problems and success of rural development are related to the management aspect, which means it’s also related to its leadership system. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyze the role of strategic leadership in the success of rural development... see more

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Sri Fadilah,Nurleli Nurleli,Yuni Rosdiana,Mey Maemunah,Kania Nurcholisah

The COVID-19 outbreak has attacked almost all countries and has an impact on the MSME sector, especially MSMEs mustahiq assisted by zakat institutions. One of the effects of the pandemic for zakat institutions is the change in the zakat intermediation pro... see more

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Ambar Istiyani,Dwi Wijayanto

A circular economy prioritizing resource efficiency has now begun to be applied in various sectors, including water management. With a qualitative approach, this study analyzes the role of social capitals in the circular economy of water management by tak... see more

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