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Volume 5 Number 3 Year 2019

29 articles in this issue 

Pawel Dziekanski,Andrzej Pawlik

Territorial self-government is an independent entity that has a certain scope of freedom in deciding on the path of development of the subordinate area, common property, and implementation of public tasks. The aim of the study is to assess the intra-regio... see more

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Ihor Vinichenko,Tetiana Shutko

The purpose of the paper is concerned with the relevant problem of regional development – the development of methodological instruments for assessing the investment attractiveness of agricultural enterprises. The article discusses the concept of “investme... see more

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Bohdan Holovkin,Kostyantyn Marysyuk

The aim of the article is the analysis of countering organized crime in the financial system in Ukraine and abroad, as well as the development of concrete proposals to optimize the legislative provision of such activities by special international law enfo... see more

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Olga Gornyak,Lidiya Voloshchuk,Ganna Prokofieva

The reform of economics’ decentralization caused the need to interpret differently the role and importance of regions in the structure of the economic system. The regional economy, along with the national economy, becomes an equal participant in economic ... see more

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Kostyantin Gusarov,Anastasiia Diadiuk

The purpose of the article is to study the economic and legal nature of the franchise agreement in the United Kingdom (UK). Since franchising in this country is well-established as a successful and highly-regarded growth model, it is advisable to identify... see more

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Svitlana Gutkevych

The article shows that the investment attractiveness of the branches of the economy depends on the sources of their investment. The purpose. The purpose of the article is to determine the features and trends of investment attractiveness of industries. Res... see more

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Dmytro Bielov,Myroslava Hromovchuk

The scientific publication is devoted to highlighting the peculiarities of the legal nature of the constitution. The authors consider the structure and content of the constitution of the state in the context of its functions. The specificity of the conten... see more

Pags. 59 - 66  

Oksana Yoltukhovska,Yulia Grudtsyna,Oleksandr Chumak

The aim of the article is to analyse the current state of the economy, to review positive and negative trends for further economic growth, and to determine an effective strategy for the development of the economy on this basis. The subject of the study is... see more

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Anastasiya Ilyina

The purpose of this paper is to determine the ways of improving the work of technology parks in Ukraine. Methodology. In the paper, there were used the following methods: the dialectical method (consideration of the theoretical foundations of the construc... see more

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Andrii Kovban,Inna Kohut

Business cannot act in isolation from society since it itself is a part of society. The fact that corporate social responsibility (hereinafter – CSR) has become a global business concept that defines key ideas and a modern format for entrepreneurship is n... see more

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Tamara Latkovska,Lyubov Bila-Tiunova

The presented work is an attempt to compare the quality of governance in non-EU states in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe with which the EU Association Agreements have been concluded, and Ukraine, including aspects of the impact of the DCFTA (Deep ... see more

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Yuliia Leheza,Olena Surilova

The purpose of the study is to determine the most optimal ways to solve the problems of financing the implementation of environmental protection measures formulated based on the positive experience of foreign countries in the field of ensuring the rationa... see more

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Pavlo Liutikov,Mykhailo Vikhliaiev

The article highlights the need to adopt an integrated program act, which would determine not only scientific and theoretical fundamentals of the institute of legal entities as actors of administrative law but also would stipulate, based on elaborated and... see more

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Yurii Maslov

The attention of the supranational level to transboundary regions increased with the development of regional policy. The reform of the European structural funds, the concepts of equalization and identification of the endogenous potential of regions led to... see more

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Tetiana Melnik,Liudmyla Kudyrko,Liliia Samsonova

The purpose of the paper is to summarize theoretical studies in the field of contractual relations implementation in the modern strategies of TNCs economic competition on international product and resource markets, as well as to assess the impact of certa... see more

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Yurii Melnyk,Vyacheslav Truba

The industrial sector is the most important segment of the macroeconomic environment of the country, the performance of which depends on its functioning and development in the global economic environment. The development of industry in the national macroe... see more

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Oksana Novak,Tetiana Osadcha,Oleksandr Petruk

The urgency of the research topic is caused by the rapid growth of capital markets and the emergence of all new financial instruments, the complexity of their structure and the transition beyond the regulatory influence of supervisory authorities. Discuss... see more

Pags. 135 - 144  

Olga Novikova,Yaroslav Ostafiichuk,Olena Khandii

The purpose of the paper is to identify contradictions in the social and economic field in the process of achieving social justice and economic efficiency. Methodology. Methods of induction and deduction are used to determine the causal relationships; a s... see more

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Maksym Odnorog,Nataliia Kraus,Liudmyla Savchuk

The agrarian market of Ukraine and its basic component, agriculture, is the backbone of the national economy, forms the basis of preserving the sovereignty of the state food and, within a certain range, economic, environmental, and energy security, ensure... see more

Pags. 152 - 158  

Olena Podolianchuk,Tetiana Plakhtii,Nataliya Gudzenko

The purpose of the article is to reveal the essence of the attracted capital, to clarify the legal, economic, and legal content of the liabilities, to justify the relationship between the categories of “liabilities”, “arrears”, “calculations” and “liabili... see more

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Yuliia Popivniak

The development of information technology combined with globalization, standardization, and proliferation of services based on the use of the Internet, and personal economic sanctions against some Russian software vendors in Ukraine made the search for ne... see more

Pags. 170 - 177  

Svitlana Rogach,Larysa Vdovenko,Oleh Polishchuk

The purpose of this article is to study the experience of financial support of agriculture in the European Union in order to adapt it to the agricultural conditions of Ukraine. A decisive feature of European financial support to agriculture is the attitud... see more

Pags. 178 - 183  

Svitlana Rostetska,Svetlana Naumkina

The scientific interest of the development of the theory and practice of cooperation of Central European countries of the Visegrád Group in the context of modern European integration processes is important for developing and implementing the strategy of f... see more

Pags. 184 - 192  

Oksana Safonchyk,Artem Ripenko

Political corruption as a social phenomenon exists in virtually all countries of the world, including those that most researchers consider as “benchmarks” in terms of the development of democracy. At the same time, there is a steady tendency towards the g... see more

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Miroslava Sirant,Olena Paruta,Iryna Andrusyak

The purpose of the article is to characterize the legal regulation of relations in the field of public ownership, which is an important economic resource for the fulfilment of tasks and functions assigned to the state. Approaches to understanding public o... see more

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Olexandra Farat,Marta Lyvdar

The process of cluster paradigm development in Ukraine is characterized by the absence of a clear legal and regulatory framework that would enable the clusters to be identified in the overall set of business entities. It complicates the coordination of th... see more

Pags. 207 - 212  

Igor Chugunov,Valentina Makohon

The purpose of the article is to justify the role of the fiscal strategy in ensuring macroeconomic stability and accelerating the pace of economic growth, disclose and substantiate its key objectives in the developed and transformational economies. The co... see more

Pags. 213 - 217  

Serhiy Shkarlet,Iryna Dolozina,Maksym Dubyna

Ensuring the financial autonomy of local government bodies is an important component for creating conditions on accelerating the development of individual territories of the country and increasing the efficiency of their use. Creation of mechanisms for pr... see more

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