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Volume 36 Number 1 Year 2021

5 articles in this issue 

Megen Chivianti,Sukmawati Sukamulja

Introduction/Main Objectives: The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of the Google Search Volume Index (GSVI), as the moderating variable, on underpriced IPOs, as the independent variable, on the divergence of opinions, as the dependent variab... see more

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Sariyatul Ilyana,Mahfud Sholihin

Introduction/Main Objectives: This study investigates whether the type of incentives offered and leadership styles interact to affect creative performance. Background Problems: Creativity is highly needed by companies to survive in a volatile business env... see more

Pags. 14 - 30  

Tundung Subali Patma,Nilawati Fienaningsih,Karisma Sri Rahayu,I Gusti Lanang Suta Artatanaya

Introduction/Main Objectives: The existence of technological advances in online transportation provides benefits to the community, and especially for the culinary industry; consumers no longer have to go to restaurants to buy food; it can be ordered throu... see more

Pags. 51 - 61  

Vanesa Hana Budiarani,Rahmat Maulidan,Diki Putra Setianto,Ipuk Widayanti

Introduction/Main Objectives: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of digital wallets service qualities using Kano Model. Understanding customer needs and satisfaction is crucial in developing products. Background Problems: In the “new normal” er... see more

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