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Volume 14 Number 4 Year 2019

11 articles in this issue 

Gubba Balakrishna,Nageswara Rao Moparthi

The continuous growth in wireless communication, the demand for sophisticated, simple and low-cost solutions are also increasing. The demand motivated the researchers to indulge into inventing suitable network solutions ranging from wireless sensor networ... see more

Pags. 459 - 474  

Benchun Cao,Yanchun Liang,Shinichi Yoshida,Renchu Guan

The analysis of facial expressions is a hot topic in brain-computer interface research. To determine the facial expressions of the subjects under the corresponding stimulation, we analyze the fMRI images acquired by the Magnetic Resonance. There are six k... see more

Pags. 475 - 488  

Dan Chang,Hao Yu Gui,Rui Fan,Ze Zhou Fan,Ji Tian

Problems such as low recommendation precision and efficiency often exist in traditional collaborative filtering because of the huge basic data volume. In order to solve these problems, we proposed a new algorithm which combines collaborative filtering and... see more

Pags. 489 - 502  

Wei Hu,Huanhao Li,Wenhui Yao,Yawei Hu

This paper attempts to solve the problems of uneven energy consumption and premature death of nodes in the traditional routing algorithm of rechargeable wireless sensor network in the ubiquitous power Internet of things. Under the application environment ... see more

Pags. 503 - 517  

Waleed Nazih,Yasser Hifny,Wail Elkilani,Tamer Abdelkader,Hossam Faheem

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is one of the most common protocols that are used for signaling function in Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. The SIP protocol is very popular because of its flexibility, simplicity, and easy implementation, so it is a t... see more

Pags. 518 - 529  

Doan Perdana,Aji Nur Sanyoto,Yoseph Gustommy Bisono

In this research, we compared the Round Robin (RR) and the Proportional Fair (PF) algorithms for different user equipment density scenarios using voice and video traffic, to evaluate the key impact on performance of 5G mmwave network. This research simula... see more

Pags. 530 - 539  

Dewen Seng,Jiaxin Liu,Xuefeng Zhang,Jing Chen,Xujian Fang

To improve recommendation quality, the existing trust-based recommendation methods often directly use the binary trust relationship of social networks, and rarely consider the difference and potential influence of trust strength among users. To make up fo... see more

Pags. 540 - 556  

Yunlei Sun,Huiquan Gong,Yucong Li,Dalin Zhang

Hyperparameter selection has always been the key to machine learning. The Bayesian optimization algorithm has recently achieved great success, but it has certain constraints and limitations in selecting hyperparameters. In response to these constraints an... see more

Pags. 557 - 573  

Linyan Xue,Xiaoke Zhang,Fei Xie,Shuang Liu,Peng Lin

In the application of bioinformatics, the existing algorithms cannot be directly and efficiently implement sequence pattern mining. Two fast and efficient biological sequence pattern mining algorithms for biological single sequence and multiple sequences ... see more

Pags. 574 - 589  

Xuefeng Zhang,Xiuli Chen,Dewen Seng,Xujian Fang

Many trust-aware recommendation systems have emerged to overcome the problem of data sparsity, which bottlenecks the performance of traditional Collaborative Filtering (CF) recommendation algorithms. However, these systems most rely on the binary social n... see more

Pags. 590 - 607