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Volume 19 Number 1 Year 2094

9 articles in this issue 

Sri Rahmi, Hasmin Tamsah, Gunawan Bata Ilyas

This study aims to analyze the role of the ServQual dimensions (tangible, assurance, responsiveness, empathy, and reliability) in measuring the influence of ServQual on purchasing decisions for subsidized housing in the Gowa Regency. With a quantitative a... see more

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Anindya Enggar Novita, Muhammad Heru Akhmadi

State cash management are government's efforts to maintain state financial liquidity. This study explains about working units and general treasurer of the state (Kuasa BUN) perceptions on Daily Disbursement Plan (daily RPD) conveyment. Daily Disbursement ... see more

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Munawir Nasir, Muhammad Haerdiansyah Syahnur

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of the marketing mix and trust on tourism industry decision-making during the adaptation period of the Covid 19  in Makassar City. Explanatory Research is a type of social research in whi... see more

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Pemy Christiaan

This study aims to determine the effect of firm size and leverage on profitability and firm value, and examine the mediating effect of firm size and leverage on firm value through profitability. This research was conducted in the Consumer Goods Industry s... see more

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Rusdi Abdulkarim

This study aims to determine the analysis of Du Pont and Economic Value Added to assess the financial performance of the Cigarette Sub-Sector Companies that Go Public on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. To analyze the Du Pont System using the ratio of profit... see more

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Mashur Razak, Ahmad Firman, Mulyawan Amin

This research is a quantitative research that uses a survey method with a questionnaire data collection tool. This study aims to determine the effect of competence and work culture on employee productivity through service quality at the Department of Publ... see more

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Milka Pasulu, Hasliah Hasliah, Pragemini Pragemini

 The study aimed to determine  the effect of the implementation og the Budgeting and Reporting Planning Management Information System on of the quality of the Financial report  of the Jeneponto Regency Goverment. Methode research that is us... see more

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chairul ihsan burhanuddin, Muhammad Nur Abdi, Burhanuddin Burhanuddin

Indonesia's economic progress is in step with the country's financial system's digitalization. The issue with the digitization process is that a financial system model that is compatible with the economy's needs and constraints is required. System tools, ... see more

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Widi Savitri Andriasari, Arief Prabowo

This research was conducted to obtain an overview of the success of the Pemerintah Kabupaten Magelang in the application of accrual-based accounting. This study uses a qualitative approach method with a case study at the Dinas Pendapatan Pengelolaan Keuan... see more

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