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Volume 10 Number 1 Year 2036

15 articles in this issue 

Andi Widiawati

This research aims to determine (1) how much contribution of service park on the street to the income of local own in Makassar, (2) how much potential of service park on the street revenues. This research aims made with quantitative of descriptive method,... see more


Akhmad Akhmad

This study uses the variable motivation, ability, discipline, leadership and communication as variables that influence employee performance. Results of multiple regression statistic value to test the hypothesis statistical values ??obtained results 0,042 ... see more


Basri Laita

One that must be considered in the company's operations is the financial management function by using analysis of sources and uses of funds so that the company can run smoothly in achieving the maximum possible profit. In the report the importance of the ... see more


Ibrahim Ibrahim

This study aimed to determine whether the accounting is in conformity with the Islamic mudaraba Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in the PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia Makassar Branch. The analysis method used is descriptive comparative analysis method, ... see more


Abdul Khalik

This study aims To Visit Makassar Reviewing Program Year 2011 to the level of Domestic Tourist Arrivals and Manca-State in Makassar and To know the Program Year 2011 to Visit Makassar Room Occupancy Hotels in Makassar. The results showed that the applicat... see more


Mardiana Ibrahim

Today, insurance has evolved into a line of business or business interest and has no role in the economic life and in development, especially in the field of finance. PT. Askrindo an insurance or general insurance where the insurance is a banking partner ... see more


Mirfan Mirfan

Credit worthiness evaluation is an important element in the provision of credit to borrowers. Lending activities required a good and thorough analysis of all aspects of credit that supports the credit granting process, in order to prevent the occurrence o... see more


Misbahuddin Misbahuddin

The proliferation of mini-market in Makassar received varied responses, ranging from the mini market continued to support growth, until the termination / delay permits the establishment of a new mini mini Alfamart particular. Besides the proliferation of ... see more


Muslimah Muslimah

The purpose of this study was to find out how your legal protection that is given to the child victims of domestic violence, as well as what factors led to acts of violence against children in the household. The implementation of the legal protection of c... see more


Muh. Nasir

The research was conducted in the jurisdiction of the District Court in the District Pohuwato Marisa precisely in the District Court in the District Pohuwato Marisa. The method used in this paper with a qualitative method of data collection techniques wer... see more


Renny Mointi

This study aimed to analyze the differences in performance of Bank Muamalat and Bank Bukopin before and after the 2008 global crisis. The analysis method used is the method of analysis Parief Samples T test (t test) with data processing using the Statisti... see more


Salmiaty Taty

This study aims to determine: (a) The pattern of institutional and business administration / marketing edamame soybean commodity in order to increase non-oil exports, and (b) structure of edamame soybean commodity markets due to reduced exchange rate.Base... see more


Sulaiman Sulaiman

The effect of service quality on patient satisfaction in the District General Hospital Pohuwato. The results of the analysis of data obtained by the equation Y = -0.494 + 1.242 X. From this simple regression equation, it was explained that the value of a ... see more


Syamsul Alam

Counseling Information System in question is data management student at the LB which includes data of student, track record, note problems, home visits, the results of sociometry, attendance, assessment and counseling outcomes. Results showed that making ... see more


M. Wahyuddin Abdullah

This writing intent describe manager behaviour does earnings management for sustainability of firm and words manager daring do profit management is turned back sustainability of firm.  Earnings management was regarded by conflict of interest among ma... see more