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Volume 2 Number Decision Making: Applications in Management and En Year 1927

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Krishnendu Adhikary, Jagannath Roy, Samarjit Kar

Estimation of accurate product demand in a single period inventory model (SPIM) is an essential prerequisite for successfully managing the supply chain in large and medium merchandise. Managers/ decision makers (DMs) often find it difficult to forecast th... see more

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Malek Hassanpour

Iranian Wood and Cellulose Industries (IWCI) are distinguished via a minimum quantity of wood consumptions with high wastages rates along with favourite products generation. IWCI exposed to lots of obstacles in the way of maturation and expansion especial... see more

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Mirko Stojcic, Aleksandar Stjepanovic, Ðorde Stjepanovic

The fact that conventional energy sources are exhaustive and limited are increasingly encouraging research in the field of alternative and renewable energy sources. The electricity generated by solar photovoltaic modules and panels occupies an ever greate... see more

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Hamed Fazlollahtabar, Aldina Smailbašic, Željko Stevic

A warehouse system as a time transformation of the flows of goods plays an essential role in a complete logistics chain. The efficiency of a complete warehouse system largely depends on the efficiency of carrying out transport and handling operations. The... see more

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Mohammad Noureddine, Milos Ristic

Transport of hazardous material (THM) represents a complex area involving a large number of participants. The imperative of THM is minimization of risks in the entire process of transportation from the aspect of everyone involved in it, which is not an ea... see more

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Milan Stankovic, Pavle Gladovic, Vladimir Popovic

When defining criteria that have an influence on traffic accessibility, it is necessary to take into account the specificity of a concrete urban unit. A large number of authors base own research on a small number of traffic access criteria using one of th... see more

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Jasmina Bunevska Talevska, Mite Ristov, Marija Malenkovska Todorova

The World Health Organization in its agenda on sustainable development 2030 sets a goal to reduce the number of traffic-related accidents by 50%. According to the trend of reducing the number of traffic-related accidents and the latest statistics report b... see more

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Dragana Nenadic

Traffic accidents are a great concern in traffic safety since they unexpectedly and sometimes unavoidably cause fatal and non-fatal injuries, or material damage. The causes of traffic accidents can vary, but they can always be linked to one of the four ba... see more

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Darko Bozanic, Duško Tešic, Jovo Kocic

Selecting the most favorable location for construction of single-span Bailey bridge is ideal for applying multi-criteria decision making. In that regard, it has been developed a model for selecting the most favorable location. The first part of the model ... see more

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Aleksandar Jankovic, Milena Popovic

The method known as the analytical hierarchy process (AHP), a theoretical and methodological concept of multi-criteria analysis, is increasingly used in solving various decision-making problems. AHP is an excellent support to both the individual and group... see more

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