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Volume 1 Number Decision Making: Applications in Management and En Year 2018

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Milan Milosavljevic, Marko Bursac, Goran Trickovic

Intermodal transport is one of the key elements for sustainable freight transport at large and medium distances. However, its efficiency in many cases depends on the location of the railroad container terminals (CT). The favorable position of Serbia provi... see more

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Ibrahim Badi, Mohamed Ballem

The quality of health system in Libya has witnessed a considerable decline since the revolution in 2011. One of the major problems this sector is facing is the loss of control over supply medicines and pharmaceutical equipments from international supplier... see more

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Slavko Veskovic, Željko Stevic, Gordan Stojic, Marko Vasiljevic, Sanjin Milinkovic

The functioning of each traffic system depends to a great extent on the way the rail transport system operates. Taking into account the aspect of market turbulence and the dependence on adequate delivery when it comes to freight transport and traffic in a... see more

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Irik Mukhametzyanov, Dragan Pamucar

This study provides a model for result consistency evaluation of multi-criteria decision-making (MDM) methods and selection of the optimal one. The study presents the results of an analysis of the sensitivity of decision-making based on the rank methods: ... see more

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Siniša Sremac, Ilija Tanackov, Miloš Kopic, Dunja Radovic

The determination of the economic order quantity is important for the rational realization of the logistics process of transport, manipulation and storage in the supply chain. In this paper an expert model for the determination of the economic order quant... see more

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Ivan Petrovic, Milan Kankaraš

This paper describes an approach in the selection and evaluation of the criteria and attributes of criteria for selecting the air traffic protection aircraft. After collected initial criteria and attributes, the interaction between criteria and attributes... see more

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Ljubiša Preradovic, Vlado Ðajic, Gordana Jakovljevic

The project on the prevention of a stroke was implemented in the period between 2012 –2017in the Republic of Srpska,  when 38,863 patients of both genders were examined. Each of the patients underwent ultrasound examination of blood vessels of the ne... see more

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Feng Liu, Guan Aiwu, Vesko Lukovac, Milena Vukic

The decision-making process requires, a priori, defining and considering certain factors, especially when it comes to complex areas such as transport management in companies. One of the most important items in the initial phase of the transport process th... see more

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Hamid Ebrahimi, Milos Tadic

Due to the specificity of the transport of dangerous goods, as well as the obligations arising from the legislation regulating this field, all the actors of this process are obliged to take special measures in order to avoid undesired consequences. Specia... see more

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Milena Popovic, Marija Kuzmanovic, Gordana Savic

This paper is based on the main difference between conceptual and theoretical frameworks as well as literature review of comparative studies of two multi-criteria decision making methods: Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Conjoint analysis. The AHP met... see more

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