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Volume 3 Number Decision Making: Applications in Management and En Year 2020

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Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar Dey

Most of the classical inventory control model assumes that all items received conform to quality characteristics. However, in practice, items may be damaged due to production conditions, transportation and environmental conditions. Modelling such real wor... see more

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Darko Bozanic, Duško Tešic, Aleksandar Milic

In the paper is presented a model for selecting a location for a brigade command post during combat operations. Considering that this is a very complex model, which can be approached from several aspects, this paper is limited only to the criteria related... see more

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Ibrahim Badi, Dragan Pamucar

Abstract. The process of selecting the right suppliers should be seen as more than simply scanning a set of available price lists and comparing them, but rather as including a wide range of different criteria, whether qualitative or quantitative. In conte... see more

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Shankar Chakraborty, Ritwika Chattopadhyay, Santonab Chakraborty

The modern era of manufacturing has recognized the importance of a sustainable supply chain management (SCM) system for any industry in order to attain the desired level of stability and productivity for fulfillment of the customers’ requirements. Selecti... see more

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Muhammad Riaz, Naim Çagman, Nabeela Wali, Amna Mushtaq

The aim of this paper is to introduce the notion of soft multi-set topology (SMS-topology) defined on a soft multi-set (SMS). Soft multi-set and soft multi-set topology are fundamental tools in computational intelligence, which have a large number of appl... see more

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Martin Vilela, Gbenga Oluyemi, Andrei Petrovski

Classical decision and value of information theories have been applied in the oil and gas industry from the 1960s with partial success. In this research, we identify that the classical theory of value of information has weaknesses related with optimal dat... see more

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Kartick Mohanta, Arindam Dey, Anita Pal

The picture fuzzy graph is a newly introduced fuzzy graph model to handle with uncertain real scenarios, in which a simple fuzzy graph and intuitionistic fuzzy graph may fail to model those problems properly. The picture fuzzy graph is used efficiently in... see more

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Marko Radovanovic, Aca Randelovic, Željko Jokic

The paper presents a decision support model when choosing the most efficient rectification procedure of the optical sight of the long - range rifle. The model is based on the fuzzy AHP method and the VIKOR method. Using the fuzzy AHP method, coefficient v... see more

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Mališa Žižovic, Boža Miljkovic, Dragan Marinkovic

Determining criteria weight coefficients is a crucial step in multi-criteria decision making models. Therefore, this problem is given great attention in literature. This paper presents a new approach in modifying the CRiteria Importance Through Intercrete... see more

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Sanjib Biswas

TThe supply chain forms the backbone of any organization. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of every activity get manifested in the financial outcome. Hence, measuring supply chain performance using financial metrics carries significance. The purp... see more

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