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Volume 11 Number 1 Year 2020

10 articles in this issue 

Adhitio Satyo Bayangkari Karno

Abstract — This study aims to predict time series data by using two methods, the first method commonly used is statistics Autocorrelation Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA model) and the second method which is relatively new, namely machine learning Long S... see more

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Bianda Reyhan Kesuma, Gita Krismurti Romadhani, Mohammad Refi Nur Ghozi, Shabrina Luthfiani Khanza, Muhammad Khutama Wijaya, Nur Aini Rakhmawati

The phenomenon of game streaming is not a brand new subject to video game fans. Game streaming is one of the cutting-edge recreational activities to give a new experience on playing video game, both for game streamers and game stream viewers. In this pape... see more

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Danny Yudin Djahidin

SaaS application users get strategic benefits, among them the speed of implementation, reliability, and flexibility also optimization of infrastructure capacity. The company does integration with the aim to increase productivity, data accuracy, speed and ... see more

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taufik Hidayat, Yulindon Yulindon, Rahmat Hidayat

Dropshipping or dropship is a form of trade where resellers or retailers make sales without stocking goods. A website is needed to facilitate suppliers in finding a dropshipper. Website creation needs programming languages, such as PHP and MySQL as the DB... see more

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wahyu alfandry pulungan

Selection of issues regarding the kind of kidney disease as a sample of this study, is the fact that diseases Kidney is an important organ in our body's metabolic system, because the density of activity, we often forget to take care of. Irregular diet, in... see more

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Mustikaning Sitoresmi, Wella Wella

The Primary Tax Service Office has used technology in delivering information about taxes, such as the existence of an official tax portal service site as a forum for delivering information about requirements, announcements and provisions related to taxes ... see more

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Halim Budi Santoso, Antonius Rachmat C, Rosa Delima, Argo Wibowo

Implementation of Information Technology in agriculture sector is able to raise farming productivity. One of the Information Technology implementation is mapping system for agriculture land which has not only data collection but also strategic role. This ... see more

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Rifky Agasta Ibrahim, Wella Wella

Research on the topic of influence on purchasing decisions on Lazada e-commerce has a purpose, including 1) to find out what factors of E-WOM influence purchasing decisions on Lazada e-commerce. 2) to find out how the overall influence of E-WOM factors on... see more

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Raymond Sunardi Oetama, Tan Thing Heng, David Tjahjana

This study is focused on building some visualizations of crimes that occur in the Jakarta area in general, and specifically on drug problems. As the largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta faces the highest number of crimes throughout Indonesia. But unfortunat... see more

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Johanes Fernandes Andry, Andy Wijaya

Based on research conducted on FKUI Specialist Education Program Participants (PPDS) it was found that a system that was implemented had not used computerized technology in the process of its daily activities. PPDS participants are prospective specialist ... see more

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