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Volume 6 Number 3 Year 2020

7 articles in this issue 

Pankaj Kapoor

Jhumpa Lahiri is a second generation migrant who was born in London and raised in Rhode Island, America. Lahiri has created a fictional world of characters who have migrated from Asia to America. Her stories deal with the couples who are entrapped in a ma... see more

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Neelam Yadav

This paper specifically deals with the metaphorical conceptualizations of EYE in Bhojpuri from cognitive perspective. Bhojpuri metaphorical expressions containing the words aankh with all its inflection form (ankhiyaa,ankhiyan,ankhiyan ,ankhiya) will b... see more

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Shruti Mishra

This paper talks about the cultural underpinnings involved in the writings of Anamika, a known name in the world of Hindi poetry. I have tried to interpret and examine few pieces from her collection of poetry named “Doob Dhaan”, together with the cultural... see more

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Prabhat Jha

In this paper, issues that Kashmiri Pandits had to face in Kashmir due to which they had to leave their homes and migrate to other parts of India has been discussed. In understanding the conflicts that lead to the exodus, a reading of Siddharth Gigoo’s no... see more

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Shikha Sharma

The concept of gender is woven around and indulges in a persistent dialogue with larger discourses like psychoanalysis, postmodernism, and post-structuralism. However, as the etymological body, i.e. language has not succeeded in devastating the effects o... see more

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Pooja Khanna

The power and impact of listening is a key aspect of good communication which has been underrated and overlooked by professionals across organizations. Active listening is a soft skill which has received little or no importance in communication cycle. It ... see more

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Kezang Nima

The winner of The Newberry Medal, ‘The Giver’ is one of the most beloved and successful books for children and young adults. A few countries have prescribed this book in their school curriculum. But at the same time this book has been a matter of controv... see more

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