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Number Volume 20, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2014 Year 2071

18 articles in this issue 

Chad L. Smith, Gregory Hooks, Michael Lengefeld

Ecological damage, including global climate change, is commonly connected to practices and behaviors associated with economic activity and the Treadmill of Production (ToP). Less attention is paid to the connection between the military and environmental d... see more

Pags. 185 - 206  

Daniela Danna

World-systems analysis has given scant attention to population dynamics. Overlooked are large-scale macrohistorical population trends and their microhistorical foundation on procreative decisions-decisions which are taken by a historically changing subjec... see more

Pags. 207 - 228  

Primrose Nakazibwe, Wim Pelupessy

Commodity or value chains are the dominant means to channel agro-food products from cultivators to consumers. Direct open markets are either non-existent or insignificant . These chains are also the main mechanisms for integrating underprivileged groups i... see more

Pags. 229 - 256  

Ben Marley, Samantha Fox

This article discusses the exhaustion of socio-ecological relations in the coalfields of West Virginia. We use the term socio-ecological to signify "the interwoven character and the indispensable unity of social and natural life" (Araghi 2009: 115). In pa... see more

Pags. 257 - 280