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Number Vol20 Year 2020

24 articles in this issue 

Raymond Detrez

Religion-Based Cultural Communities in the Pre-Modern BalkansIntellectual life in the pre-modern Balkans was fragmented along religious lines. In the multi-ethnic religious communities (the Orthodox Christian, the Muslim and the Catholic), one particular ... see more


??????? [Nikolai] ?????? [Aretov]

Two Activists in the Struggle for an Independent Bulgarian Church: What Are They Actually Saying? (Nikola Sapunov and Ivan Naydenov) This paper uncovers a slightly different picture of the struggle for an independent Bulgarian Church and deals with the te... see more


Sirma Danova

Christianisation as Cultural Guilt: The Bulgarian ExperienceThis article contextualises the idea of Christianisation as cultural guilt within the Bulgarian context, particularly at the time of the Bulgarian National Revival. This theory has been most radi... see more


Grazyna Szwat-Gylybowa

Bustling About and the Pilgrim’s Way in Mihail Madjarov’s MemoirThis article is devoted to reflection on Mihail Madjarov’s memoir prose, ?? ???? ???? ????? ????????? ?????? ? ???? (???????, ????? ??????? ? ???????????) (To the tomb of Jesus sixty years ag... see more


Goranka Šutalo

The Separated Orthodox (rastanci) in Juraj Mulih’s Zrcalo pravedno [Righteous Mirror] (1742) Zrcalo pravedno (Zagreb, 1742) is a small catechism dealing with a controversial issue in which the Jesuit Juraj Mulih focused on the Orthodox Slavs (mainly Ortho... see more


Viara Maldjieva

Spiritual Combat (Combattimento spiritual) by Lorenzo Scupoli, and ????????? ????? (?? ????at?? ???eµ??) by Nikodemus the Hagiorite and Theophan the Recluse: Adaptation Strategies of Spiritual Combat in the Eastern ChurchThe purpose of the paper is to off... see more


Nina Gagova

“Per me reges regnant...” (Prov. 8:15): Wisdom in the First Vita of St. Simeon of SerbiaThis article aims to trace the interpretation of the theme of Wisdom in the Vita of St. Simeon by St. Sava, and its connections with other biblical themes and motifs, ... see more


??????? [Tzvetana] ????????? [Georgieva]

Ivan Grozev and the “New Cultural Race” in the Aesthetic Religious Project of Bulgarian ModernismThe aesthetic-religious views of Ivan Grozev, a Bulgarian writer, poet and spiritual awakener, combine various aspects whose unifying center is the mystical a... see more


Danuta Sosnowska

Josef Váchal’s Spiritual World Through the Prism of the Year 1920The article presents the spiritual search of one of the most original Czech artists of the 20th century. The first part of the text presents a general outline of the author’s views on the ma... see more


Beata Kubok

The Role of Religion in the Spiritual and Political Life of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk This article discusses the political and religious views of the Czech philosopher and first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš G. Masaryk (1850–1937). First, the author des... see more


????? [Elena] ????????-???????? [Azmanova-Rudarska]

Christianity, Mysticism, Infidelity: Ivan Grozev and Nikolay Ra?novThis article follows the personal and artistic relations between two famous Bulgarian poets and mystics, Ivan Grozev and Nikolay Raynov. Before 1944, the lives of both passed under the com... see more


David Václavík

The (Transforming) Role of Intellectuals in the Process of the “Atheization” of Czech Society in the 2nd Half of 20th CenturyThe article deals with resonance, development, and changes in various forms of atheism in the works of Czech, especially Marxist, ... see more


Paula van Wissem

On the History of Absolute Failure: Criticism of Religion in the Essays of Josef ŠafaríkThe article presents the thought of Czech dissident and essayist Josef Šafarík (1907–1992). A characteristic feature of Šafarík’s texts is deep criticism of culture. T... see more


Nina Dimitrova

Assen Ignatov: The Theomachist and the God-SeekerThis article aims to trace the evolution of Assen Ignatov’s attitude towards religion and to outline the main features of this change – from an intellectual whose worldview was initially Marxist to being a ... see more


????? [Nonka] ?????????? [Bogomilova]

Religion Within the Theoretical Field of Contemporary Balkan Scholars (In the Context of the Collapse of the Former Yugoslavia)This study aims to describe and analyse the main topics and trends in the study of religion in contemporary Balkan countries. It... see more


Michal Podzimek

Christian Teachers in Secularized Schools in the Czech RepublicThis article presents the specific situation of Christian teachers working in schools in North Bohemia. This region underwent forced secularization during the communist period and Ch... see more


Agnieszka Bednarek-Bohdziewicz

Adam Mickiewicz’s Hermeneutics of “the Religious”: An Attempt at a Postsecular ReadingThis article synthetically presents the hermeneutic attitude revealed in Mickiewicz’s work (poetry as well as lectures and journalism). It is analyzed from a post-secula... see more


Zbigniew Mikolejko

On Spiritual Crossroads: A “Non-Dualist” Approach to Spiritual Issues in the Prose of Olga TokarczukThe author attempts to reconstruct the spiritual structure that emerges from the literary work of Olga Tokarczuk. In his opinion, the direct context of thi... see more


Magdalena Lubanska

Neither Priests nor Clowns: Attitudes Towards the Postsecular Turn in Anthropology The article discusses the issue of the postsecular turn in contemporary anthropology, taking into account the cultural processes involved in its emergence. The author attem... see more


Joanna Rekas

Around Józef Obrebski’s Narrative on Religion and Religiosity: On the Basis of Materials Collected in the Macedonian Region of PoreceThe main goal of this article is to present the idiosyncrasies of a description of the religious system adopted by the pop... see more


Magdalena Slawska

The Domestication of Cultural Strangeness in the Translation of Children's Literature: The case of Dubravka Ugrešic's Kucni duhovi [Home Ghosts]This article is devoted to the Polish translation of Kucni duhovi [Home Ghosts], a collection of short stories ... see more


????? [Mariia] ??????? [Iovcheva]

Old Bulgarian Hymnographic Works in the Krakow Printed Octoechos (1491)Based on the inhomogeneity of the texts in the first printed Octoechos (Schweipolt Fiol, Krakow 1491), the study focuses on the text's most archaic layer, which contains Old Bulgarian ... see more


Ewelina Drzewiecka

In the Zone of Ontological PenumbraThis article is a review of the study entitled Praktyki lecznicze w prawoslawnych monasterach w Bulgarii. Perspektywa antropologii (post)sekularnej [Healing Practices in Orthodox Monasteries in Bulgaria: A (Post)secular ... see more