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Volume 16 Number 2 Year 2022

8 articles in this issue 

Mukhlis Aliyudin,Enjang Enjang,Encep Dulwahab

The tradition of celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad or Maulid Nabi Muhammad, which is carried out by Muslims in various regions in Indonesia, has its own meaning, as does the tradition in Pondok Pesantren Cikalama Sumedang West Java, known as t... see more

Pags. 153 - 174  

Setiawan bin Lahuri,Perdi Pauji,Ainun Amalia Zuhroh

Human and Social capitals are the main keys to encourage quality economicgrowth. The main role of social capital is to increase business competitiveness ina sustainable manner. The social capital is needed to encourage quality economicgrowth and sust... see more

Pags. 175 - 194  

Imamul Hakim,Muhammad Sarif,Aunur Rofiq

This article examines the Muhammadiyah-Owned Enterprises (Badan Usaha Milik Muhammadiyah (BUMM)) managed by CV. Syirkah Amanah and its role in the economic Empowerment of Muhammadiyah organizations and the community. CV. Syirkah Amanah is t... see more

Pags. 195 - 216  

Ahmad Mifdlol Muthohar,Ari Setiawan,Jamaluddin Junaedi

This study aims to identify and analyze the factors that influence the income of traders with the work ethic as a moderating variable, a case study on religious tourism on the island of Java. Traders in the area of the Great Mosque of Demak were given que... see more

Pags. 217 - 240  

Muhammad Abdulloh,Athi’ Hidayati,Moh Nurul Qomar,Abdurrohman Kasdi

Papua, which is a part of Indonesia, has a vibrant ethnic culture. Traditions are frequently tied to religion in practice. Waqf is an Islamic principle that does not necessarily contradict regional traditions. The purpose of this study is to describe the ... see more

Pags. 241 - 256  

Yunindyawati Yunindyawati,Eva Lidya,Lili Erina,Tri Agus Susanto

This study aims to analyze Islamic boarding schools’ institutional capacity building to improve entrepreneurship among students. The method used is mixed. The data were collected through in-depth interviews. Observations are made by observing the daily ac... see more

Pags. 257 - 276  

Tasbih Tasbih,Siti Asiqah Usman Ali,Saidah A.H Saidah A.H

This study aims to explore coaching strategies to improve religious understanding for muallaf. The research uses qualitative techniques with main data collection techniques through FGDs, observations, interviews, and documentation. The research was conduc... see more

Pags. 277 - 300  

Nailul Fauziyah,Fina Hidayati

Teenagers are a generation that continues the nation’s ideals, so it is importantto develop an attitude of peace and tolerance and uphold the unity and unityof the Indonesian nation. However, currently, the survey results show that thelevel of radicalism ... see more

Pags. 301 - 320