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Volume 9 Number 1 Year 2019

13 articles in this issue 

Golrida Karyawati P,Mira Muliani,Prem Lal Joshi

 In a previous study on the firm size and corporate social responsibility (CSR) participation conducted by Golrida, et al (2017), different result is reported with Udayasankar’s hypothesis (2008) which states a U-shape relationship of firm size and C... see more

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Ferhat Sayim

This research was carried out with private company owners and shareholders-managers in Yalova. These managers were asked about the general approach for the most commonly used securities in the financial system. They were asked to express the level of know... see more

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Jozef Raco,Johanis Ohoitimur,Kosmas Sobon

Spirituality is considered to be an essential nature of human being that strengthens their purpose and mental power to do something for the betterment of many people. Spirituality is considered as a part of theology or other divine disciplines. Spirituali... see more

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Tarila Boloupremo,Samson Ogege

The aim of the study is to examine the impact of mergers and acquisition on financial performance in the Nigerian financial system. The study examined selected financial institutions in the banking sector. Specifically, some financial indicators such as a... see more

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Benneth Uchenna Eze,Saidi Adedeji Adelekan,Emmanuel Kanayo Nwaba

This study investigated the effect of business process reengineering on the performance of insurance firms in Nigeria, by employing two components of business process reengineering. Survey research design was adopted, through the administration of structu... see more

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Mehmet Dag,Semih Serkant Aktug,Zavar Salah Ali Ali

The primary purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between oil revenues and government budget in Iraq for 2006-2016. The study found that, Iraq’s oil production curve in recent years has remarkably specified the positions, even if not mainl... see more

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Cherinet Boke Chakiso

The advent and dispersal of technology is an interesting area of study since its success is dependent on the attitude for the adoption of it by customers. Extant literature indicates that mobile banking is the least adopted type of electronic banking when... see more

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Moruff Sanjo Oladimeji,Benneth Uchenna Eze,Kazeem Adeyinka Akanni

This study sought to examine the effect of organization structure on organization strategy. Survey research design was employed through the administration of structured questionnaire to staff of Nestle Nigeria PLC, Unilever Nigeria PLC and PZ (Cussons) PL... see more

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Carl Hope Korkpoe,Nathaniel Howard

We adopt a granular approach to estimating the risk of equity returns in sub-Saharan African frontier equity markets under the assumption that, returns are influenced by developments in the underlying economy. Four countries were studied – Botswana, Ghana... see more

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Semra Boga

The aim of this study is to investigate the determinants of FDI inflows in Sub-Saharan African countries. In this study, panel data analysis was performed by using annual data from 23 countries for the period of 1975-2017. The Pesaran (2004) Cross-Section... see more

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Ayben Ceyhan

Social media offers a social interaction environment where consumers have the opportunity to communicate with brands, exchange ideas with other users, produce content and influence the masses. Brands also create various social media marketing applications... see more

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Mehmet Lütfi Arslan,Cevdet Kizil

Intellectual capital is a critical concept to realize and reflect the real value of organizations. This study took advantage of Market Value (MV)  /  Book Value (BV) method and Value Added Intellectual Coefficient (VAIC) model to measure and com... see more

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Beena PL

This book is focused on analysing the limitation of the existing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics in India. The trends, composition and quality of FDI inflows in India after the initiation of ‘Make in India’ (MII) policy are critically analysed.... see more

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