Interaction effect of irrigation scheduling, mulching and integrated nutrient management on summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) yields under subtropical conditions of eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Mateja Dagarin    

The article focuses on the development of interaction in a foreign language classroom. Teachers can help students to develop their interaction skills and students themselves can apply various strategies to become effective communicators in a foreign lang... see more

Revista: ELOPE

Gabriel Felipe Vogel,Rubens Fey    

The application of biological products containing diazotrophic bacteria in the seed has been highlighted as an alternative to reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers; however, the chemical treatment of the seeds may negatively affect the survival rate of ... see more

A. V. A.V.Yudintsev, V. M. V.M.Trusova, G. P. G.P.Gorbenko, T. T.Deligeorgiev, A. A.Vasilev, N. N.Gadjev    

Currently there is a growing interest in screening of new drugs, capable of destroying cancer cells effectively, without damaging health tissues. In this context the potential of liposomes as a drug carrier system is extensively investigated [1-3]. Lipos... see more

V. M. Trusova    

Despite considerable research efforts, the molecular mechanisms of anaesthetic action still remain the matter of extensive debates. According to one viewpoint, anaesthetics alter the properties of lipid bilayer which, in turn, affects the functions of em... see more

Luis Paulo Pires, Vanessa Fonseca Gonçalves, Giancarlo Ângelo Ferreira, Flávio Roque Bernardes Camelo, Celine de Melo (Autor)    

Fruit colour is considered an important feature mediating interactions between plants and frugivorous birds. Despite that, colour mediated interactions are context-dependent, and habitat disturbances may affect how frugivorous birds perceive fruit colour... see more