The Mediating Role of Environmental Attitude on the Impact of Environmental Concern on Green Product Purchasing Intention

Ebru Onurlubas    


Environmental pollution, increasing damages in the nature and deformation of ecosytem have started to worry consumers and the environemental concern has formed in time. Consumers who have environmental concern and wish to lend a healthy and clean environment to next generations, then started to consider the damages of their products to the nature in a higher degree. Thus, consumers with environmental concern have placed more importance to green products, which do not pollute the nature, use natural resources less, enable recycling, but are environmental friendly. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of environmental concern on green product purchase intention, and to also investigate the mediating role of environmental attitude on the mentioned impact. Research data were gathered from 410 individuals residing in Izmir city using the face-to-face questionnaire method. Then, the data were tested with Crobach Alpha Method, Test of Normality, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling and Sobel test. Based on research findings, it is observed that environmental attitude has a mediating role on the impact of environmental concern on green product purchasing intention. It is also determined that, environmental concern has a meaningful impact on environmental attitude and green product purchasing intention, and environmental attitude has a meaningful impact on green product purchasing intention.

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