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Volume 12 Number 1 Year 2022

10 articles in this issue 

Nurten Dönmez,Turgut Özkan

By examining the relationship between financial ratios of companies and stock prices, this study investigates whether changes in the financial ratios of companies affect stock prices. Twelve financial ratios were used as independent variables and stock pr... see more

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Francis Osei,Christian Narh Opata,Collins Kankam-Kwarteng,Daniel Ofori

This study compared the cultural and attitudinal tenets of Ghanaians towards insurance service in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana. The research utilized the convenience sampling to gather data from 291 respondents. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (... see more

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Hülya Yilmaz,Bülent Ilhan

This paper investigates the dynamic relationship between the stock market index and a set of macroeconomic variables in four emerging countries. The dependent variable measures monthly stock exchange points of respective markets from January 2010 to March... see more

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Anuruddha Gamage,Widana Pathiranage Richard Wickramaratne

The purpose of this research was to identify Sustainable Human Resource Management Practices (SHRMPs) which enhance worker productivity and to validate a Human Resource Management (HRM) model, derived by the authors in previous qualitative studies. The st... see more

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Hande Karadag,Berna Balci Izgi

The role of innovation in economic development has long been a topic of discussion among economists. Despite that, the economic pay-off mechanisms which support or hinder innovative entrepreneurial acts, particularly in the emerging economy context are si... see more

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Girish Karunakaran Nair

Qatar has witnessed significant economic growth since 2008 with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increasing by about 10 percent annually on an average, and it is consistently listed among the richest nations in the world since then. A study on the financial b... see more

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Yavuz Toraman

Many innovations have entered human life with the rapid development of technology and its widespread use. The adaptation process of people to these innovations is very important in terms of efficiency and sustainability. In this research, the factors affe... see more

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Özlem Sanri

Ports are developing sustainability frameworks in order to cope with latest requirements from the stakeholders. Economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability are the three pillars of the topic. Although economic and environmental aspects... see more

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Monday Uhunmwangho

Recent regulations are directed at mitigating financial market risk, because risks, especially volatility dampen investors’ confidence, and hinder firms’ ability to raise funds at the exchange. Though, volatility had been investigated in the past, the joi... see more

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