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Symmetries among Multivariate Information Measures Explored Using Möbius Operators


Relations between common information measures include the duality relations based on Möbius inversion on lattices, which are the direct consequence of the symmetries of the lattices of the sets of variables (subsets ordered by inclusion). In this paper we use the lattice and functional symmetries to provide a unifying formalism that reveals some new relations and systematizes the symmetries of the information functions. To our knowledge, this is the first systematic examination of the full range of relationships of this class of functions. We define operators on functions on these lattices based on the Möbius inversions that map functions into one another, which we call Möbius operators, and show that they form a simple group isomorphic to the symmetric group S3. Relations among the set of functions on the lattice are transparently expressed in terms of the operator algebra, and, when applied to the information measures, can be used to derive a wide range of relationships among diverse information measures. The Möbius operator algebra is then naturally generalized which yields an even wider range of new relationships.

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