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Volume 21 Number 1 Part January Year 2019

30 articles in this issue 

Shujian Yu and José C. Príncipe

Feature selection aims to select the smallest feature subset that yields the minimum generalization error. In the rich literature in feature selection, information theory-based approaches seek a subset of features such that the mutual information between ... see more


Luis Silva-Llanca, Marcelo del Valle, Alfonso Ortega and Andrés J. Díaz

Forecasting data center cooling demand remains a primary thermal management challenge in an increasingly larger global energy-consuming industry. This paper proposes a dynamic modeling approach to evaluate two different strategies for delivering cold air ... see more


Jaroslaw Fastowicz, Marek Grudzinski, Mateusz Teclaw and Krzysztof Okarma

A rapid development and growing popularity of additive manufacturing technology leads to new challenging tasks allowing not only a reliable monitoring of the progress of the 3D printing process but also the quality of the printed objects. The automatic ob... see more


Xiaoming Xue, Chaoshun Li, Suqun Cao, Jinchao Sun and Liyan Liu

This study presents a two-step fault diagnosis scheme combined with statistical classification and random forests-based classification for rolling element bearings. Considering the inequality of features sensitivity in different diagnosis steps, the propo... see more


Sheng Luo, Zhifei Zhang, Yuanjian Zhang and Shuwen Ma

Community detection is a challenging task in attributed networks, due to the data inconsistency between network topological structure and node attributes. The problem of how to effectively and robustly fuse multi-source heterogeneous data plays an importa... see more


William Sulis

Information is the fundamental currency of naturally occurring complex adaptive systems, whether they are individual organisms or collective social insect colonies. Information appears to be more important than energy in determining the behavior of these ... see more


Pascal Heim, Michael Rumetshofer, Sascha Ranftl, Bernhard Thaler, Wolfgang E. Ernst, Markus Koch and Wolfgang von der Linden

This paper employs Bayesian probability theory for analyzing data generated in femtosecond pump-probe photoelectron-photoion coincidence (PEPICO) experiments. These experiments allow investigating ultrafast dynamical processes in photoexcited molecules. B... see more


Madhu Kumari, Ananya Misra, Sanjay Misra, Luis Fernandez Sanz, Robertas Damasevicius and V.B. Singh

A software bug is characterized by its attributes. Various prediction models have been developed using these attributes to enhance the quality of software products. The reporting of bugs leads to high irregular patterns. The repository size is also increa... see more


Fuyuan Liao, Tim D. Yang, Fu-Lien Wu, Chunmei Cao, Ayman Mohamed and Yih-Kuen Jan

Pressure ulcers are one of the most common complications of a spinal cord injury (SCI). Prolonged unrelieved pressure is thought to be the primary causative factor resulting in tissue ischemia and eventually pressure ulcers. Previous studies suggested tha... see more


André Schlichting

This work studies mixtures of probability measures on R n and gives bounds on the Poincaré and the log–Sobolev constants of two-component mixtures provided that each component satisfies the functional inequality, and both components a... see more


David J. Galas and Nikita A. Sakhanenko

Relations between common information measures include the duality relations based on Möbius inversion on lattices, which are the direct consequence of the symmetries of the lattices of the sets of variables (subsets ordered by inclusion). In this pap... see more


Gilles Brassard and Paul Raymond-Robichaud

We carry out a thought experiment in an imaginary world. Our world is both local and realistic, yet it violates a Bell inequality more than does quantum theory. This serves to debunk the myth that equates local realism with local hidden variables in the s... see more


Xiuqin Zhang, Qiubao Lin, Huiying Liu, Xiaowei Chen, Sunqing Su and Meng Ni

External chemical reactors for steam reforming and water gas shift reactions are needed for a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system using syngas fuel. For the preheating of syngas and stable steam reforming reaction at 600 °C, residual hydro... see more


Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Muhammad Burhan, Doskhan Ybyraiymkul and Kim Choon Ng

For future sustainable seawater desalination, the importance of achieving better energy efficiency of the existing 19,500 commercial-scale desalination plants cannot be over emphasized. The major concern of the desalination industry is the inadequate appr... see more


Jose Mejia, Alberto Ochoa and Boris Mederos

The reconstruction of positron emission tomography data is a difficult task, particularly at low count rates because Poisson noise has a significant influence on the statistical uncertainty of positron emission tomography (PET) measurements. Prior informa... see more


Haikun Shang, Feng Li and Yingjie Wu

Partial discharge (PD) fault analysis is an important tool for insulation condition diagnosis of electrical equipment. In order to conquer the limitations of traditional PD fault diagnosis, a novel feature extraction approach based on variational mode dec... see more


Yonggi Jo, Hee Su Park, Seung-Woo Lee and Wonmin Son

We propose a schematic setup of quantum key distribution (QKD) with an improved secret key rate based on high-dimensional quantum states. Two degrees-of-freedom of a single photon, orbital angular momentum modes, and multi-path modes, are used to encode s... see more


Agnieszka Szczesna

Nonlinear dynamical analysis is a powerful approach to understanding biological systems. One of the most used metrics of system complexities is the Kolmogorov entropy. Long input signals without noise are required for the calculation, which are very hard ... see more


Majid Shadman Roodposhti, Jagannath Aryal, Arko Lucieer and Brett A. Bryan

Uncertainty assessment techniques have been extensively applied as an estimate of accuracy to compensate for weaknesses with traditional approaches. Traditional approaches to mapping accuracy assessment have been based on a confusion matrix, and hence are... see more


Federico Holik, Giuseppe Sergioli, Hector Freytes and Angel Plastino

In this work we advance a generalization of quantum computational logics capable of dealing with some important examples of quantum algorithms. We outline an algebraic axiomatization of these structures.


Zhi-Qin John Xu, Douglas Zhou and David Cai

Maximum entropy principle (MEP) analysis with few non-zero effective interactions successfully characterizes the distribution of dynamical states of pulse-coupled networks in many fields, e.g., in neuroscience. To better understand the underlying mechanis... see more


Jingrui Niu, Wei Li, Ping Liu, Ke Zhang, Fengcang Ma, Xiaohong Chen, Rui Feng and Peter K. Liaw

A series of (AlCrTiZrV)-Six-N films with different silicon contents were deposited on monocrystalline silicon substrates by direct-current (DC) magnetron sputtering. The films were characterized by the X-ray diffractometry (XRD), scanning electron microsc... see more


Kangyang Xie and Fuyuan Xiao

The negation of probability provides a new way of looking at information representation. However, the negation of basic probability assignment (BPA) is still an open issue. To address this issue, a novel negation method of basic probability assignment bas... see more


Monika Pinchas

In the literature, we can find several blind adaptive deconvolution algorithms based on closed-form approximated expressions for the conditional expectation (the expectation of the source input given the equalized or deconvolutional output), involving the... see more


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Thomas Haid and Peter Federolf

Postural control research suggests a non-linear, n-shaped relationship between dual-tasking and postural stability. Nevertheless, the extent of this relationship remains unclear. Since kinematic principal component analysis has offered novel approaches to... see more