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Quantitative EEG Markers of Entropy and Auto Mutual Information in Relation to MMSE Scores of Probable Alzheimer’s Disease Patients


Analysis of nonlinear quantitative EEG (qEEG) markers describing complexity of signal in relation to severity of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was the focal point of this study. In this study, 79 patients diagnosed with probable AD were recruited from the multi-centric Prospective Dementia Database Austria (PRODEM). EEG recordings were done with the subjects seated in an upright position in a resting state with their eyes closed. Models of linear regressions explaining disease severity, expressed in Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) scores, were analyzed by the nonlinear qEEG markers of auto mutual information (AMI), Shannon entropy (ShE), Tsallis entropy (TsE), multiscale entropy (MsE), or spectral entropy (SpE), with age, duration of illness, and years of education as co-predictors. Linear regression models with AMI were significant for all electrode sites and clusters, where R 2 is 0.46 at the electrode site C3, 0.43 at Cz, F3, and central region, and 0.42 at the left region. MsE also had significant models at C3 with R 2 > 0.40 at scales t = 5 and t = 6 . ShE and TsE also have significant models at T7 and F7 with R 2 > 0.30 . Reductions in complexity, calculated by AMI, SpE, and MsE, were observed as the MMSE score decreased.

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