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Volume 9 Number 8 Year 2022

29 articles in this issue 

Muhammad Zamzam,Izomiddin Izomiddin,Abdul Hadi

The spiritual world becomes sacred to the physical world, especially materialistically, then everything is brought to the spiritual. In fact, at this time if social and political conditions rob the outward then Sufism must be able to maintain the inner. I... see more

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Eddy Pelupessy

This study aims to analyze, explain, and discover the Indonesian people's traditional cultural expressions (folklore). It also identifies some efforts to protect people's rights to traditional cultural expressions (folklore) from misuse by other parties f... see more

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Budiyanto Budiyanto

Drivers influenced by alcoholic beverages are the leading cause of accidents that cause death in Jayapura City. Vehicles, awareness and legal compliance, facilities and infrastructure only support the main factors. All cases analyzed were resolved through... see more

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Tri Susanto

The conflict between religious communities is one of the problems that always arise. This is due to the diversity of religions in Indonesian society, so an approach that can minimize conflict is needed. One of them is through a role model as a reference i... see more

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Muhammad Pajri,Ismansyah Ismansyah,Azmi Fendri

A notary is a public official who is only authorized to make an authentic deed regarding all deeds, agreements and stipulations. Supervision and inspection of Notaries are carried out by the Supervisory Council, in which there is a Notary element, thus at... see more

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Teguh Darmawi Putra,Yuslim Yuslim,Delfiyanti Delfiyanti

The transfer of rights to land and buildings is closely related to legal certainty and is marked by evidence of the transfer of rights. In order to provide legal strength and certainty for the ownership of land and buildings, any transfer of rights to lan... see more

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Maryam Esfehani,Rasoul Muhammad-Jafari

According to Islam, health plays an essential role in human growth and perfection. To the public, the concept of health is more concerned with physical and mental health. But more precisely, health has three basic pillars; mental health, social health and... see more

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Devia Yonisa,Azmi Fendri,Syofirman Syofyan

The whole earth, water and space are included in the natural wealth contained therein within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia as a gift from God Almighty which is a national wealth. The earth, water and natural resources contained therein are at... see more

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Rifdal Fadli,Dahlil Marjon,Yussy Adelina Mannas

Notaries as one of the bearers of the legal profession are people who have expertise and knowledge in the notarial field, so that they are able to meet the needs of the community who need services in the notarial field. Since the presence of the Notary In... see more

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Julia Tika Sari,Kurnia Warman,A. Irzal Rias

Soil is one of the most important parts of human survival. In addition to land as a place to live, land is also a place to find fortune, therefore every human being tries to control a piece of land for the necessities of life. One of the arrangements for ... see more

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Agus Sucipto,Azmi Fendri,Muhammad Hasbi

An agreement can be carried out properly if the parties have fulfilled their respective achievements as promised without any party being harmed. but sometimes the agreement is not carried out properly due to a default committed by one of the parties or de... see more

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Mernawati Mernawati,Hamsinah Hamsinah,Muh. Tang Abdullah

The Jeneponto Smart Branding (JSB) program is an effort to increase value in Jeneponto Regency to realize community welfare. This study aims to describe and analyze the factors that support the implementation of the Jeneponto Smart Branding (JSB) Program ... see more

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Nurul Kharomatul Lail,Sudiyanto Sudiyanto,Harini Harini

The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of ARCS-based interactive multimedia on learning motivation in social science learning for class IX junior high school students. The study used a quasi-experimental method with a nonequivalent c... see more

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Rendu Fernanda,Rembrandt Rembrandt,Yussy Adelina Mannas

The honorable profession of a notary who is in charge of serving the community in the field of civil law should not be used as a means of money laundering by money laundering criminals, therefore it is necessary to regulate the notary profession as a repo... see more

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Astutik Fadhilah,Absori Absori,Wardah Yuspin

In general, people in Indonesia often say that if they are sick, they go to the doctor to ask for a sick certificate, but many of the gifts are not right on target. The results of this study show that in Karasidenan Surakarta it is still found that people... see more

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Zohreh Babaahmadi Milani

Although the People of the Book were not from the Arab lands originally, they had to immigrate to this lands, particularly Saudi Arabia. The discussions in this regard are mostly based on the records of the historians and narrators about the specific even... see more

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Sarifudin Sarifudin,Lalu Suparman,Mahyuddin Nasir

This study aims 1) To determine the magnitude and significance of the direct influence of leadership on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and work behavior. 2) To determine the direct influence of job satisfaction and organizational commitment ... see more

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Dita Dwi Yunitasari,A Wahab Jufri,Muntari Muntari

Pondok Pesantren which is known as a place to study Islam began to transform. Education at Pondok Pesantren aims to study, develop, and deepen religious science and conduct religious studies through the Yellow Book. However, on the contrary, there are som... see more

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Derina Faslig Silitonga,Surwandono Surwandono

The prolonged war in Yemen has succeeded in putting Yemen on the list of countries with the worst humanitarian situation in the world. Various efforts to resolve the conflict have been carried out and continue to be deadlocked. Until the end of 2018, peac... see more

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Nurlaksana Eko Rusminto,Farida Ariyani

Literature asserts that when children attempt to master a language, they display characteristics that are distinct from those of adults. They develop structures, patterns, and rules of their own language in this way. Moreover, a number of experts have pro... see more

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Ridha Adilla AR,Siti Samhati,Mulyanto Widodo,Farida Ariyani

This study aims to determine the meaning of short stories Suatu Siang di Teras Masjid by Gola Gong through the semiotics approach. Roland Barthers's theory of semiotics was chosen to find out the meaning of the short story. The source used in this study i... see more

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Alfie Agazzi

Because the meanings of new words are frequently highlighted, whether in books or in classes, vocabulary learning is an essential component of foreign language learning. It is also important to language teaching and crucial to a language learner, especial... see more

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Intan Komalasari,A Wahab Jufri,Muntari Muntari

This study aims to determine how to plan the implementation, organization, implementation, and supervision of inclusive education at Public Elementary School 1 Gemel. This research will use a qualitative approach with a case study method. The number of ch... see more

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Siti Nurjanah,Pujiriyanto Pujiriyanto

This study aims to: 1) determine the feasibility of Augmented Reality-assisted textbooks according to material experts, media experts, learning practitioners and students, 2) determine the effectiveness of Augmented Reality-assisted textbooks to increase ... see more

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Zilola Mustafaevna Ruzieva

The following article deals with the categorical features of the verb and the correlation of the category “???” (in Russian language) features with the functional-semantic categories of aspectuality and temporality. The mechanisms of functioning of the sy... see more

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Hamed Nazarpour,Ahmad Abedi

Islamic Thought 1 and 2 are among courses offered in Iran by the Islamic education departments of universities for undergraduate students and their topics cover the field of Islamic theology. The aim of the present study is to revise and prioritize the mo... see more

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Syifa Rana Tsary,Dahlia Dahlia

This study examines the public's understanding of loans submitted through financial technology (fintech). The formulation of the problem discussed is how is the public's understanding of financial technology in Indonesia and what is the form of community ... see more

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Zinat Noroozi Qazvini,Nikzad Isazadeh,Tahereh Mohseni

Understanding the Holy Qur'an, like any other text, has principles and rules that are the basis for inferring from the Qur'an, and the factor for reducing differences in the understanding of its verses. In the meantime, one of the sources of the aforement... see more

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