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Volume 43 Number 2 Year 2037

5 articles in this issue 

Pablo de Llano, Carlos Piñeiro, Manuel Rodríguez

This paper offers a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of eight popular forecasting methods: univariate, linear, discriminate and logit regression; recursive partitioning, rough sets, artificial neural networks, and DEA. Our goals are: clarify the ... see more

Pags. pp. 163 - 198  

Tran Quang Tuyen, Vu Van Huong, Doan Thanh Tinh, Tran Duc Hiep

Using data from nationwide surveys of provincial institutions and private manufacturing small medium enterprises, this study provided the first evidence of the impact of provincial institution quality and firms’ participation in and intensity of corrupt a... see more

Pags. pp. 199 - 215  

Rómulo A. Chumacero, Juan Gallegos Mardones, Ricardo D. Paredes

The positive impact that competition has on performance in most industries has been questioned in the education sector. The difficulty to measure competition, the idea that parents don’t rationally choose schools for their children, and that schools do no... see more

Pags. pp. 217 - 232  

C. José García Martín, Begoña Herrero Piqueras, Ana María Ibañez Escribano

This study investigates the informational role of thin options markets, specifically the Spanish options market. Firstly, we examine the effect of options markets by analysing stock market reaction to earnings news, conditional on the availability of opti... see more

Pags. pp. 233 - 263  

Andrés Artal-Tur, Vicente J. Pallardó-López, Francisco Requena-Silvente

Using newly panel data on visa restrictions for the years 2000 and 2010 in a theory-grounded gravity model, we find a robust, causal negative impact of visa restrictions on international tourist flows. By destination, the detrimental impact of this type o... see more

Pags. pp. 265 - 279