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Volume 13 Number 1 Year 2087

54 articles in this issue 

B. O. Baranovsky

The analysis of the flood-land phytodiversity of theSouthern Buglover stream in the future reservation «Plavni Nova Odesa» in presented in this articke.

Pags. 3 - 6  

V. S. Bilchuk, N. A. Chromich

In modelling experiment joint action of heavy metal ions (lead, cadmium) and cloroacetanilide herbicide frontjere on glutationreductase activity in maize seedlings at initial stages of ontogenesis was investigated. The increasing of enzyme activity in a s... see more

Pags. 7 - 12  

O. M. Vasilyuk, A. I. Kordin

The period’s influence of seed-time for morphometrical descriptions and productivity of Zea Mays corn in the different groups ripeness were discovered during scientific research.

Pags. 13 - 18  

M. V. Vovk

The article is devoted to the research of the settlements of heron on the accumulation of heavy metals in the soil. The author considers accumulation of trace elements in different soil horizons. The reasons of the prohibitions has been rate. 

Pags. 19 - 21  

O. S. Voronkova

This article is devoted to the problem of mechanism study of the antiphosphoiipide syndrome development. Nowadays there is no single mention of that issue. The purpose of our work is the data examination and generalization about the apoptosis place and ro... see more

Pags. 22 - 26  

K. K. Goloborodko, O. Y. Pakhomov

Influence of morphological features (weight and size of proboscis) on feeding processes of imago Lycaenidae is under consideration. Relationship between the weight and length of proboscis is ascertained. Dependence of the feeding time budget of imago from... see more

Pags. 27 - 30  

I. I. Grigorenko, N. V. Oleynik

In researches, conducted on cats after delabyrinthation, was ascertained a decrease of weakening action of Strychninum on the eariy phase of inhibition of flexor and extensor motor-neurones with a maximum of display on 3-6 ms and duration of 7-10 ms as co... see more

Pags. 31 - 35  

N. L. Gubanova

The physical structure on soils upon the action of amphibian digging have been researched on ex- amples Pelobates fuscus. The influence of the digging activity of amphibian on the change of the solid soil, of the fild moisture in the different tide of the... see more

Pags. 36 - 39  

L. G. Dolgova, O. V. Chernikova

The dynamics of total proteins content in the different phenophasis in leaves and spouts of Spiraea L. rase plant-introducent has been studied. Itis noted, that the protein accumulation depends on extermal environment conditions and plants certain bind of... see more

Pags. 40 - 43  

I. V. Dregval, G. S. Petrov, O. B. Murzin

Investigating changes of a functional state of spinal motoneurons of the person under agency of afferent pulses from receptors of semicircular canals at ??????? to a load. Interacting between vestibular and acoustical sensory streams which reduce activity... see more

Pags. 44 - 48  

E. O. Evtushenko

The resalts of cultured phitocenozes, rafter’s and barrow’s phitocenozes investigation are given. The similarity of natural phitocenozes, cultured phitocenozes and agrophitocenozes have been analysed. The space’s cause of phitocenozes similarity’s inexes ... see more

Pags. 49 - 55  

N. B. Yesipova, O. V. Fedonenko

Indicator indexes of ecological unhappiness of fish populations were found from researches of morphological-physiological showings of Sutilus rutilus, inhabiting zones of Dnieprovske (Zaporizke) reservoir distinguished for their ecology.

Pags. 56 - 59  

S. G. Efanova, O. A. Shugurov, O. O. Shugurov

Research of changes of cord dorsum potentials (CDP) of spinal cord (SC) of depending on age in cats. Is shown, that the first negative component of CDP is most stable on amplitude and dynamic characteristic for all age-group. Components of CDP, which were... see more

Pags. 60 - 66  

D. D. Zhernosekov, O. M. Vasilenko

This work directs data about mineral water genesis. The accent on balneological sense is done. We suggest the criteria of biochemical processes estimation which take part in mineral water compounds creation. These criteria can be used for illustration of ... see more

Pags. 67 - 71  

V. L. Zhuk

The influencing of elk and roe deer excrements on radionuckleids migration in the soil horizon under zinc pollution circumstances has been investigated. It is confirmed that mammals excretory activity is an important acting natural ecological factor furth... see more

Pags. 72 - 76  

O. V. Zhukov

The genetic connection of animal complexes and soil cover is in the basis of diagnostic ability of animals to indicate and quantity assessment of soil processes. The ecoiGgical view and peculiarity of soil animal complexes has the most impotent value. The... see more

Pags. 77 - 87  

I. O. Zaitseva, L. G. Dolgova

The creative legitimacies of the dynamics albumen maintenance and peculiarity of them accumulation in sprouts and leafs six lilac species under dependence of the phenophase seasonal development and influence of hydrotemperature factors were investigated, ... see more

Pags. 88 - 94  

T. A. Zamesova

The research for rodents (mice) burrowing activity finding on the soil proteolytic one was made in the natural environment. It was shown that under conditions of heavy metals pollutions the proteolytic activity level within burrows was higher than the con... see more

Pags. 95 - 98  

Y. V. Zachinyaew, A. A. Anischenko

In the article is represented general information devoted to environmental problems in the horse- breeding. The concept of development of ecological explorations in the horse-breeding is considered as well. 

Pags. 99 - 102  

O. A. Zemlianyj

Comparative description of percentage ratio of age groups in populyations of background kind is conducted - Apodemus silvaticus from the habitats different on the degree of transformations. It is set, that the age composition of populations of shallow mam... see more

Pags. 103 - 107  

N. I. Zagubizhenko, V. M. Kochet, ?. ?. Khristov

Zoobenthos state of the Vovcha-river along its full length in Dnipropetrovsk region is under consideration. Hydrocoles' response to the two main pollution types – mining water of the Central Donbass and municipal and industrial sewage of the city of Pavlo... see more

Pags. 104 - 107  

?. P. Kilochok, I. E. Sokolova, N. P. Chernogor, ?. ?. Tymchuk, I. V. Zhernosekova

Influence of heavy metals on growth, biosynthesis, lytic action and growthstimulating activity enzymes complex of Streptomyces recifensis var. lyticus was studied. It was showed that salt of plumbum' has positive influence as on biosynthesis hydrolases (l... see more

Pags. 108 - 112  

I. M. Kofan, G. S. Petrov, V. P. Lyashenko

For an estimation of dynamics of electrical activity of human brain the EEG record was carried out in a background régime (conducted at closed eyes of inspected persons) and at superposition of afferent irritant agents by the way of stimulations of semici... see more

Pags. 113 - 117  

V. M. Kochet

In article the condition of fauna of fishes of reservoirs of stores of mine waters of the Western Donbass is analysed. Features of existence of communities of fishes under influence of the increased mineralization of water and possible prospects of their ... see more

Pags. 118 - 122  

O. A. Kruchinenko, G. ?. Ushakova

It was studied the effect of metallotionein-II to rats under postoperative somatogenic pain conditions. The main mechanism of pain is excitement of the glutamate receptors. The data obtained allow to suggest that decrease of postoperative hyperalgesia und... see more

Pags. 123 - 127  

?. ?. Kryuchkova, T. R. Levenetz, V. L. Matyukha

Catalase and peroxidase activity dynamic in ripe corn of different ripeness term maise hybrides on sowing term and grow regulator influence was studied. Term sowing and seeds incrustation influence on these ensymes activity depedence was discovered. The p... see more

Pags. 128 - 133  

O. ?. Kunah

The results of the experiment dealing with the study of nickel and lead migration through the soil profile have been presented in the work. Special attention has been paid to zoogenic factor of heavy metal migration. The usage of entropy measure to assess... see more

Pags. 134 - 142  

K. V. Lavrentyeva, N. V. Cherevach, Y. V. Zheleznyak, A. I. Vinnikov

Isolation and studing characteristics of soil phosphate-solubilizing bacteria strains were released. In order to increase phosphate-solubilizing activity the mutagenesis of initial strain Cellulomonas sp.3 was released by means of UV-irradiation. The effe... see more

Pags. 143 - 146  

E. A. Loseva, L. M. Stepchenko

This paper presents the results of investigations from the application of hydrohumateas an addi-tive to poor-quality rations for eaying hens of Loghmann Broun cross in their 2nd phase of egg laing. Effect of optimal doses hydrohumate on the level of prote... see more

Pags. 147 - 150  

A. A. Marchenkovskaya

The comparative research was conducted of morphophysiological indexes of tailless amphibians from the different on degree of the tehnogenium influencing of dwelling areas. Tendencies were exposed in the change of relative weight of different organs depend... see more

Pags. 151 - 158  

A. V. Matsyura

In article the review of radars which are used for ornithological researches is resulted. In work advantages and lacks of the basic types of radars for the account of birds are submitted. On the basis of world experience the expediency of use of radar tec... see more

Pags. 159 - 164  

A. V. Matsyura

The influence of benzene physiological and biochemical indexes of four species of tailless am-phibians was anlysed. Decrease of relative weight of amphibians organs and tissues was faund. This can result in the declin animals resistance to toxicants influ... see more

Pags. 165 - 169  

?. V. Mikheyev

Data about stone and pine martens seasonal diet under conditions of mutual inhabitance were presented. The comparison of rate parameters of some food objects groups (vegetation, invertebrates and vertebrates) were conducted.

Pags. 170 - 176  

V. S. Nedzvetsky, A. V. Kuryata, V. S. Kyryehenko, O. A. Kelukh

The purpose of an examination: to estimate character of changes neurospecific protein of cell ad-hesion NCAM/CD56 into lymphocyte membrane from the patients with idiopathic hypertensia with various variants of illness current. The results shown that the h... see more

Pags. 177 - 184  

O. A. Nikiforova, V. P. Lyashenko, S. ?. Lukashov

In the work investigates influence specific loadings NaCl and changes of the maintenance of sexual hormones on intimate reductions frequency rats. Results our investigation shows absence of functional dependence of level estradiol’s and testosteron’s chan... see more

Pags. 185 - 186  

R. O. Novitskiy, ?. ?. Khristov, V. M. Kochet, D. L. Bondarev

For the first time the full modern cadastral list of fishes living in Dniprovs’ke (Zaporiz’ke) reservoir is resulted. The list contains 52 kinds concerning 11 groups, 14 families and 43 genuses. Latin and Russian names of fishes, their status and economic... see more

Pags. 187 - 202  

I. ?. Oginova

The herbicides use increases weeds toxicity. This influences negatively development of culture plants. The variability of this parameter is increased simultaneously with tendency of stabilization on high level of toxicity. This may be account of feature o... see more

Pags. 203 - 207  

S. I. Paranko, V. G. Gavrilyuk, L. P. Golodok

As a resuit of conducted research there were received 30 selected variants of staphylococci with antibioticresistance in 30 to 1000 times higher than the MIK for wild strains. It was determined corrélative links between tbe pathogenecity réduction and per... see more

Pags. 208 - 212  

O. Y. Pakhomov, V. V. Brygadyrenko

The modern condition of the environment protection in territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region has been analyzed. Series of practical actions for optimization of condition natural and anthropogeneous transformed ecosystems on 2005-2015 are offered

Pags. 213 - 225  

O. L. Ponomarenko

Article is devoted to development of functional structure of groupings of birds in individual consortias of lime. The biomorph of birds, a parity of their activity are determined total. The basic features of formation of groupings of birds in individual c... see more

Pags. 226 - 231  

A. S. Rossikhina, O. M. Vinnychenko

Antioxidative enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) role in maize grain was investigated under herbicide action. Combinations of Dialen C with Harness, Primextra Gold and Frontier were used. Increasing in SOD activity proved to be a highly sensitive reaction.... see more

Pags. 232 - 235  

T. M. Satarova, N. F. Pavlyukova

The development and the structure of the ovule and the embryo sac of the representative of the family Hydrangeaceae Deutzia scarba are investigated. It is established that the ovule of the given species is hemitropic, tenuinucellatic, unitegmic. The embry... see more

Pags. 236 - 239  

O. V. Severynovs’ka, E. Yu. Zaychenko, A. I. Dvoretskyi

Experimental data on chronic influence of ions of heavy metals in a dose of 2 EPC (extreme permissible concentrations) and of low-intensity irradiation in a dose of 0,25 Gr both separately, and jointly on transmembrane transport of K+ ions through membran... see more

Pags. 240 - 244  

I. V. Senchishina

The chlorophyll maintenance dynamics and strength of connection chlorophyll with albumen of representatives of genus Acer L. in conditions air pollutants action has been studied. It has been determined that pigmental complex of considered species of maple... see more

Pags. 245 - 249  

T. V. Sklyar, A. V. Krysenko

Nowdays it marks the constant growth of diseases connected to changes of biological balance between macroorganism and various microbial populations of its organs and systems which formed during evolution. The literary data and experimental data of artors ... see more

Pags. 250 - 254  

V. T. Smetanin, A. I. Kuz'menko

The results are shown in the article concerning studing of genophound of inbreeding pigs in comparison swine local population ofDnepropetrovskAgrouniversity’s selection within microsateffitous locuses of DNA, whick are studed by ISSR-PCR. High agricultura... see more

Pags. 255 - 258  

Y. B. Smirnov

The microelement composition of larvae of elat eridae wos described in biotopes which different on the degree of contamination of the Pridneprovsky region. A degree of contamination of environment by the heavy metals and their relative accumulation in the... see more

Pags. 259 - 263  

I. K. Smolyarenko, O. A. Shugurov, O. O. Shugurov

We investigated influence of electromagnetic superhigh frequency (SHF) waves (10 hHz) on mechanical parameters of motility of bunch tubifex (1300 - 1500 units) at a different load and sequence of its mechanical stimulation. Is shown, that after a ???-ther... see more

Pags. 264 - 270  

I. O. Filonik, L. F. Zamorueva

The indexes of protein and lipid exchanges - the content of proteins, lipase activity, level of lipids and their composition, component composition of free fatty acids in the maple and chestnut seeds from several sites of Dnepropetrovsk technical pollutio... see more

Pags. 271 - 276  

T. G. Chaus, V. P. Lyashenko, G. G. Chaus, S. ?. Lukashov

The dynamic of changes of capacity of electroencephalogram’s rhythms back hypothalamus at animals of control group and group in stress conditions in parallel with rats who on a background of stress development accepted pyroxan is analyzed. The submitted r... see more

Pags. 277 - 281  

N. P. Chernogor, I. V. Zhernosekova, ?. ?. Tymchuk, ?. P. Kilochok, A. I. Vinnikov

This article is devoted to stimulation action of lytic enzyme preparations. The treatment of the plant seeds by these preparations increased their germination and had positive effect on plant development.

Pags. 282 - 285  

N. J. Shevchuk

Studied biomass and factious composition of the artificial forest .planting beddings in a spring period in south part of Krivoy Rog. It is found out, that supplies and factious composition of beddings depend on age of planting and types of trees.

Pags. 286 - 289  

M. N. Shihova, I. E. Sokolova

The new researches in optimisation of nutrient medium for cultivation of yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae is discussed in this abstract. Microdoses of a pancreatic RNA-ase préparation or RNA-ase of Bacillus intermedius stimulate the yeasts growth and impro... see more

Pags. 290 - 294  

T. I. Usypiva

The results of investigations of histological characteristics of primary bark of stems of denizen species F. lanceolata Borkh. and F. pennsylvanica Marsh, and F. excelsior L native species under emissions from cocke and chemical industrial enterprize in c... see more

Pags. 295 - 301